The speed at which technology — and, as a result, business and society — is changing is intense. The race to be the first to change everything is becoming more and more competitive.

What’s true can be foggy and unclear, especially for those of us at the bottom of the capitalism food chain.

This is exactly why I encourage entrepreneurs like you to focus on YOUR inner truth and knowing.

Self-trust is going to be the most vital strength in which you should invest in for the year 2024.

Artificial Intelligence is being infused into every social media channel and app that exists and will be used even more so in 2024. Who knows where we will be a year from now. Some of it is interesting and exciting. Some of it is scary AF.

What does this mean for you as a mission-driven business?

Doesn’t matter.

“Out there” is a distraction.

“Out there” wants you to be confused and searching.

“Out there” wants you to feel not enough and chasing more.

“Out there” sees you as prey and a puppet to be manipulated.

“Out there” knows you are likely trapped in Beginner’s Mindset.

BUT, here’s the beauty.

If you are a human being that exchanges money and powerful energy with other human beings you are in luck!

Human nature is still focused on a few beautiful things.







So, fancy that! It doesn’t matter what the latest AI prompt is that’s going to change everything for you!!!!! It doesn’t matter if you prefer to write slow and imperfectly instead of asking a machine to do it for you. It doesn’t matter if you skip over the latest sparkly trend.

🤯 And, it doesn’t matter if you don’t spend more than an hour a week on social media in 2024. 🤯

Because you know your stuff and you know your people.

Wake. Up.

Pay attention.

Stay rooted.

You do you and you’ll never miss the mark.