Mothering is hard right now.

Work is hard.

Uncertainty is hard.

Feeling untethered is hard.

Feeling trapped in place is hard.

Staying strong is hard.

Being human is hard.

And yet … I know a thing or 6 about how you can rise up and be stronger right now.

In my coaching work, I bring a wholistic focus to helping you be fully resourced in mind, body and spirit so you can be your best self at all times. Yes, even in a pandemic and a recession.

The truth is the world needs you to be your best, to leave with grace and impact.

And so … how you show up for yourself matters.

  1. You can choose to focus on your strengths not your weaknesses.
  2. You can choose to focus on mindful positivity (not toxic positivity — there’s a HUGE difference) .
  3. You can choose to reach up and reach out for help, support, accountability and motivation because resilience withers in isolation.
  4. You can choose to open your mind to new perspectives and ideas to find momentum.
  5. You can — and your changing emotions! — fiercely and powerfully to be stronger than before.
  6. You can choose to grow forward and thrive in place vs. being trapped in place.

The choice is all yours.

I am so glad that I have an overflowing toolbox under each of these strategies to pull me up out of the gutter-like-feelings that take over as I hear the news and worry about the future.

It’s been a game-changer for my life, honestly.

Now when big feelings hit like a tsunami out of nowhere, I know what to do and how to move into a positive upward spiral.

Feelings that I am OK with allowing and honoring because I know how to rise up and be stronger.

Permission granted to YOU to .

These resilience strategies are a part of my that I am offering for FREE to teams of frontline and essential workers all over the world through Zoom through March. (I also offer the retreat workshops for business and organizational teams.)

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