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The Brave YES Power Squad

Are you eager to Brave UP and stand out more in your industry? The Brave YES Power Squad is a 12-week group coaching and accountability program for consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to release fear and self-doubt and start taking more courageous action in order to play bigger. THE NEXT POWER SQUAD KICKS OFF SEPTEMBER 18, 2023.

What would unfold for you — and your business — if you began to take powerful and consistent BRAVE action?

Taking risks and putting yourself out there can be scary. But, it is also the No. 1 thing you can do to grow your business and your authority. If you are ready to step out of hiding and start shining, the Power Squad is made for you.

A Hard Truth: If you aren’t feeling abundant in your business, you aren’t taking enough courageous risks.

It’s easy to hide and be invisible in this noisy, saturated world. It’s easy to fall back — and stay — in your comfort zone.

But, you have immense gifts that need to be shared with the world. It’s time to be SEEN and KNOWN for your brilliance. It’s time to play bigger — and you know it. 

Once you have the confidence and learn how to tune into your inner power and shine, you’ll be able to do anything in the future.

The Brave YES Power Squad is to going to help you RISE STRONGER by helping you reduce all those scary feelings of risk-taking because you’ll have a support system behind you, a cheering squad to surround you when you succeed or if you fall.

Are you ready to Brave Up in your business, release fear and self-doubt and start believing in yourself enough to show up and play bigger?

The Brave YES Power Squad



The Brave YES Power Squad is the supportive playground you’ve needed to practice & experiment with being BRAVER.

You can’t get to fierce transformation and bolder leadership on your own.

We need each other. We need support and accountability. We need to feel safe in order to trust ourselves. We need brave spaces to explore and dream bigger for ourselves.

The Brave Yes Power Squad is not another boring program teaching you systems and strategies.

It’s a soul-stirring, action-oriented playful and powerful group coaching experience. You will laugh. You may cry. There will be celebrations. There will be gold stars for trying AND failing. We will help each other RISE.

The Brave YES Power Squad is designed to offer you boundless support, audacious wisdom and Brave YES power-building tools to help you step into your next level of business acumen, visibility and revenue. 

Weekly Brave YES Power Lessons

For 12 weeks, you will receive a written lesson to stir your inner brave and get you motivated to do the work you need to do to shine and rise in your industry.

Brave & Safe Online Community Space

You’ll have your own private, brave space with other members of your Squad in an online community on MightyNetworks to brainstorm, celebrate and cheer each other on.

Access to The 30-Day Brave YES Visibility Challenge to Boost Your Brand Awareness

We don’t get braver by manifesting it. We get braver by practicing, learning, failing and trying again. You’ll get access to this special course that gives you 30 Visibility Practices to do in 30 days that isn’t social media centric.

WEEKLY LIVE coaching events

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to grow together with one of these kinds of live events:

    • Masterclass to learn — or unlearn — a Brave YES Business concept
    • Brave YES Power Squad: Sit in the power seat of this mastermind and get group though around any question or struggle.
    • Brave YES Action Hour Planning Session: Plan your upcoming month with me.
    • Brave YES Vision Quest Journaling Sessions & Co-Working: I’ll lead us with a powerful journaling prompt and then we’ll co-work for an hour.

I’ve been there. I’ve done it all in business. I’ve walked to my edges. Now it’s your turn.

I’ve been creating, marketing and selling online for more than 10 years — full time. You name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve failed a lot. I’ve also had immense success most of the time … because I keep showing up and never quit — ever.

I am here to empower you to be YOUR biggest fan and, as a result, the only real lead magnet your business needs. 

You are the magic. You are the heart. You are the soul of your business. Let’s make sure the world knows that and earn you some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

“The Power Squad helped me deeply consider my own capacity and let go of what was no longer serving me in my business.”

“I’ve run my own business for 15 years and had reached a point where I was feeling stuck about how I wanted to grow next. My experience in Shawn’s mastermind helped me slow down and ask myself all the most important questions that I was always too busy to think about in the day-to-day of running my business. She helped me deeply consider my own capacity and let go of what was no longer serving me in the business. She also helped me uncover hidden fears about growing and gave me the tools to map out my next, powerful steps. Through the experience, I not only got unstuck but I also got to know myself and my business better. I highly recommend joining the next round to help you grow in your business and your life!” 


Gracy Obuchowicz, Consultant

Group energy is just different. It drives you into deeper, bolder action. It’s not magic, but it feels like it.

Inside The Brave YES Power Squad, you’ll quickly learn that trusting yourself and tuning in to your inner power is the fastest way to making decisions — and see growth in your business. You’ll learn how to practice deep SELF-TRUST, take powerful ACTION and cultivate RESILIENCE that will carry you through oceans of adversity in the future.

YOU before the Brave YES Power Squad:

  • IHiding and playing small in your business
  • IInconsistent in showing up and being visible
  • ICompares yourself to others all the time
  • IMakes decisions based on scarcity
  • IConstantly feeling creatively blocked and unclear of next moves

YOU after the Brave YES Power Squad :

  • IYou have a Brave YES Mindset
  • INo longer afraid to put yourself out there authentically
  • IYou are trust yourself & your inner power as a leader
  • IYou are taking consistent, BRAVE action that makes impact
  • IYou are curious and love experimenting with failure

The Brave YES Power Squad is about actualizing your vision — not just manifesting it.

This isn’t a fluffy online course. The whole time you will be encouraged to take risks and work toward being a braver by finding and using the Brave Yes Power Tools you need to leave your comfort zone and try new things. These tools will be offered to you — and you will find your own. Each tool is designed to make you stand out, grow your authority and make the hard asks you need to thrive.

What You’ll Experience

The Brave YES Power Squad is a group coaching program with radical support built in. In addition to a variety of weekly live sessions and an online community to connect in we will be focused on the following modules over the 12 weeks. We’ll spend four weeks in each module.



Brave YES Mindset Mastery

It’s one thing to know you need to say yes to risk … it’s another to devote yourself to it. This first module is focusing on redefining your comfort zone and taking yourself and your business to your edge.

  • IEMBRACE a Brave YES Mindset & Making Decisions based on Possibility
  • ILEARN Grounded Courage Strategies for Coping through Discomfort
  • IEXPERIMENT with Brave YES Power Moves that shift your energy and power.

    I’ll walk you through the stages of Brave YES Mindset and how to discern a YES from a NO. You’ll also learn how to expand your comfort zone so no risk sends you into the panic zone.


    Rise, Lead and Flourish as a Sovereign CEO

    Your business requires you to show up and lead consistently. During this module you will work with your own power and leadership skills.

    • IUNLEARN what's been holding you back & RECLAIM Your Inner CEO and Sovereign Self with BRAVE leadership skills
    • IDECLARE bold boundaries and Intentions around who you want to be and the business you want.
    • ICULTIVATE Radical Self-Worth to Elevate Your Confidence for sales and marketing your work.

    It’s time to commit to yourself and your bottom line — while also staying true to your values and integrity. This module is all about reclaiming your inner power — and using your power for good. 




    Step into Your Audacious Authenticity and Shine

    The second you start showing up authentically as yourself, you FEEL more powerful. That’s what this module is all about. We’ll be playing with concepts like owning your weird,  differentiating yourself in the best possible way and showing up consistently.

    • IFEEL emPOWERed to Walk to your Edge in how you show up and take up space.
    • IPLAY with New Styles of Visibility & Authority Boosting
    • IPRACTICE consistent, BRAVE Action that puts you at the center of your work.

    When you finally wake up and realize that YOU are the biggest gift you can offer to your clients, you can snap out of this comparison mode and start BEING YOURSELF. This module will help you believe in your worth — so you can sell your work more confidently.

    What do you want from your Brave YES Power squad? Alignment? Wholeness? Freedom? Respect? Revenue? Visibility?

    It’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks of running and growing a business and forget about what YOU really want. This leads to burnout and boredom. What if you can make what you do now feel amazing? That’s what will happen inside The Brave YES Power Squad. Bring on the adventure of possibility!

    Hold the Vision. Trust the Process.

    The Brave YES Power Squad is going to infuse a variety of modalities in each group coaching session. You can expect a weekly lesson and a weekly-ish live session. You can expect courage coaching, boundary work and work around boosting your own capacity.

    Commit to yourself

    one time payment of


    • I12 weeks of Brave YES Power Squad group coaching and content -- begins Sept. 18
    • IWeekly LIVE events (Wednesdays at 1 p.m. EST) All calls recorded and uploaded to our private community.
    • IA Brave, Safe and Private Online Space to Connect & Communicate with Ease

      flexible payments

      3 monthly payments of


      • I12 weeks of Brave YES Power Squad group coaching and content -- begins Sept. 18.
      • IWeekly LIVE events (Wednesdays at 1 p.m. EST) All calls recorded and uploaded to our private community.
      • IA Brave, Safe and Private Online Space to Connect & Communicate with Ease

      “Working with Shawn was undoubtedly a worthwhile investment in my business and in myself.”

      Before starting coaching, I was convinced I was a hopeless cause. But Shawn has helped me challenge so many of my limiting beliefs – including that one! She gave me the tools I needed to find clarity on my business direction and make some tough decisions. She has advised me, guided me, and cheered me on. Working with Shawn was undoubtedly a worthwhile investment in my business and in myself.

      Charmaine Dymond, Writer

      In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Shawn … and I actually used to be a cheerleader.

      I have led several hundred in-person and online retreats, workshops, masterminds and masterclasses. Holding supportive, brave space is just what I do. Forming a Squad just feels like the right next step.

      Just because I was a cheerleader in high school doesn’t mean I push toxic positivity. The truth is being an entrepreneur is brutiful — beautiful and brutal.

      I wouldn’t still be here — 10 years later — if it weren’t for the mentors and groups I took part in to help me get to my next level and to push me to keep being more brave.

      Now it’s your turn — to be a part of a powerful, supportive and transformative group that will take YOU to your next level.

      We NEED each other.

      Self-doubt is a time waster.

      Are you ready to start taking powerful action — consistently?


      Have a question?

      The Brave YES Power Squad is for established entrepreneurs who are looking to Brave UP and take more risks and be more confident. 


      This is a fully virtual and digital coaching program. We will use basic tech platforms such as Zoom, online chat rooms in MightyNetwork AND email. You will need access to a computer and be able to use Zoom.


      You’ll hear me say often that BRAVE is a spectrum and we are all on it in various places. Your BRAVE is YOUR Brave. There will never be pressure to leap beyond your own willingness. Baby steps are strong encouraged if you are new to Braving UP.

      Whatever Brave YES Intention you set for your Squad goal — and it can be more than one — should be stretch-y enough for you to need support, motivation and inspiration to make it happen. But that doesn’t mean setting things on fire.

      Anything goes as long as it feels good for you. I’ll just be there to nudge you along … and support you when it gets uncomfortable.


      We will meet weekly for 60-75 minutes for all three months. All sessions will be recorded in case you cannot attend. You are encouraged to make time to attend all sessions but life does happen and so, for that, we will make sure you can partipate on the go as well as catch up if you miss a session.

      The real work on your Brave YES will happen in between our sessions as well so consider how much time you want to put toward reaching your goals and factor that in as well. Partipate as much as you feel you can each week.

      There will also be weekly mindset or skillset lessons to read and put into practice — plan on 15-30 minutes a week for this.


      It’s possible you will need additional support. If you know that about yourself, there will be options to upgrade throughout for a 1:1 session with me. There will also be plenty of times to ask questions and get support in our LIVE sessions. 

      You will never feel out there on your own in this program. Support is always available.




      This program is not for beginners or those who are still trying to figure things out. It’s best for those who are very clear with who they are and what they do — and how they want to serve. Clarity is very important pre- work for this program. 

      “I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever”

      While working with Shawn in her Brave YES Coaching, I uncovered layers of limiting beliefs, identified my energy zappers and put together an action plan that is aligned with my lifestyle. I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life.

      Aliz Merlics, Coach