Everyone is talking about being authentic these days.

In fact, AUTHENTIC was recently declared Word-of-the-Year by Merriam-Webster inc.

Turns out, everyone is searching how to be Authentic these days.

As a business owner who has always been leading with authenticity, we are seeing differentiation becoming more and more performative than actually authentic.

Being different is one thing.

Being YOU is another.

But, what if you are beige? A bit too vanilla?

Well, that’s perfect, too, and that is why I work with my clients on finding their Brave YES Edge™ — a clear way to stand apart from the crowd with the work you do and the messages you put out there rather than being performative or entertaining, which can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

My passion for helping creative visionaries and thought leader founders find their Brave YES Edge™ is personal.

I am as beige as they come.

As I prepare to enter my 50s early next year, I am coming to terms with this is just who I am.

I’m quite serious.

I’m a body purist in that I don’t have tattoos or colorful hair.

Because of my beige, I’ve had to make sure that I can stand apart from other business mentors.

Sure, the fact that I still offer affordable, 1:1 coaching that combines mindset coaching, business strategy, fierce support, accountability and encouragement as well as customized attention is likely enough to set me apart in this age of VIP intensives and high vibe ticket energy.

But, that’s not my Brave YES Edge.

My edge is what makes my business coaching different than others.

The Importance of Finding Your Brave Yes Edge™

I’m not just a business coach.

I’m a business strategist who also specifically offers capacity planning and brave leadership coaching to help my clients uplevel their confidence, self-trust and risk-taking abilities.

And, you’re not just a … landscape architect, a book coach, a graphic designer, a painter, a writing coach, etc. etc. etc.

Your Brave YES Edge™ is the key to drawing people to you and the work you do and how you can help them. It’s what sets you apart. It’s what helps you stand out as a leader and an authority.

Your Brave YES Edge™ is how you stand out, NOT how you fit in.

One of my superpowers as a business coach is having a sixth sense around what will sell. I wish I could bottle this into a formula but not all things need to be sold as an ecourse or a template.

Mostly because the process to getting to this point is idea and visioning alchemy.

Your Brave YES Edge™ is what sets you apart from the noisy crowd and it requires true thought and self-awareness.

And, it’s not necessarily your niche or the service you provide. Afterall, there’s hundreds of web designers or burnout specialists and coaches.

There’s only ONE YOU.

Your Brave YES Edge™ is what you bring to the experience, what you create during the exchange that is unique and fresh.

It’s part positioning. It’s part branding. It’s part expertise. It’s what will get people to call you up and ask you to be on stage.

When you find your Brave YES Edge™, it’s vital to protect it. It’s your biggest asset.

How to Find Your Brave YES Edge™

Want to find your Brave YES Edge™ but aren’t sure where to begin?

It’s common to feel like you have a lot of interesting spins to put on your work but one of them is going to drive sales and retention with the work you do.

To find your Brave YES Edge™, you’ll want to take time and have lots of conversations about your work, your experience and your passion.

By dedicating time each week to work on what sets your business apart, you’ll start to slow down and create that space to listen and reflect on what truly sets you apart from the competition.

Ask yourself thought-provoking questions. Seeking out new vantage points will help you to see your business with a new lens.

Once you create the time and start seeking out new perspectives, ask your clients and your former clients why they had to work with you.

If you’ve started this, and are still spinning your wheels on what your EDGE is, book a NEXT STEPS call with me and I’ll show you the next right move to make and even give you the homework to get you started.