I’d love to say that what’s out is doing what everyone else is doing but, sadly, I’ve been watching that pattern unfold for years and I don’t see it changing.

Which is why I’m following the crowd this once to share my version of What’s In, What’s Out — and putting my spin on it with What’s Staying the Same.

I’ve been coaching and running a business online for more than a decade and in that time, a lot has changed, a lot has gone in and gone out.

What is rarely sexy enough for people to pay attention to is what works because it’s boring and unteachable.

You can learn all the tactics being sold by the gurus and influencers but, at the end of the day, if that tactic isn’t what’s best for your business, you’re left with one little old thing: What’s IN for your business. Your specific, nuanced, unique business.

Here we go … What’s In. what’s Out. What’s Staying the Same in 2024!