Do you ever wonder what the next risk is going to be for you in your business? Are you ever curious if you are doing enough?

Today, I’m sharing 10 of my own courageous risks and the stories behind them from my first decade in entrepreneurship.

Each risk, some big and some small, was worth it — and each one had their own level of scary attached to them.

Being brave in business is essential. We know that to stand out, and to make a bigger impact we have to take risks and we have to do things that feel hard.

And, while I am not likely to say feel the fear and do it anyway, I do believe that as women entrepreneurs we have to keep pushing ourselves to leave our comfort zones — safely and gently. 

Not only do I share what each of these 10 brave business moves were, but I also tell the story behind each one. Some of the stories are hilarious. Some are not so funny at all.

Either way, I hope by modeling my own #BusinessBrave moves you get inspired to start taking your own risks in business.

Here we go!

10 Brave Business Moves I’ve Made in 10 Years of Entrepreneurship

Listen now.


  1. Started before I was ready
  2. Took imperfect action
  3. Got a coach
  4. Wrote and published a book — actually two of them —which launched my biz
  5. Becoming an S-Corp
  6. Started a membership community
  7. Hosting weekend retreats
  8. Not having a plan
  9. Pivoting my business — and then changing it all together.
  10. Self-trust — doing things my way instead of copying others.
  11. Trusting in my Unconventional ideas