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it's time to get known for your brilliance.
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You want more. You have so much experience and wisdom to offer. Now it’s time for you to start shining.

More clients.

More visibility.

More ease.

Let’s make that happen for you.

💡 Imagine walking in a room and feeling like you belong there.

💡 Imagine leading and making an impact more boldly in your industry.

💡 Imagine having the courage and audacity to take creative and social risks to build the business you want.

In my Brave YES Advantage™ Coaching you’ll have my full attention on your whole business to shape your business model, powerful messaging and offer development that sells.


Feeling invisible in your industry? Let me help you get known for your brilliance!

You’re tired of the status quo. You’re tired of seeing others shine while you fade into the background.

No wonder it’s hard to put yourself out there and take yourself and your work more seriously.

Standing out is hard AF.

But here’s the thing: Your mission-driven work is needed, desperately. Your ideas are going to change the world — one person or system at a time. 

Standing out and getting known for your brilliance isn’t just about dancing on reels or speaking on stage. There is a lot more to it and there are a lot of moving parts to build a mission-driven business that thrives.

I created the Brave YES Advantage™ Framework to help beige, brilliant minds stand out for your heart-centered, mission driven ideas.

As a mission-driven coach, I help you design a heart-centered business with the Brave YES Advantage™ built in so you can stand out and attract clients to you so you can shut down any slimy sales tactics once and for all. 


Let’s change this paradigm.

There’s is a huge problem in the business world where female entrepreneurs spend far too much time stuck in Beginner Mindset thinking everyone else has their shit together and you don’t. 

You know that place, right?

You have everything you need to design a stand out business in your industry — it’s time to step into Mastery Mode.

My Brave YES Advantage™ Framework & Coaching program is for the highly creative, visionary entrepreneur who sees many possibilities ahead — and needs help making clear, strategic decisions to make a bigger impact, be more efficient AND become more visible so you can make a deeper impact with your mission-driven ideas.

Rather than getting caught up in comparisons, let’s design a business as mission-driven and authentic as you are.

A little about me …

Hello. I’m Shawn. I am a creative entrepreneur who has been creating, coaching and selling online for 15 years. I’m an instigator and changemaker that started out as a free spirit in my early years as a latchkey kid. I’m a starter and a doer.

I help you get things done that have been on your dream list for years — a lifetime, maybe. I am highly soulful and strategic. I am equally introverted and extroverted. I am an anti-racist and a feminist. I am a fiction lover and a nature lover. I am a twin mother. I am passionate about offering spiritual business mentoring alongside the strategy because self-trust is everything in putting yourself out there.

In 2013, I built a 6-figure business that helped me build a village of women around the world.

In 2020, I took a Brave YES Leap and closed that business down and moved into helping other entrepreneurs build thriving mission-driven businesses.

I don’t hold back on anything. I’ll bring honesty and kindness to our coaching relationship. My mission is to see you thrive.

Brave YES Advantage™ Coaching Highlights

Get Clarity & Design Your Ideal Mission-Driven Business

Where are you headed? What’s your mission and purpose? What do you want to be doing daily, weekly, annually? Are you happy with your offers and pricing and structure?

This is when we dream big, open to all possibility and figure out who YOU are and who you want to be — and what your ideal business operations and vision is going to be.

Once you have your vision in place, we’ll work on brave business practices to make it a reality as you grow, pivot or uplevel your business.

Build Your Business & Check All Your Boxes

You have bits and pieces of the dream business and some day you’ll make time to get it all together. That’s non-sense. You can’t do it on your own. You are too close to it. That’s why we build your dream business together, one building block at a time.

You’ll have my 10 years of online business expertise that includes building online communities, online courses and a thriving 1:1 private coaching program that invites ease and joy. With my support, you’ll define and decide on your most aligned client to attract, what offers to create, how to deliver with ease and build a powerful and sustainable marketing message and sales strategy.

Know, Trust & Believe in Yourself & Your Worth

It’s easy to doubt yourself and encounter imposter complex in entrepreneurship and that’s why I work with you on knowing, trusting and believing in yourself, your team and your worth. You cannot sell your offers if you don’t believe in yourself or the value your mission brings to your potential clients. By the end of our time together you will be clear on three things.

1. Why your Business YES Advantage™ is needed.

2. How your Brave YES Edge™ contributes Value and Impact.

3. When to use a Brave YES Mindset to take risks and put yourself out there.

Some of What to expect during Your Brave YES Advantage™ business coaching experience …


:: Develop crystal clear CLARITY around your Brave YES Edge™which ties together your business Purpose, Mission & Vision as well as your values, strengths & expertise in a sweet package that draws aligned clients toward you like a magnet. The goal: To Position your business for attraction and awareness — and alignment. I’ll invite you to take a number of assessments and do some homework to help us find your Brave YES Edge™. 

:: Cultivate greater CAPACITY to take bold risks and implement Brave YES Power Moves by establishing Radical Wellbeing and Spiritual Audacity rituals to help you navigate fear, scarcity, self-doubt and uncertainty so you can show up consistently for yourself and your business — as well as your clients and family with energy and joy. I’ll work with you in each session on your boundaries, your energy, your YESES and your priorities.

:: Create a Aligned Client Journey Experience. We’ll ensure you have a clear understanding of the client you work best with and what they need along the way, carving out messages and offers that help them see your business as their only choice. I’ll have you do an Aligned Client Assessment that will make this process super simple and not about you because it’s not. 

:: You’ll create a strong Connection Channel that has a flow of potential clients or customers moving toward you at all times. I’ll work with you on elevating your expertise and creating a demand for your mission driven work through an authentic marketing plan that works for your strengths and needs.  


Find Your Identity Beyond Your Career



First we schedule a Zoom Coaching Exploratory Call where I’ll walk you through some initial coaching questions to get a feel for your business concept, goals and dreams.

If we decide we’re a good fit, you’ll register and start filling out your Coaching Intake Form — filled with about an hour of pre-coaching questions to get you warmed up for your coaching experience. You’ll take a myriad of assessments for us to help pull out your business edge. And you’ll sign a coaching agreement.

We’ll schedule your first session on our Zoom Call so we don’t waste a minute of your time. Because … When you’re ready, you’re ready.

Schedule a Business YES Advantage™ Exploratory Call now.

My Coaching Program is best if …

🧭 You are a mission driven founder ready to make a business or business shift to show up more boldly and attract more sales.

🧭 You are an entrepreneur who’s been struggling and are ready to make a business change or pivot and you don’t want to do it alone.

🧭 You have been in business 3 or more years and are ready to uplevel your business model.

🧭 As the founder of your business, you need time and support in making higher level strategy decisions and supporting your own capacity.

🧭 You are a business owner who needs to step out of Beginner’s Mindset and step into Mastery Mode.


I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life.

“I started working with Shawn when I felt a lack of inspiration and creativity to pursue my dreams. I wanted to get to the bottom of what is causing it and recover my sense of purpose to pursue my work. While working with Brave Yes Coaching, I uncovered layers of limiting beliefs, identified my energy zappers and put together an action plan that is aligned with my lifestyle. I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life.”

Aliz, Founder of a Nature Playschool

Shawn is the unicorn of business coaches.

“Shawn is the unicorn of business coaches. She’s able to talk about systems and marketing, while also diving deep into emotional blockers and tailoring her guidance and support to your individual needs.”

— Michelle Fifis

Shawn has supported me in my role as the visionary and CEO to help empower my team

“My business is in a growth stage and Shawn has supported me in my role as the visionary and CEO to help empower my team. She’s provided the guidance and resources I need and brought a new perspective to the challenges of our industry that have helped us innovate and adapt to the changes of these times. I’ve really enjoyed working with Shawn and highly recommend that everyone have a “Shawn in their corner” to guide self-care, innovation, and growth

Alice, owner of a wellbeing firm



Coaching with me happens on Zoom 2x a month, which is usually every two weeks. We meet for 55 minutes. You will also be invited to access your online dashboard where I keep notes about your sessions, your homework and focus areas in between calls — as well as your Zoom link for all sessions. I am also available to you during my work week by emails or on Voxer.


You can expect …

Accountability on taking real, impactful action toward your ideal business.
Bravery … we’re braver when we know we have support along the way.
Clarity … no more depleting your mental energy trying to figure it all out on your own.
Decisiveness … making decisions happen so much faster through verbal processing with someone who gets it.
Encouragement … I’m on your business team during our time working together. I will celebrate your tada’s and your ooops moments.
Failure … business is about trial and error. Embracing failure means you are embracing taking risks. That’s our No. 1 goal!
Growth … If you’re not growing, I’m not doing my job as your coach. Period. You can expect growth in all areas of your life not just business.

… to be continued


Coaching is where you will always see the highest return on your investment into yourself or your professional career.

There are no refunds for coaching packages and for this reason it is not to be taken lightly. To invest in coaching requires a full commitment in time, money and energy. The hope is that by putting your investment on the line you will take yourself — and your dreams — more seriously. 

The results will be immediate — unlike a DIY program or course — and you will walk away with more positive energy, more vibrant energy to a clear vision for who you need to be and what you need to be doing to live your best life.

Now, ask yourself this: How would you benefit from those changes in your life? How would your family benefit? Your co-workers or clients? Listen for your answers and ask yourself if the investment will be worth it to YOU.


I work with any woman — or anyone who identifies as a female — who is ready to be business brave.



My coaching philosophy is to empower you to your own greatness.

I infuse spiritual practice, wellbeing tips and mindfulness strategies on top of business tools and strategy.

You can expect things like journaling, mindfulness, life design, resilience and well-being coaching as well as self-leadership coaching.

It’s best you are to open-minded spiritual direction. Exercises in letting go, trusting and surrender will often be used during your times of discomfort and change.