I’m a believer in Radical Wellbeing for creators, thought leaders and Entrepreneurs who are doing courageous work.

First, What is Radical Wellbeing?

When I was coaching moms around the world to find more peace and ease in their lives, I often said this — > the harder the day you had with your most challenging kiddo, the more self-care you need.

Radical wellbeing is radical because it’s literally about putting yourself extremely first. Extremely. Because you need it. You’re holding up a lot.

Most of my clients are not just business owners.

They have families and homes and health issues.

They don’t have a ton of support for themselves.

And they have big dreams. Dreams that are often too big for them to take on because of their capacity.

Next, What is Brave work?

If you have unique ideas and offers you are putting into the world, you are doing Brave work.

It goes against the everyday norms of our society, the culture we were born into, the culture that we’re being swallowed up by right now.

It sets out to create a new culture.

A new identity.

A new way of being.

Upleveling or changing how we do our work, how we show up.

And much, much more …

Brave Work is often your soul’s work. It’s what you were meant to do.

And, it can also be doing the work you do — just very differently.

Whatever your Brave Work is— maybe it’s just being more visible and taking up more space — or putting yourself at the center of the work youv’e been hiding behind for so long … you have to have the clarity, the capacity and the courage to do it.

That’s the foundation of brave Yes coaching.

But today I want to focus on the capacity piece of my coaching work because so many of you reached out to say YES, CAPACITY. THAT’S WHERE I NEED TO INVEST RIGHT NOW.

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22 Ways to Boost Your Capacity and do Braver Work

  1. Focus on your favorite strength
  2. Steer your mind toward positive thoughts
  3. Reach up to someone who can hold space for all of your fears and worries.
  4. Open up to new possibilities
  5. Take yourself on what I all inner goddess date — a date that lights up your creative soul and inspires you.
  6. Challenge yourself to get better at something you suck at
  7. Edit out what’s causing you stress
  8. Take a gratitude walk
  9. Reach out to a business bestie to connect with on Zoom or in person
  10. Read or watch something spiritually uplifting
  11. Regularly make time for things you love
  12. Start your week with a money date to get your financial house in order
  13. Do something kind for others
  14. Learn something new
  15. Focus on actions that boost your energy
  16. Release overpowering energy zappers
  17. Go ahead and stop listening to your inner taskmaster
  18. Start listening for your soul’s goals
  19. Create rituals in your day and week that you look forward to
  20. Surround yourself with people who believe in your brave work
  21. Set a brave yes intention around being more clear on what you want – clarity is an energy booster
  22. Start actively tending to yourself in mind, body and spirit