Are you the bottleneck in your one-person business?

Believe it or not, this is often the case for solopreneurs.

The problem with doing it all yourself is that you are responsible for doing it all — yourself.

And so, naturally, you are the one to blame yourself, your circumstances, or your strategy for not achieving your business goals.

But, here’s the thing: When you are a one-person business you are holding more than a business — and so treating yourself like a company when you are just one person is setting yourself up for failure.

If life keeps knocking you down, blaming yourself for your life circumstances isn’t fair to you. It’s also letting a whole of others off the hook.

This is where I come back to two sayings I’ve used with my clients whose life circumstances are a challenge over the years …

Start where you are.

Bloom where you are planted.

If your life circumstances are not in the way, it’s then either you or your strategy. My guess is before it’s you, it’s your strategy — or, more commonly, your lack of one.

Your goals and vision require a strategy. The more clear you are on what that strategy is the more clear it is on what actions to take. You must know where you want to go and how you want to get there. Actions then become no-brainers.

But, if you have all of that, and you are still not performing at your own personal peak level, then we likely need to get to the root of things. Like your fear. Like your capacity. Like your routines. Like your doubt.

I secretly love it when a business strategy client tells me she’s grappling with fear.

We’ll be in the middle of a conversation around lead magnets and messaging when she’ll say something like … but I’m afraid none of this will work.

That is the kind of self-sabotage I can work with!

The VISION is always a little tricky. I talked about that last week.

But, when we set the right goals and are super clear on what actions need to happen, a beautiful alchemy takes place in our creative flow.

Listen to this episode now: Are you the bottleneck in your one-person business?

3 Reasons why You may be Feeling like the Bottleneck in Your One-Person Business

  • you are lacking clarity
  • you are lacking capacity
  • you are lacking courage
  • you are lacking consistency

Getting beyond yourself and making sure you are not the bottleneck in your business is a 3-fold process in my Brave Yes Business Empire Building Coaching Program.

Here’s what that looks like …

Managing your life circumstances is a big part of the work I do with my clients because as a working mom of twins for 10 years,

I get that sometimes life is going to life. But that’s actually no excuse to not do the things you want to do. At all. We just have to get creative with it. Life is going to life. Period. I’ve talked about this a lot. I’ve heard of some major things disrupting business as usual lately — Covid, moving, major health issues, kid diagnosis and behavior, parent illnesses or diagnosis — or even deaths. Managing a business through this is about supporting you as you navigate the messy middle of chaos — and making sure you are doing the essentials.

Designing a strategy that works for you, your values, your strengths and your expertise is the next step.

This strategy needs to be simple, sustainable and repeatable. It also needs creative flexibility for you to thrive in any circumstances. Period. Your resilience will only get you so far. Your strategy needs to serve you.

Finally, we need to address your capacity container.

If fear or doubt is blocking you, it will cause procrastination. If you are burned out on client delivery, we’ll need to shore some things up so you have time for the other parts of your vision to be implemented. If you are exhausted before you get to your marketing, we’re going to need to find out why and get to the root of your exhaustion.

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