You get to make the rules of your business. 

Hello & Welcome to you! I am Shawn and I host & founder of The Brave Yes CEO Podcast.

This weekly-ish podcast is designed to support and encourage highly creative female founders through the messy middle of taking yourself and your business into the next season, stage or level.

I empower female entrepreneurs to build brave business plans that work for YOU and your vision for the world.

What is YOUR Brave Yes™?

A Brave Yes CEO is all about taking the right kind of risks for your own thriving and flourishing — and prosperity!

The Brave Yes CEO show begins with the 3C’s of a Brave Yes CEO … but everything is about helping you feel fully aligned in your life, creativity, wellbeing and workload.

If you want to learn more about what 1:1 coaching with me is like, check out my Brave Yes Private Coaching Program.

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I offer soulful and strategic business mentoring, wellbeing and capacity planning and fierce courage coaching so you can be the strong leader you need to be for your business and your amazing future.