I believe everyone entrepreneur and creator deserves to feel joy.

Not just happiness. Not just success.

But pure, wildly abandoned RADICAL JOY.

I’m rejecting this idea that we must silo our joy in one part of our life for the sake of business as usual. I reject this notion that business has to feel like a grind.

I work with my clients — who are ready to start taking their business growth more seriously — on creating beautiful business practices and systems that bring more joy and ease.

There are no rules that business has to be stuffy and impersonal to you.

You can get to make the rules.

And so this month on my podcast, The Brave Yes CEO Show, I am focusing on creating your own business rules around JOY.

Let’s get into it.

10 Courageous Shifts to Make to Feel 10 Times Happier in Your Business

  1. Prioritize your holistic wellbeing — when you tend to your whole self in mind, body and spirit you will feel so much more filled up. Literally move your own wellbeing tasks to the top of your list.
  2. Release the heavy stuff that isn’t working for you — do a business cleanse. Editing out one thing that is holding you back is a fast and easy way to feel more joy.
  3. Reassess your priorities and recommit to the projects and clients that bring you the most joy or contentment. Focus on impact and joy and everything that doesn’t meet that criteria has to go.
  4. Focus on YOUR next Brave Yes as the founder of your business. Focusing on possibilities is a great way to boost your energy.
  5. Stop comparing yourself, your business and your progress to others. Acceptance of where you are. Bloom where you are planted right now.
  6. Do the inner work on yourself to feel more joy, more aliveness, more spiritual connection by following what you really want and need.
  7. Befriend your inner taskmaster and tell her to F– off.
  8. Related to last — learn to say no.
  9. Surround yourself with soul-led friends and connections. Less networking more connection.
  10. Set bolder boundaries around your needs. listen to that podcast series here on the brave yes ceo show.