Ep. 20 Moving Beyond Burnout with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Ep. 20 Moving Beyond Burnout with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

We all hit burnout at different points in our lives and when that happens we tend to just take some downtime, try to regroup and then get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

This is a normal way of handling burnout.

But for this week’s guest on The Brave Yes Show a little downtime wasn’t going to be enough. Nor could she even imagine what that would look like.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber’s first Brave Yes — which was to leave her job as a therapist — naturally led to her other Brave Yeses, which ultimately sparked her to have a passion for trauma and burnout which led to unique coaching niche.

Nicole’s story is much like my own big Brave Yes – leaving my 9-5 job in public policy and government and going out on my own to build a coaching business.

When the signs of burnout start to show up, it’s up to us to decide how to move through it.

As Nicole shares so clearly and honestly life just isn’t so linear as we wish it would be.

But unless we listen to ourselves, we’ll never actually live into our true purpose and passion, which denies our ability to shine authentically.

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Nicole Lewis-Keeber is a business therapist and mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs to create and nurture healthy relationships with their businesses. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work and has a rich and varied experience as a therapist. Certified in Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead™ methodology, she’s also been featured on numerous media outlets including Fast Company and NPR for her work in breaking the stigma of mental health and business ownership. She writes and speaks about the impact of small t trauma on businesses but her biggest, more important work is in combining therapeutic processes with business coaching to help entrepreneurs build emotionally sustainable & financially stable businesses

Sunday Meditation: A Poem to Take the First Step

Sunday Meditation: A Poem to Take the First Step

Put your hands on your heart and close your eyes,

and let the soft gaze toward your own soul

guide you to putting one foot out in front of you.

Then take a deep breath and allow your heart to

lead you toward who you are becoming and what

you know to be true for you right now as you are.

Imagine the path ahead of you is bright and clear

and there are no obstacles or challenges, and you

have everything you need for this journey home to yourself.

Give yourself the courage to begin, the compassion to

stay the course through discomfort and hard things and

keep the vision of yourself on the other side close.

And when you want to stop yourself from even starting,

remind yourself that you have done hard things before,

because you always have your own power to guide you along.

— Shawn Fink

Hello! I’m Shawn. Welcome to The Brave Yes Community.

I am the founder and host of The Brave Yes Show and a life and career/business coach for women who are ready to make a life, business, career or creative shift that feels scary/exciting (like a Brave Yes™!)

I am also a writer, mom and spiritual guide.

Every Sunday I write a meditation poem/prayer to help guide YOU on The Brave Yes Journey and send out an email to our community. Join the community here.

Ep. 19 Weighing The Costs And Choosing Authenticity Anyway With Suzette Mullen

Ep. 19 Weighing The Costs And Choosing Authenticity Anyway With Suzette Mullen

In the Brave Yes Journey there’s one thing I’ve noticed the most: That one Brave Yes leads to another and another and another.

Such is absolutely the case for this latest episode of The Brave Yes Show.

We become more brave — and more ourselves — one tiny and sometimes huge step at a time.

As long as we keep suppressing our desires and longings to make a change in our lives, we aren’t creating the momentum we need to move forward.

As long as we choose comfort over courage, we prevent our Brave Yes Journey from even beginning.

This stagnant living means we aren’t living our purpose, we aren’t designing a more fulfilling life and career.

Things only begin when we begin — when we finally choose ourselves.

As I tell my coaching clients all the time … nothing changes unless we change.

In this episode of The Brave Yes Show, my guest is Suzette Mullen and her journey to wholeness and authenticity – and her Brave Yes — began with one Brave Yes to start a career in writing. And that Brave Yes led her to something much, much bigger in how she shows up in this world and how she lives her life now.

You’ll have to listen to her amazing and powerful story to find out just how her life changed one Brave Yes at a time.

In this episode, we explore …

  • Divorce
  • Finding your voice
  • Writing
  • Changing careers
  • Sexuality
  • Coming home to yourself

Listen now

Suzette Mullen is a book coach who helps womxn peel back the layers so they can find the deeper story they were meant to write and share with the world. Her book coaching practice focuses on getting to clarity first so her clients can write forward and get memoirs and other nonfiction books into the hands of the readers who need them.

Breathe in Hope, Breathe Out Fear

Breathe in Hope, Breathe Out Fear

I’m feeling the good energy one feels after spending a positive, uplifting afternoon with other women. The spring retreat was yesterday and we really focused on exceptional well-being practices that would not only feel good but leave us lifted up and in a more optimal state emotionally and mentally.

It’s not the same as being in person but it’s oh so good.

One of the themes that came up a lot by the end of the retreat is the work that these women need to do around releasing fears.

And in coaching work, this is a big part of the work we do. It’s necessary to release fears in order to move forward in our lives.

When we are standing up for ourselves, our beliefs, our dreams … we are also putting ourselves out there. We are giving ourselves space to do something incredible, something novel.

In my recent podcast, I am talking about how we make decisions to act on our Brave Yes Leaps.

LIsten now …

Where Exactly is Your Oxygen Mask?

Where Exactly is Your Oxygen Mask?

For sure by now you’ve heard that old adage that you must put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help and serve others.

It’s absolutely true.

When we are burned out, frazzled, overwhelmed, overly stressed we’re not bringing our absolute best to others.

And, especially when we’re preparing to figure out or discover our next Brave Yes Leap, we need to know how to handle the hard stuff that is going to come up.

Because hard stuff always comes up.

But I’d like to take this idea of the oxygen mask a bit further.

Where is your mask? Where can you find it?

In other words, what can you do FAST that has the biggest impact on your mood, your feelings of contentment and hope?

For me, it’s in spiritual and emotional well-being. It’s the work I am most passionate about doing with women. My work is all about the interior design of your happiness.

That means I find my mask in anything that restores my sense of meaning and purpose for this one precious life I am grateful to be living — no matter how messy and chaotic and uncertain it feels. This is my happy place and what gets me to restoration the fastest.

So give yourself a moment today to really ask yourself … where exactly do I find my oxygen mask?

A lot of my private coaching clients get frustrated with themselves when their go-to oxygen mask is their phone and scrolling and scrolling to find inspiration and soothe their nervous systems but find they end up wasting a good half hour of their time that way.

When I work with clients who are ready to jump into their Brave Yes Life, I use mindfulness, positive psychology and life design coaching to help you establish a solid uplifting toolbox to help you through the messy middle of life changes and career changes.

My hope is that you will always walk away with a deep knowing not only of where to find your oxygen mask — but how to use it in times of despair and stress.

This is how we cultivate unshakeable resilience and well-being — together.