Life is short … what holy longings are hiding inside of you?





The revolution this world needs … begins with YOU


Hello & Welcome to YOU

I am Shawn (she/her/hers).

I am leading a movement of highly passionate women like you who are tired of putting their own longings and desires after everyone else and everything else.

I work with women who are READY to make the changes necessary to design their ideal life. This may look like …

  • You finally leaving the job you hate and stepping into being YOU — authentically and unapologetically.
  • You finding your voice — and using it to get the promotion, a new job or to become a motivational speaker, writer or artist.
  • You tapping into your divine source of love — and making magic happen with it — so that you can connect more and have stronger relationships.
  • You making an impact — a bold, courageous impact — on your community or the world with a dream project.
  • You stepping into a role that would change the world — in a big or small way — and your own life in the process.

Through my Rising Revolution Roadmap Coaching Program, I lead you through a deep, spiritual process to start tending to yourself, unearth yourself and reclaim yourself  — so you can step into the greatness you already have within you — and then we set out the strategic, practical roadmap to making it happen. And I support you along the way until it’s done.

What are you going to do with your one precious life? How are you going to change the world? What revolution is ready to be birthed out of you?

What audacious dream is waiting to be birthed out of you this year?

Shawn helped me shine a light on my own power.

I came to Shawn from her Wake Up & Thrive Network because I knew she could hold space for me during a vulnerable time. I thought of counseling but it’s really not what I needed. What I needed was someone to shine a light on my own power. She helped me find my Divine feminine, tune in and turn myself on. My work with Shawn was liberating, knowing that I AM enough and I hold the power to prioritize my own pleasure.”

Kate, SoulShine Coaching Client

"Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air...

Having the opportunity to work with Shawn Fink through our Leadership Program here at Family First Health has been truly an amazing experience. Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air. Her program has allowed me to focus on myself so I can be at my best!”

Jessica Hubbell, Family Planning Coordinator/Clinical Educator, Family First Health

"Working with Shawn has helped me become more mindful of self-care...

and prioritizing what is important in my day to day. I have set aside more time for myself and reflection in each moment.”

Alicia Horstman, Human Resources Generalist, Family First Health

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