What's Your Next Brave YES™ Power Move?

First of all, What Even is a Brave YES Power Move?


YOUR Brave YES Power Move can be anything that moves you away from suffering, frustration and resentment.

Or …

It could be anything that leads you toward feeling more aligned and alive.

And, everything in between.

The Brave YES Breakthrough is designed to creatives and entrepreneurs help you figure out if you need to move away from or toward something … and then it helps you get a clearer vision for what that something is.

Ready for your Brave YES Breakthrough?

A Brave YES is both terrifying AND liberating. It scares you and brings you alive. YOUR Brave YES is about leading you toward greater work and creative fulfillment. 

I know how frustrating it is to spin and spin around and around on what your next move should be to make something happen.

For a long time, with every creative project, business move or stretch goal I’ve had, I struggled with over-thinking, perfectionism, and self-sabotage.

And then I mastered self-leadership and resiliency skills to help get me out of my own way and start taking more risks.

And now I am here to help you get out of your own way and start living your own Brave Yes Journey.

Now, I try to be the person you go to to make your Brave Yes dreams become a reality.

This Brave Yes Breakthrough is all about helping you bust through some important decisions so you can take forward action.


Before we even meet you will receive my Brave Yes Discovery Workbook to help you get clear on what you want our session to be focused around. We’ll open your session with getting grounded on this mission.


We’ll work through all the obstacles and resistance you are experiencing to make sure you see a clear picture of what is getting in your way and how to get around yourself and your fear.


I will share with you a few mindset tweaks that you will want to make as you follow you along your path to making your Brave Yes happen. So often it’s our negative thinking that keeps us from taking action.


Together, we’ll establish your plan of action to see your big dream — Brave Yes™ — all the way through to reality. We’ll establish 3-5 Imperfect Action Goals for you to get started with so your dream has momentum.

The Brave Yes Breakthrough helps you with any of the following:

  1. Finding your Brave Yes pathway. We all have a Brave Yes stirring inside of us … what is yours? Use the breakthrough time to talk it out and get some clarity on your next move.
  2. Setting Priorities on Taking Action on Your Brave Yes. It can be super hard to know what the next action is that you should take to make your Brave Yes happen. Use this breakthrough session to work out your next best actions steps. 
  3. Get Ready to Uplevel. You know there is more out there for you but you’re not sure what. Use this breakthrough session to open your mind up to new possibilities for yourself and to create a list of new Brave Yes ideas.
  4. Permission Seeking. Sometimes we have a Brave Yes living inside of us that feels far too scary and too crazy to even admit out loud. Use this breakthrough session to get clarity and permission to do what you know you want to do.

No matter what you use this Brave Yes Breakthrough session for … you’ll walk away with clear Brave Yes action steps to take to design a work life you love.

About Me:


I’m Shawn. I help women turn their inner longings and desires into Brave Yeses.

Recently, when I was going through a midlife crisis of sorts, I realized I needed to make a big change in my life.

Once I made that change, I called it my Brave Yes. It was scary. And it was super exhilerating. AND, it felt liberating.

I’ve actually made six really big career changes in my lifetime — all for very good reasons to help me live more in alignment with my values and interests. Each change led me closer to me being more me.

Now I help you do the same by figuring out what your next Brave Yes is going to be and how to make it happen.

There are 3 pathways to a Brave Yes:

  • Resiliency
  • Authenticity
  • Strategy

I coach you through all three until you get to your Brave Yes moment.

“I have decided to ditch my counselor as I’ve made more progress in coaching work with you in one session than I have in an entire year of counseling.”

– Christy S.

“Your words continue to touch me and grow me and change me. You’ve just unlocked so much Magic and Abundance in my life, if I ever meet you in person I will just fall At your feet. Honestly, thank you for being such a gentle easy going beautiful vehicle of change and healing and transformation for me, and so many.”

– Colleen C.

“Dear Shawn, when I think about how much transformation I’ve undergone over the last 3+ years, it’s pretty incredible. Thank you for guiding and walking with me along the way.”

– Carla P.

The Brave Yes Breakthrough is for you if …

You have a calling for something more but aren’t sure what or how to begin.

You want more joy in your life and need a vision to make the changes necessary.

You are tired of being tired and ready to get unstuck either at work or in your creative life.

You want more balance in your life but aren't sure what needs to change.

You have a big dream but it feels scary and hard and you need support, motivation or inspiration to take action.

You want non-judgmental help through a transition such as midlife, empty nesting or a life change.

You feel lost and unmotivated for your life and you want something more but you aren’t sure what.

You feel like you've hit your own ceiling on what's possible and you need help to open to new possibilities.

You want to be more brave and courageous but something keeps blocking you from standing out and being more visible.

You want to play bigger at work or in your life and you need the personal growth tools to do so.

Your Investment -- $500

Your 90-minute Brave Yes Breakthrough Session Includes: 

  • A pre-session intake form to warm you up and set the tone for our time together.
  • A 30-minute Clarity session to help you get a clear vision of what you are seeking help with around your Brave Yes.
  • 60-minute Breakthrough session where we will try to gather your next Brave Yes actions and mindset practices to work on as you move along on your journey.
  • Walk away with 3-4 actions to do on your own after the call is over.
  • MP3 recordings of the session.