Hello. I’m Shawn. (She/Her/Hers)



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Welcome to YOU. ALL are welcome here.

I’m Shawn. 

I help ambitious women dig out of the rubble of shoulds and burnout and follow through on Brave Yeses that bring you more authentic joy, impact and change. 

My superpower is helping you be so resilient that you can tap into that space within you that will set you free and unleash everything — your voice, your creativity, your fire, your own desires — everything changes. Everything shifts.

You become more you.

You become more brave.

You become more creative.

You become more assertive.

All of you collides into your own brilliance that will shine brighter in this world.

What I believe …


I believe the confidence you need to speak up and stand out and be a brave leader, maker, creator is within you.

You have everything you need to lead, to flow, to create, to make, to be who you want to be.

It begins with finding that inner spark of fire that leads to everything.

To love.
To creativity.
To passion.
To meaning and purpose.
To motivation and desire.
To joy.

We will begin with helping you Rise Stronger Tomorrow — by helping you be more resilient. In order to shed society’s expectations of what your life should look like or be like right now, you’ll need to be stronger than ever. And to take up more space in this world and own your power, you’re going to need to get out of your own way.


In my coaching and programs, I hold brave space for YOU to thrive in all areas of your life. Because you are not just an employee/boss/wife/mother.

You are a woman with needs and desires.

  • I help you find your strengths, cultivate them into superpowers and use them to your advantage as a leader at home and at work. I also help you hone the strengths you want more of in your life to be your best, most energized self.
  • I help you handle your emotions, being mindful and nurturing of yourself when you are feeling fear, anger, resentment and sadness. I help you lean toward a life of positivity.
  • I help you with accountability, support, motivation, inspiration and momentum because I am on your team. I am the person who will give you the space you need to thrive and grow into who you are becoming. In our conversations, I am your biggest fan and greatest motivator. (retreats)
  • I help you Think bigger, more expansively. As a former journalist, I find your stories and help you pull them out and retell them if necessary so you can stop getting stuck in a loop. (retreats)
  • I help you nurture yourself. Your well-being isn’t just exercise. There’s spiritual work that needs to be done, there’s financial work that needs to be done. We will get your wellness house in order one session at a time. (retreats)
  • I help you establish the habits and traits you want one session at a time. If you want to write a book, you’re going to have to do certain things along the way. You’re going to need a partner to remind you to keep going and to give you tips on staying the course when obstacles come up.

Examples of Brave Yeses from my clients …


I love to work with women who have a fire in their belly to start living the life they deserve despite all of their many challenges and setbacks. It’s your setbacks, my dear, that make you unique and beautiful. It’s time for YOUR Brave Yes journey to begin …

Here are just some of the Brave Yeses my clients have experienced this year:

  • Finding her voice and starting to sing again — on stage. 🔥
  • Choosing to quit a job that leaves her feeling life-less and less than. ✨✨
  • Going after a new passionate career that brings her alive and brings more balance.
  • Developing a life plan for when her child is older and out of the house.
  • Going after her dream of becoming an author and illustrator. 🎨
  • Finding joy after adultery.
  • Finding joy despite an imperfect marriage. 🎊
  • Releasing larger-than-life expectations that were holding her back from experiencing true passion in her life.
  • To be fully present and living her values as a mother.
  • To accept her body finally after decades of hating it. 💞
  • To start showing up more as herself and putting her needs as a priority.

Interested in starting your Brave Yes journey? Learn more here.