Want Powerful, Courageous Ideas to Make Your Next Bold Business Move happen?


Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall on what’s going to grow your business. Let’s GROW your business together with a strategic, authentic plan for YOU.

Every YES has been a game changer for me and my business.

From writing a book and self-publishing, to launching a free week-long email course that ended up serving 20K women, to opening up a membership community that lasted eight beautiful years.

Not one YES has led me astray.

But, as a busy creator and entrepreneur, it’s easy to say no to yourself and put your big goals on hold to tend to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else.

If you are ready to make things happen, let’s work together on your YES! Project.

It’s time to say YES to your big, bold dreams.

I designed YES Day Coaching Intensives to be a private DONE WITH YOU coaching retreat to help you make key decisions, set goals and ensure your next YES business move gets done.

I bet you have at least ONE project or idea on the backburner you know will change the direction of your business … but you’re too busy slogging through your day-to-day life to make it happen.

You want it done yesterday but when you start working on it around the edges of your business and life you get caught up in the details, perfectionism, overwhelm and quit before you even get started.

Time slips by and the next thing you know you’ve missed your window of opportunity.

I designed Brave YES Action Coaching Intensive Retreat to be 100 percent supportive and nourishing WHILE you get your ONE project done — fast.

Your Brave Yes Action Intensive is all about going from idea to done — and helping you find clarity and define your vision along the way.

If this is your Next Level Moment … let’s make things happen for you … with a day devoted to your YES vision. 

A Brave YES Action Coaching Intensive Day  offers you …

  • A Safe & Brave space to think and dream bigger about your YES project or goal. Clear your calendar and we’ll work together to help you make grounded decisions, take impactful action and set clear priorities for the future. 🦚
  • Borrow my brain and expertise! I will offer you nourishing, soul-led business and coaching support and space to reflect on what matters most. I will be by your side to help you see what you cannot see and ask you questions to gain deeper understanding and clarity. 🦚
  • Fast, impactful decision making to turn unfinished business into a Tada! We won’t ruminate too long on one decision. We’ll move through your list of key decisions with lightning speed and big impact so you can hit the ground running when your day is over. 🦚
  • Progress. You will walk in with a half baked idea and cloudy vision and walk out with crystal clear clarity, confidence and courage to see your YES Project through to its next phase. 🦚

In other words, you bring your YES Project and I’ll bring my powerful coaching questions, 15 years of insights and wisdom from writing, selling and coaching online as well as mad amounts of expertise and experience in getting things done and building things.

About me … Your Coach and Thought Partner

Hello. I’m Shawn. I am a creative soul who has been writing, coaching and selling online for 15 years — 10 years full-time. I’m a soul-led coach, instigator and essentialist who will likely offer you a totally different and refreshing perspective on what you can do differently — and much more efficiently with greater impact.

In 2013, I built a soul-led 6-figure business and membership community that helped me build a village of women around the world devoted to peace, gratitude and wellbeing.

In 2020, I said a Brave Yes to myself and moved into coaching creators and entrepreneurs how to show up more boldly and design a business on your terms.

I believe strongly in cutting out the fluff and doing things with impact. No chasing shoulds. We’re all about doing things your way — and on your terms.

Here’s how your Brave YES Action Intensive Day will flow:


Your first step will be to fill out an in-depth intake form to help you — and me — get super clear on what you want to focus on during your Brave YES Action Coaching Intensive. This intake form will inform everything we need to do our best work together.

Additionally, you’ll receive a workbook to fill out during our time together for greater reflection and capturing powerful insights.


In a distraction-free environment, I’ll ask you many clarifying questions to help you get immense clarity around what you want from this YES project and your goals and priorities for it.This will help you make those really big and overwhelming decisions.

You will have a clear vision of what this YES project is going to look like, feel like and be like before you execute on it.


The rest of our time together will be getting the YES project planned out and on paper for you to execute. During this time, I will ask you many questions, offer resources to help make the planning and creating easier and more efficient.

We will also edit out what’s not going to work for you and your life right now so you are left with only the essentials that will bring impact.

Let’s Schedule YOUR

Brave YES Action

Coaching Intensive Day!

Done WITH you means you are not making decisions alone.

This is a private, done-with-you decision-making retreat and coaching experience for visionaries, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. We meet on Zoom. Investment: $1,500 for 6 hours with a few breaks for deeper work and rest.

Carve out a Brave YES Action Coaching Intensive Day on your calendar now. (Spaces VERY limited!)

What can a Brave YES Action Intensive be used for?

A Brave YES Action Intensive is a done-with-you coaching experience for any YES project you are feeling called to work on. What you choose is up to you but here are some suggestions that work well for a one-day coaching intensive:


  • Establish your annual or quarterly Brave YES Business and Life goals — and key actions for greater impact.
  • Draft out a bold, quarterly editorial calendar to grow your impact and sales.
  • Systematize your coaching or service methodology.
  • Create Your signature offer or service
  • Shape a new offer — or consider a new business model entirely.
  • Frame out a high converting nurture sequence and delight your people.
  • Build your next lead magnet (ebook, quiz, webinar, masterclass, etc.)
  • Design a Visibility Strategy and Plan to attract more authority and clients.
  • Develop a sales strategy that feels good and sustainable to keep people flowing through your door.
  • Structure a powerful launch strategy that is sustainable for you and your lifestyle.
  • Plan and write out your nonfiction book outline and chapters.
  • Carve out your niche thought leadership strategy.
  • Plot out your coaching program or workshop series.


A typical Brave YES Action Intensive Day …

Every Brave YES Action Intensive includes plentiful breaks for personal needs, reflection and deep breathing to allow your body to catch up with your brain.

Prework | Fill out an in-depth workbook to help us set the groundwork for your Brave YES Action project.

Opening Kickstart Session | We will set intentions for our time together and set your agenda for the most impact. (30 minutes)

Hour 1 | Clarify and define the scope of your project, including your Brave YES Goal with the project and your Brave Yes Vision.

Hour 2 | Visualize + Design the Building Blocks of your YES project.

Hour 3 | Lay it all out and make key decisions around content, delivery, scope and positioning. 

Hour 4 | Edit. Often a YES project begins too big and we need to refine it and make it doable and sustainable. This part of the process is essential.

Hours 5-6 | Make it Feel Good. We’ll put the final touches on your plan or strategy by making sure every part of it feels good for you. 

Got Questions? Here’s a handful that may answer them.

Is 6 hours too long for my project?

All too often we dedicate too little time for our projects and that’s exactly why we don’t finish. Between the decision making, the clarifying questions and the unearthing the vision, we’re trying to help you go from idea to drafted — or done. If we run out of time, which likely will not happen, we can always tackle another goal with our remaining time together.

What if my YES project is vague?

All ideas start out vague. By commiting to your YES goal, you are declaring it to come true. The design of this coaching intensive is to make sure you walk away with a plan you can execute. Initial ideas MAY change — because it’s only through time, reflection, clarity and decision making can you truly know what is best.

Why would I do this when I can just do it myself?

Ah, yes. The DIY, boostrapping trap is a fun place to stay stuck. If you know you can knock out your YES project on your own, go for it. But I would ask you why haven’t you by now? Having this time devoted to your project and having a partner to help you make it happen — and well — means you will not get distracted or quit on yourself too early. Besides, two brains is always better than one when building something new.

What if I have multiple YES projects and don't know where to begin?!

I want your Brave Yes Action Day to be the most impactful and financially empowering to you as a creator and entrepreneur. Both the intake form and our kickstarter session will provide immense clarity around what you need and want to make happen. We will not begin until YOU are clear on your vision.

What can we do in 6 hours if my goal is big?

Don’t underestimate both the power of committing and investing in yourself and putting a project like this on your calendar. That, mixed with my years of experience in creating and building things, will guarantee immense progress that you likely won’t do on your own. Our strategic conversations and distraction free environment will give you more space and time than you think to make significant progress. We may not finish but you’ll walk away with very clear next steps to execute.

let’s get that YES goal off your to-do list.

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