What if you felt empowered as a founder to do what it takes to make more money AND lead with your values? 

Every business owner and founder needs someone to help push you to the edge of your comfort zone so you can design a business where YOU are thriving and have the audacity to do what it takes to grow, pivot, lead, and RISE in your industry.

HELLO! I’m Shawn Fink, a Business Design Strategist & Courage Coach who helps female entrepreneurs like you BRAVE UP in order to cultivate brand demand and finally get known for your brilliance.

— > It’s time to stop hanging out under the soft blanket of your comfort zone and hiding your brilliance. This is my mission … 


The online industry and big Tech Power Houses are only looking out for themselves. This means you aren’t getting your fair share of the visibility — or sales — you need to earn a thriving income. So, let’s forget about algorithms and sleazy sales tactics and build YOUR authentic brand demand machine!

You know you’re the best kept secret in your industry. Your clients know you are a badass. But the rest of the big, big world has a lot to learn. This is where I come in to inspire you and motivate you to make Power Moves that change this narrative.

You just lack clarity. Trust me. This is often the missing link in why female entrepreneurs stay stuck in indecision, procrastination and maintaining the business you have rather than creating the one you want. Clarity is Queen and it’s my work to help you find it, keep it and honor it.

You are the one who has to do it all, plan it all, hold it all together. You need your own support team and rumble partner to help you carry the load. That’s my job. You’re it, but you aren’t alone.

Decision fatigue. Analysis Paralysis. Procrastination. Creative Burnout. Any of these sound familiar? When you’re not thriving, your business is not thriving either. We’ll work to rebuild your capacity, your creativity and your consistency so you are leading like a leader.

So often female entrepreneurs cave to the pressure of people pleasing and client pleasing and end up designing businesses based on what the gurus are telling them to do. Nah, that needs to stop. There are many paths to a thriving business. The best one? The one that works for YOU. You’re the boss. It’s time to act like it.

My life and business experience is vast. Here’s why you can trust me …

  • I bring 15 years of experience in writing, creating and selling online, building and running online communities and memberships, self-publishing books, writing and designing social media marketing campaigns, creating programs and courses. and much, much more.
  • I bring a strength of strategy for creative, online businesses (thanks to running my first soul-led, 6-figure online-only business from 2013 to 2020) + 4 of my 5 strengths in strengthsfinder fall in the strategic thinking domain.
  • I bring zest, honesty, perspective, spirituality, and an appreciation for excellence and beauty to my work. These are my top character strengths. Nothing woo-woo here. Just pure trust, spiritual practice and ritual for soul-led creatives and entrepreneurs.
  • I bring a knack for bold messaging, rich storytelling and authentic marketing (thanks to a decade in print journalism where I learned about humanity, systems and what drives people to action.)
  • I bring a clear understanding of human behavior because I’ve been working closely with people around the world for 10 years. No guessing here. I have a full roster of experiences of service and taking action.
  • I bring a passion for possibility, perspective, brave leadership and courage to my coaching and will encourage you to leave your comfort zone and think outside the box. (I am informed by the work of intersectional feminism, anti-capitalist coaching, positive psychology, the Power of Awareness and Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead.) 
  • I bring a 20-year history as a social justice advocate, volunteer and human rights activist — and believe that greater good practices NEED to be baked into your business just like a sales strategy.

Why I LOVE private coaching …

  • A coach walks you home to yourself, and can take you where nothing else — not a book, not a course, not an article — can because a conversation opens doors you never even knew existed within you.
  • A coaching conversation leaves W I D E  O P E N space for the nuance of the human experience that DIY resources cannot.
  • A coaching conversation allows for body language, facial expression and thoughts between ideas to surface and give clear evidence of what’s really unfolding for you.
  • A coaching conversation allows for work arounds, tweaks and edits and for beautiful unlearning to unfold, where you can finally shed decades of conditioning, shoulds and expectations that you’ve been piling on your shoulders. Sweet surrender happens here.
  • A coach helps you lighten your load, find ease, and holds space for you and only you, which is rare in these times of rugged individualism.
  • A coach works with your brain and your heart to transform your own ideas, worries, fears and thoughts into something miraculous, beautiful and powerful.
  • And, a coach helps you actualize it all by putting ideas into action, holding you accountable and making space for your resistance.

What is Brave Business Coaching?

Creating safe, brave space for you to verbally process your needs, struggles, fears and dreams is my highest goal as a coach. 

We do this through my Brave Business Coaching program, which is unique to you and your business needs.

We will get strategic about your offers, your marketing and message, your sales process and your raising your authority around the work you do.

Here are the key foundations of my coaching process …

  • Rumble with the questions and find clarity and perspective.
  • Reclaim who you want to be & how you want to serve the world.
  • Reach toward the vision & goals that feel aligned & inspiring.
  • Rise into your courage & boost your expertise & authority to become visible.
  • Radiate authentically in your power, possibility & prosperity.