The first Brave Yes™ is saying yes to yourself — and your dreams. 

Welcome! I am the host and founder of The Brave Yes Show. I like to say that I am a midwife for your Brave Yes dreams. 

My Brave Life & Leadership Coaching leads you through unearthing, clarifying and defining what your next Brave Yes Leap is going to be … how to get there and supporting you along the way.

If you know there is something more for you in this lifetime — but you aren’t sure what that is — the first Brave Yes Superpower you must adopt is the Brave Yes of Choosing Yourself.

My offerings and coaching are for you if you know there is more out there for you — more for you to do or if you want to make a bigger impact in your industry or business.

I am here to help usher you into your next level — whatever that looks like for you.

My work is for you if you have been playing small as a leader or as a creative person and you are ready to do the work of being more courageous.

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