A Year of Practicing Being Peacefully Productive

A Year of Practicing Being Peacefully Productive

In my work with busy, modern moms around the world, one theme has come up repeatedly.

Our desire to get more things done, and yet have more free time and slow days.

I’ve talked about this dichotomy of modern womanhood quite a bit.

I feel it, too.

There’s never enough hours in the day. Just how do we get it all done?

And, as a mom who is also a creative soul and coach with her own business, being productive — and peaceful is so vital to my well-being.

For me, there is a zone of peacefulness I need to be focused on each day as I live my life with intention — and get things done.

When I’m in that “zone of peacefulness” I feel like I’m enough, I do enough and I have enough. I am content, but not overwhelmed. I am productive, but not burned out.

To test my theory that we can absolutely feel peacefully productive, I’m going to test out a bunch of known, and lesser known, productivity methods and tips for the rest of this year.

On Monday, I’ll be announcing which productivity tip I’m testing for the week.


LET’S DISH: What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being productive and also living with intention?