Hello. I’m Shawn. (She/Her/Hers)

Welcome to YOU. ALL are welcome here.

I’m Shawn. A coach. A working mom. A disrupter. A courage and confidence builder.

And I am here to empower you to live more deeply. 

Listen. The world is kind of a mess.

And I’m on a mission to help YOU Rise Stronger and have the capacity to be a part of a fierce movement of passionate women trying to change that. 

Your voice is needed.

Your passion is needed.

Your ideas are needed.

Your courage is needed.

If each one of us does one small thing to build a better world, imagine the future our children will inherit. 

But first … you might be saying you’re too tired … It’s just too much … The news cycle is destroying you day after day … You can barely wake up and get through your day let alone try to create change.

That’s where I come in. 

I help you dig out of the rubble of everyday, ordinary life so you can be extraordinary.

The Ins and Outs about Me


Authenticity | Spirituality | Sovereignty | Courage | Resilience

My Top Strengths

Honesty | Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence | Zest | Spirituality | Perspective

Your ordinary life is safe and comfortable.

It’s survival mode and maybe even a bit mediocre. It’s fine. It’s lovely. It’s beautiful, even. But it’s not helping you stand out and get things done that matter.

Your extraordinary life is where your inner Brave shines. It’s where you are thriving and flourishing in mind, body and spirit. It’s powerful. It’s filled with impact and fulfillment.

I am a highly sensitive, highly creative and highly passionate woman and coach who helps women leaders, creatives and changemakers dig out from the rubble of shoulds, busyness and ordinary lives to have the courage to find your inner worth and step into your greatness and shine.

🦚 In 2009, when my twin girls were 3, I finished my first novel. I wrote and wrote until it felt complete. (It’s not great so it’s sitting in a drawer in my office. I’m working on my second.)

🦚 In 2012, I created and launched The Abundant Mama Project, a coaching program for busy women trying to be more peaceful, present and productive as mothers.

🦚 I bring a powerful set of skills to my coaching work using certifications in mindfulness, positive psychology and Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead™ program. But I also bring a passion for spiritual empowerment, abundance mindset and good old life design coaching, goal setting and time management/productivity strategies. 

🦚 I am a creative soul. I write. In 2014, I wrote my second book and sold it on Amazon. I create things. In fact, creating things is my passion. I am a poet. And I have a deep appreciation for beauty — and excellence, which means I am a recovering perfectionist. 

🦚 I am an anti-racist — and that means I advocate for justice, equity and inclusion in everything I do. In fact, it’s a big part of my own faith background. In 2016, I started a group in my community for women to advocate for policies that works to create equity for marginalized communities. That group now has 2K members.

🦚 I am an intersectional feminist. This means that my coaching work is going to call you out on any signs that you are settling for comfort over creating a fair and equitable home environment or lifestyle. Women are totally exhausted and part of our work together is going to be figuring out how to actually work with the systems that are holding you back.

🦚  I do not follow a cookie cutter approach. You are a beautiful, unique human being with unique needs and circumstances and struggles. What works for others, may not work for you and maybe that is why you have felt stalled or stuck. So my coaching work is going to set you up as the goddess you already are and that’s where we will begin. With you.

🦚 In my spare time, you will find me perfecting my morning or evening routines, creating a new sacred spiritual practice or ritual, reading, begging my twin teenage daughters to hang out with me or exploring nature.

What I believe …


I believe you have a Brave Yes inside of you that could change this world for the better. A Brave Yes™ that would very much change YOUR life for the better — or your childrens’ lives.

And I believe that you have the courage you need to speak up and stand out and be a brave leader, maker, creator is within you.

We just have to help you cultivate it.

You have everything you need to lead, to flow, to create, to make, to be who you want to be.

Your work is to find that inner spark of fire that leads to everything …

To love.
To creativity.
To passion.
To meaning and purpose.
To motivation and desire.
To joy.

In order to shed society’s expectations of what your life should look like or be like right now, you’ll need to be stronger than ever. And to take up more space in this world and own your power, you’re going to need to get out of your own way.

Your journey can start right now with learning how you can Rise Stronger and being more resilient.

    Examples of Brave Yeses from my clients …


    I love to work with women who have a fire in their belly to start living the life they deserve despite all of their many challenges and setbacks.

    It’s your setbacks, my dear, that make you unique and beautiful. It’s time for YOUR Brave Yes journey to begin …

    Here are just some of the Brave Yeses my clients have experienced this year:

    • Finding her voice and starting to sing again — on stage. 🔥
    • Choosing to quit a job that leaves her feeling life-less and less than. ✨✨
    • Going after a new passionate career that brings her alive and brings more balance.
    • Developing a life plan for when her child is older and out of the house.
    • Going after her dream of becoming an author and illustrator. 🎨
    • Finding joy after adultery.
    • Finding joy despite an imperfect marriage. 🎊
    • Releasing larger-than-life expectations that were holding her back from experiencing true passion in her life.
    • To be fully present and living her values as a mother.
    • To accept her body finally after decades of hating it. 💞
    • To start showing up more as herself and putting her needs as a priority.

    Interested in starting your Brave Yes journey? Learn more here.