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You're tired of playing small & feeling insignificant. You're ready to RISE to your next level and be more bold.

It’s time for a change, isn’t it?

If you’ve been hiding and diminishing your own worth and work in this world, welcome.

It’s time to play bigger, my friend.

This community and my coaching are available to you if you are ready to live more boldly or make big things happen in your life — either in your business, career or creativity — I am on a mission to get you there.

I am a soulful and strategic guide for your personal journey through discomfort and chaos to being fully you and finding more ease and joy along the way.

I help you cultivate unshakeable resilience and well-being so you can navigate the emotional upheaval that happens when we try and play bigger and live larger and out loud. 

As a coach who has worked with hundreds of women around the world over the past decade, I am passionate about helping YOU design meaningful life, business or career changes that help you experience greater life fulfillment.

Let’s meet for coffee — virtually! If you are interested in exploring your own Brave Yes™ Journey, I would love to hear about your goals and see how my coaching, courses or free offerings can help you take action. Click the link below to schedule.

Shawn helped me shine a light on my own power.

I came to Shawn from her membership community because I knew she could hold space for me during a vulnerable time. I thought of counseling but it’s really not what I needed. What I needed was someone to shine a light on my own power. She helped me find my Divine feminine, tune in and turn myself on. My work with Shawn was liberating, knowing that I AM enough and I hold the power to prioritize my own pleasure.”

Kate, Private Coaching Client

"Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air...

Having the opportunity to work with Shawn Fink through our Leadership Program here at Family First Health has been truly an amazing experience. Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air. Her program has allowed me to focus on myself so I can be at my best!”

Jessica Hubbell, Family Planning Coordinator/Clinical Educator, Family First Health

"Working with Shawn has helped me become more mindful of self-care...

and prioritizing what is important in my day to day. I have set aside more time for myself and reflection in each moment.”

Alicia Horstman, Human Resources Generalist, Family First Health

Our leaders stated that the content was informative, inspirational & empowering

Our leadership team recently participated in Shawn’s Six Foundations of Being a Resilient Leader training.  We received positive feedback from the attendees about the interactive aspect and core values presented. Leaders stated that the content was informative, inspirational and empowering.   Many talked about incorporating these values into their daily work.  If you are looking to invest in your leadership team, this may be the training for you. 

Kevin Traister, HR Director of Bell Socialization in York, PA

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