You've gotten this far. What will get you to your next level in your business?

Join the brave yes power squad ...

As a changemaking entrepreneur, do you get tired of feeling as if you are trapped in your own personal comfort zone?

You know you are capable of so much more but you find yourself focused on all the shoulds and musts of the day-to-day?

You are not alone.

Being a changemaking entrepreneur can bring up all kinds of vulnerability and emotions — such as feeling like a fraud, fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of losing it all?

Those feelings can stop you from taking the risks you need to soar to your next level — or your business’s next level.

I know because that was me when I ran my first business. I played it safe — too safe.

The safe zone is not where you thrive … it’s not where you do your best work.

It’s not where you make an impact and get things done that fill you up.

I’ve designed the most brave and beautiful safe container for you — and a small group of other women — to step more boldly into your greatness.

What is the Brave Yes Business Power Squad?

The Brave Yes Business Power Squad is a small mastermind designed to encourage you to take business risks to grow your authority, your connections and your bottom line.

I want to you to know and do what you are capable of in this world — even if it scares you.

I want to inspire you to show up, break free of what’s keeping you hidden and small — and help you find the courage to lead more bravely in your industry.

I want you to be the thought leader of your big ideas — without hiding, without shame and without fear.

The Brave Yes Business Power Squad is the kind of  group coaching experience I wish I’ve had all along as a CEO and founder of an online business. This brave space container is designed to support you in stepping into thought leadership, making bolder creative moves and stepping up your business game to stop hiding and start shining.

Because making hard asks, leading boldly and putting yourself out there is hard and scary AND liberating — and you should never feel alone in the journey.


If you are done with hiding and ready to launch your bravest self, it’s time to step into your Brave Yes role as CEO.

You don’t get to fierce transformation and bolder leadership on your own.

We need each other. We need to brainstorm and learn to trust ourselves.

We need safe spaces to explore and dream.

And we need perspectives from others that take us out of our small little lives and opens new doors of opportunities.

The Brave Yes Business Power Squad is not mindset work.

This is soul-stirring, inspired action mixed with strategy and goal setting.

The 2022 Brave Yes Power Squad is designed to help you gain a new perspective on what is possible for you and to give you a brave space to explore, dream and design a life that brings you immense joy.

What to expect being part of The Brave Yes Power Squad

Set Your Brave Yes Goals + Blueprint for the Future

To start our time together, we’ll begin by gathreing to design your Brave Yes Blueprint which includes your setting ambitious personal, professional and business goals. This blueprint will be the foundation of which you will operate by in your business throughout our time together.

Brave Yes Group Coaching + Support

In brave community, we will gather and connect online to support you, motivate you — and hold you gently accountable to your Brave Yes Blueprint goals. During our sessions, we’ll explore Brave Yes Power Tools to help you deepen your own authenticity, courage and creativity. Additionally, you will have the chance to get direct coaching from myself and the group.

Build Your Brave Yes Power Toolbox

This isn’t a fluffy mastermind. The whole time you will be encouraged to take risks and work toward being a braver by finding and using the Brave Yes Power Tools you need to leave your comfort zone and try new things. These tools will be offered to you — and you will find your own. Each tool is designed to make you stand out, grow your authority and make the hard asks you need to thrive.



The 2022 Brave Yes Power Squad begins Jan 1st and continues through the end of June. We meet weekly 3x a month for 75 minutes at 1 p.m. EST on either Tuesday or Thursday. Every group session will be recorded. You will be invited to join a online group to keep up with each other in between sessions where you can share photos, links, conversations on-the-go — and ask questions or get support.

Your Investment: $200/month for 6 months

(This is Founding cohort Pricing — the investment will go up next cohort.)

In late December, you will receive access to all of your Power Squad resources and start to get organized.


Hello. I’m Shawn. I am a creative soul and Gen Xer who is creeping up on 50. I’m a big thinker and changemaker who has often struggled to say what I do.

I’ve been creating, leading and designing online businesses for about 15 years.

In 2013, I left my 9-5 job to start my beautiful group coaching business and membership community with The Abundant Mama Project — and did so successfully for eight years.

Over the years, I have coached thousands of women around the world to live a more courageous, authentic life and career. I’ve also written books, created programs, led retreats, given keynotes and corporate trainings and much more.

Being BRAVE is a business investment like no other. It’s easy to fall into your comfort zone of safe and secure. But, if you aren’t willing to take risks, you may find yourself struggling to reach your goals. 

2022 Brave Yes Business Power Squad Themes

January: Set Your Brave Yes Goals Setting + Business Blueprint

April: Practice Brave Yes Leaps & Slay Your Fears

 February:  Transform Self-Doubt Triggers & Your Superpowers

May: Leave Your Comfort Zone, Try New Things + Take Up Space

March: Define Your Greatness for Visibility & Connections 

June: Take Up Space + Growing Your Authority


What to Expect inside the 2022  Brave Yes Power Squad

The Brave Yes Business Power Squad mission is help you get to your next level by creating a playground for passionate women like you who want more out of your life and who craves time to dream BIGGER for yourself and make a bigger impact.

GROUP COACHING — Every month, there will be a group coaching session that is more training and learning — as well as a second collaborative coaching session where you given the chance to get feedback or help from Shawn and the rest of the group on reaching your own personal Brave Yes goals. 

BRAVE YES CO-WORKING CIRCLES — We’ll open up twice a month for coffee, connect and co-writing sessions where you will have the chance to gather and work on brave writing and marketing together. This will include a practice of holding space for others and taking up space to share your current working projects and goals. Amazing things happen when women with shared interests come together and be in community.

BRAVE YES VIRTUAL CEO WELLBEING RETREATS —  Each quarter, you will be invited to participate in a Brave Yes Balancing Retreat that will go deeper into well-being topics related to living out your Brave Yes CEO Leadership role.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please reach out by email to


All coaching sessions are held on Zoom. We will have a Slack Group for sharing ideas, getting help and celebrating your wins in between our gathering sessions. You will be invited to participate in a group Voxer chat for verbal communication and sharing in between your weekly sessions. Voxer allows you to walkie-talkie back and forth as well as text, share photos and files. Finally, all sessions will be recorded and uploaded as an audio file in a private playlist just for your Power Squad.


Whatever Brave Yes Biz Goal you set — and it can be more than one — should be stretch-y enough for you to need support, motivation and inspiration to make it happen. But that doesn’t mean setting things on fire.

Anything goes as long as it feels good for you.


We will meet 3x a month for 75 minutes for six months. All sessions are recorded. You are encouraged to make time to attend all sessions but life does happen and so, for that, we will make sure you can partipate on the go as well as catch up if you miss a session. The real work on your Brave Yes will happen in between sessions as well so consider how much time you want to put toward reaching your goals and factor that in as well. Partipate as much as you feel you can each week.


I am SO glad you asked this! This is my favorite part of the Power Squad experience. First of all, I will be giving you access to a special program to help you do just this. But to answer your question … anything goes. First, you will receive the Brave Yes Deep Dive Discovery Program to use to get started with your goal-setting. And we’ll spend part of our first session getting clear on what you need to work on to be braver, lead more boldly and grow your business and your authority.

It’s your time. 

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