Hello! Welcome to YOU.

What is your next Brave Yes?

That is what I am here to help you figure out. 

I’ve been writing, blogging, creating beautiful programs and experiences and coaching in the online world for 15 years.

I am the host and founder of The Brave Yes — a podcast, a movement and a coaching practice that is here to help YOU take up space in your life.

I’m here to help YOU take up space with your passion, your ideas, your anger and your desire to transform people and systems — and much, much more.

WHAT I DO: I coach creative entrepreneurs and changemakers who are ready to make a shift or pivot in your life, work or business — in order to stand out and be known and appreciated for your ideas, creativity and expertise.

— > My private coaching packages and philosophy can be found here. I offer a FREE coaching discovery session for anyone who is serious about working with me.



I am a prolific writer, thinker and idea person. I can generate new ideas effortlessly. I am a solid mix of creative zest, strategic thinking and soulful energy. I help you see what you cannot see is possible for yourself. I have an uncanny ability of finding the patterns of your life and helping you create a steady future identity and/or personal brand.

I am passionate about helping you get paid your worth, find ease and alignment in your whole life and in showing you new ways to foster your own creative energy and passion for life. I have spent a decade helping thousands of women around the world transform their well-being.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to help you find your YES. I am passionate about helping ALL womxn — stand out and speak up to shine more brightly in this world. Once you know your Brave Yes – everything becomes so much easier, brighter and more fulfilling. I’m obsessed with my own Yeses! I’ve discovered over 200 Brave Yeses that women can make — and I’m working my way through them.

My Loves: My family, my work, my soulcare. I have a beautiful, privileged life where I spend most of my days at home, caring for my family that includes twin teenage girls, a puppy and a lot of plants. I believe that coffee is a food group. Black Lives Matter. And that we must, must, must protect people and all of our earth’s precious resources.

OUR ETHOS: Honesty, Authenticity, Capacity, Simplicity, Courage and Accessibility

1. We believe honesty and trust are at the heart and soul of every touchpoint in our conversations and experiences. We believe in being fully honest with each other and ourselves — and being fully accountable for our mistakes, decisions and experiences.

2. We believe everyone is welcome and should have access to the foundations of the Brave Yes Life. While not all offering will be for everyone, there will always be something for everyone — because to change this world so that it works for everyone requires that everyone have the skills to know how to enter the rooms where conversations are happening.

3. We believe in cultivating authenticity and creating safe space for brave self-discovery and exploration. The bravest YES we can provide is a slate of unique experiences to help women identified creators, leaders and changemakers gather, grow and glow in their own gorgeous and authentic humanity.

5. We believe being fully present and choosing simplicity and sustainability above all else will drive mindful progress toward powerful change and transformation for ourselves, each other and our society. We are here to promote a slow burn of change in every possible area of living and working. We will not strive or promote abusive patterns of capitalism or the patriarchy all in the name of financial gain. We will encourage slow, purposeful and intentional actions that encourage impact, ease and reciprocity for all.

4. We believe the success of our future depends on our capacity and compassion for today. To create the world we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren we need the energy, passion and persistence to keep going and not give up. And we must know how to be kind to ourselves — and each other — when we fail and know when rest is more important than pushing.

6. We believe in the power of courage and confidence to help women drive change, brave the arena and live and work in a more aligned way. We are here to help women know they belong, their ideas matter and how to take up more space in this world. Finding the courage to lead, create and speak up and use your voice is what builds confidence.