Hello. I’m Shawn. (She/Her/Hers)

Welcome! I’m Shawn. Host and Founder of The Brave Yes™ and a Brave Life & Leadership Coach for women & forward-thinking organizations.

Here’s what you should know about me … 

I help you cultivate unshakable resilience and well-being so you can live a fulfilling life and lead with courage and authenticity.

My own life has been shaped by all of my own Brave Yes Leaps that always led me to the forefront and leading groups and leading people. 

You might call me bossy.

But I’m a leader through and through.

And Brave Living & Brave Leadership is my passion.

How can I help you see yourself as a leader?

How can I help you cultivate your own inner leader?

What can we do to help you be seen and take up more space in your workplace, community or in your industry?

What Brave Yes Leap do you need to feel confident to do in your life?

And, how can we shape your workplace or team to have unshakeable resilience and well-being so that going to work feels good and meaningful?

I’m here for it all.  

What I’m about …

— I am filled with zest and energy. And, I am a goal-digger and have learned to master myself to achieve goals and habits.

— I am certified in mindfulness, positive psychology and Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead program. I am also a time management and productivity guru with a focus on feminine energy and flow.

— The above means I help you lead yourself by becoming super present in mind, body and spirit, thriving in positivity during change and transformation and leading with more authenticity, vulnerability and courage.

—  I am as much about self-love and self-acceptance as I am about self-leadership and self-trust. You WILL love and accept yourself more when we’re finished together.

— Alignment. Actions. Accountability. This is part of the A Factor I will bring up a lot in trainings and coaching sessions. I am a coach to help you stay accountable to yourself and your dreams. Along the way, I’ll make sure you are taking the right actions — not just any actions — and staying in alignment with who you want to be and how you want to live.