Ready for Your Bravest Business Year Yet?

design a business that supports your best life.

Are you tired of playing too small as a business owner?

You know you need to make some pretty big changes and take some risks to have the business (and life) you want.

So what stops you? What gets in your way year after year?

Let me guess: You’re starting to think you’re not a big goals person.

Ambitious goals don’t really work out for you.

You try and try again but you can’t seem to reach the big goals you set.

Or, perhaps, you land them too quickly because they were too easy.

Actually, maybe it’s not YOU at all.

Maybe it’s your goals.

Just right” goals will motivate you, elevate you and flow out of you AND grow your business.

That’s why I want to show you a new way to choose annual business goals with one thing in mind — YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR SUCCESS.

Introducing, the 2023 Design Your Bravest Year Yet Self-Coaching Workshop.

Let me show you how to set powerful game-changing intentions rooted in practical possibility & grounded courage — so you’ll want nothing but to take action toward your vision.

It’s time to channel your Inner Goldilocks & find your Brave YES Goals

Sometimes it can feel like we’re Goldilocks trying to find the right goals.

Too big.

Too small.

Sometimes we hear the “jump off the cliff and do the hard things” voice that tells you to set big, hairy, audacious goals and suffer through to make them happen.

  • These goals wear a passport tied around their neck and work 4 hours a week out of a rental in Bali. Just thinking about these goals induces panic and anxiety.

And, then there are the slow and boring “business as usual” goals.

  • These goals wear a suit and tie and mingle at Chamber events. These goals are like sitting on the couch in your sweatpants drinking tea. You know you should do more but … why bother?

During Your Bravest Business Year Yet Retreat, I will inspire you to choose clear, courageous objectives that creatively stretch you AND create momentum for you and your business in 2023.


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What’s a Brave YES Goal?

A Brave YES goal lands “just right” … and hits you square in your Expansion Zone.

This kind of YES goal feels good in your body. 

Every part of you says YES.

The Expansion Zone is where you walk to the edge of your comfort zone, slowly expanding your resilience and courage muscles.

  • Expansion Zone goals wear bright orange and funky glasses and hang out in a cafe enjoying fiery conversations. These goals get you up in the morning and energize you.

During this Design Your Bravest Business Year Yet Masterclass, I will guide you through a self-coaching, goal-setting process that isn’t about numbers and suffering through — but about heart and soul — and all of it will be 100 percent within your control to make happen.

Here’s what to expect from the

Design Your Bravest Year Yet Workshop

Goal Digging + Identification

In order to Brave Up, you need to know what areas of yourself or business needs to be upleveled.

You’ll do an in-depth inventory of your business needs — and personal dreams. You will form a powerful list of ideas and possibilities.

Unearthing Your Brave YES Expansion

You will take your list of ideas a step farther to find your single area to focus on and then you’ll work to narrow your focus to what I call your Expansion Goal.

This is the essence and will be the foundation of all your business actions all year long. Here we’ll find your Brave YES — that one thing that’s going to move the needle for your business.

Finding Flow: Alignment + Actualization

Finally, you’ll walk you through a powerful exercise to unearth the pathway to your goal.

This final exercise will unveil every action you need to take for completion. We’ll make it so doable you won’t have any choice but to make it happen easily and effortlessly.

Workshop Details 

The Design Your Bravest Business Year Yet Retreat is a nourishing, contemplative workshop experience for visionary creators, thought leaders & entrepreneurs. This is a self-study, self-coaching workshop.

Upon registration, you will gain access to three pre-retreat audio lessons and exercises as well as an audio program and downloadable workbook to fill out to Design Your Bravest Business Year Yet. 

Your workbook includes more pre-workshop materials as well as simple, one-pages to stay on track with your BRAVEST goals throughout the year.

hello! i’m shawn (she/her)

I’m a Business Strategist & Coach for female thought leaders, entrepreneurs and creators who are ready to Brave UP and take bolder risks to reach your visibility, capacity & revenue objectives.

I am the host of The Brave Yes Show, a podcast that explores the messy and hard parts of taking risks and setting boundaries in your business.

My work is rooted and influenced by years of study in resilience + well-being practices, courageous living, self-discovery journaling, spiritual soulcare, mindfulness, positive psychology, and brave leadership. I am married to Dan and a mom of twin teenagers. A coffee fanatic. Plant lover. Nature enthusiast.

Is the Design Your Bravest Year Yet Workshop a good fit for you & your business?

this workshop is ideal for you if … 


  • You want to play bigger but your capacity and energy are limited do to life and business circumstances.
  • You’ve been trying a lot of things to grow your business and nothing is working.
  • You are tired of boring and want to add in some courage and spice to your upcoming year.
  • You struggle to choose between a taking a nap or changing the world.
  • You are overwhelmed with ideas and need to get clear on your priorities in your work, business and life.
  • You are tired of putting out all the little fires in your business and want to finally uplevel your identity in your industry.
  • You are ready to Brave Up and start being more visible in your industry.
  • You are tired of feeling like you are just dialing it all in and not leading as your best, ideal self.


A Gentle Yet Powerful approach to goal-setting …

The workshop’s mission is to create a Brave Yes thinking space for passionate, high achieving business owners like you who want to stretch yourself in the new year — but not take on too much you can’t handle.

SPACE TO ASSESS — The workshop will encourage you to make space for deep contemplation and reflection that will help you get clear and find clarity around what has been working well for you — and what is not. 

SPACE TO ALIGN — You will be offered powerful questions to set yourself ablaze with momentum and desires of what you want to invite into your life over the next year. You will have a chance to reflect and consider all areas of your business and creative vision.  Prepare to be amazed by your own possibilities. 

SPACE TO ACTUALIZE —  Not only will you walk away with a set of goals — but you will also be offered sacred space to consider what you will need to put it all into action. You’ll want to have markers and different colored pens available for inspiration!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you have questions that are not addressed here in this FAQ.



This is a self-study workshop that includes emails, audio files and a downloadable workbook in a PDF file. Expect simple and easy to access materials so you can get right to planning.


No. This is it. You may want to mark your calendars and prepare to sign up for the other retreats in the coming year. 


Prepare to spend about an hour doing the pre-workshop lessons. And then, grab a cuppa your favorite beverage, a cozy blanket and space in your home or office and bring your planner and a journal. The rest will be called forth from within YOU. Expect to spend about an hour to 90 minutes on the self-coaching workshop materials.


My greatest hope is that you will walk away feeling inspired and ready for the next season of your business. But more specifically, you will walk away with the following:


  • A very clear understanding of what you want to unfold in your business in the upcoming season.
  • A clear list of possibilities. 
  • A plan for sustainable BRAVERY in your business.


My biggest takeaway for this workshop: It helped me sit with myself and process myself more and gain clarity..

“My biggest takeaway for this workshop: It helped me sit with myself and process myself more and gain clarity. I still have a lot to process but I can see that my brave power moves are coming from my joy.”

— Jane Yu, Artist and Creator

Shawn’s approach helped me see my business and my abilities in a different light and got me excited for what’s next.

“I’ve done lots of business planning over the years, but Shawn’s approach helped me see my business and my abilities in a different light and got me excited for what’s next. I’m so glad I made the time to attend this retreat — it was equal parts inspiring, practical and illuminating!”

— Charmaine Dymond, Freelance Writer

She curates such an uplifting group of women who really hold space for each other’s dreams. If you need a little shake-up, Shawn’s your woman!

“I’ve done lots of business planning over the years, but Shawn’s approach allowed me to think about my business in a whole new way. It was a celebration of making space for what I really need, not just what I think I ought to be doing, By the end of the retreat, I had already made some big shifts in what I was going to and not going to do next year. She curates such an uplifting group of women who really hold space for each other’s dreams. If you need a little shake-up, Shawn’s your woman!

— Michelle Clayton, Founder of Let Her Fly Branding

Ready to have your BRAVEST business year yet?

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