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Don't Let Bendy Boundaries Stop Your Business Impact Anymore.

Owning a business and being self-employed should feel like freedom and ease.

And yet most business owners are exhausted and burned out from working far more hours than you would at a 9-5.

Welcome to the Bolder Business Boundaries Boost, a week-long audio series where I help you make set boundaries that will help you make time to achieve your goals so you and your business can thrive.

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    “I no longer believe I don't have power over my life. I know what to do and how to bounce back in hard times. And, I am so much less hard on myself than I used to be. Working with Shawn helped me to shed my victim mentality and I now try hard to show up for myself and trust that I am stronger than I think.”


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    I am a coach for entrepreneurs and founder of The Brave YES Business Show. I help entrepreneurs uplevel and grow demand for your by taking creative risks that elevate your brand awareness and expertise.

    I've been an online creator and entrepreneur for 15 years and have helped hundreds of women around the world find more alignment and joy.

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