The first Brave Yes™ is saying yes to yourself — and your dreams. 

Welcome! I am so happy you are interested in learning more about The Brave Yes™ Show & Journey.

I work with women like you who are ready to dig out from the rubble of your ordinary life to create a life with more meaning, more impact and more fulfillment.  

The Brave Yes™ Journey begins with helping you feel strong in mind, body and spirit.

Once you feel great, we take you on the journey home to yourself to figure out what lights you up and makes you feel more alive.

THAT is when your big Brave Yeses will start to pop up.

To start, though, we begin super small. The first Brave Yes is saying Yes to You so you can Rise Stronger this year.

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How the Brave Yes Journey unfolds ...

My superpower is helping you live a more powerful life with ease so that you have the capacity and energy to do more & be more in your life. Your journey to wholeness will go something like this …


Become STRONGER. — The first step in your journey here will be Brave Yes Journey is addressing the foundation of your life that may be causing you to live in a perpetual state of stress, overwhelm or exhaustion. At this step we tend to your wholistic wellbeing so you can become spiritually, emotionally and physically stronger. My Rise Stronger FREE 7-Day Challenge walks you through the six Upward Spiral Actions you can take to be more resilient, more connected and more nourished.

Be You — It’s not enough to just show up in the world and do what everyone else is doing — or what everyone else is doing. You are a special human and it’s time for you to SHINE. When all the parts of you collide into your own brilliance you will shine brighter in this world and that will impact everything — your earning power, your inner power and your sense of belonging. Join me for my next Soulfully Aligned Virtual Retreat.

Be Brave — You are strong. You are more authentic. Now what do you do with all that awesome? This is where the FUN begins. This is where we start to shake things up. This is where you start to really get a sense of the impact you want to make in this world — and how to do it. This is where you get to choose YOUR Brave Yes Life — in whatever small and big ways you decide. If this is where you are on the journey, I would love to help you create and map out your Brave Yes plan and hold space for you to work through your fears and help you make it happen. 



If you are on board, here’s the Brave Yes™ Manifesto …

The Brave Yes Manifesto