Brave Business Coaching

let's ignite your power, your prosperity and your purpose for doing good in world.

It’s time to RISE into the passionate expert you know you could be …  

You want more.

More profit.

More visibility.

More clients.

More ease.

More freedom.

Let’s make that happen for you.

💡 Imagine walking into a room and feeling like you belong there.

💡 Imagine leading — and making an impact — more boldly in your industry.

💡 Imagine having the courage — and spiritual audacity — to design a business on your terms. 

This is exactly what we focus on in my Brave Business Coaching program.


Brave Business Coaching is about saying YES to bold visibility, clear strategy and baking in justice and joy in your business so you can do brave work, stand out and earn a plentiful living.


Staying quiet and shrinking down is what we’ve been conditioned to do.

Since the beginning of time, women have been urged to stay quiet and not have opinions.

We’ve been told our ideas don’t matter. We’ve been told our transformational ideas are too idealistic, too impossible. We’ve been told we’re too much — or not enough.

No wonder it’s hard to put yourself out there and ask for what you need.

But here’s the thing: This kind of female conditioning works against your business success and you must begin to unlearn what has been used to keep you small and invisible.

That’s why we must work toward being #BusinessBrave and let our voices, ideas and offers shine in their full glory.

No more diminishing your own worth. 

I am a Business Strategist for Soul-Led Creators & Entrepreneurs who want to take joy-filled BOLD action to uplevel, grow or pivot your business without sacrificing your values. Ready to get #BusinessBrave?

In my Brave Business Coaching, I hold a sacred space for your personal and business goals as a soul-led entrepreneur by helping you … 

:: Discover your purpose and Brave Yes Mission & Vision and set Brave Yes Intentions that are aligned with your values and the life you want to live.

:: Cultivate Unshakeable Resilience by developing Radical Wellbeing and Spiritual Audacity practices to help you navigate fear, scarcity, self-doubt and uncertainty so you can show up consistently for yourself and your business — as well as your clients and family with energy and joy.

:: Clarify AND Actualize your bold vision by rumbling with the hard questions, making impactful decisions and then taking mindful, consistent action on key business practices.

:: Own Your Weird by discovering your inherent strengths and believing in your self-worth so you can speak and lead with more confidence and authenticity and start attracting your most aligned clients.  

:: Develop your Brave Business thought leadership messaging and marketing assets so you can pitch podcasts, be a source for media outlets and become a go-to authority in your industry.

:: Activate Your Brave Yes Inner CEO to make powerful business decisions and design your own Brave Yes CEO Playbook where you set your own rules and boundaries.

It’s my mission to help you shine so you can call in your most aligned clients and customers.

A little about me …

Hello. I’m Shawn. I am a creative soul and Gen Xer who has been writing, coaching and selling online for 15 years. I’m an instigator and changemaker that started out as a free spirit in my early years as a latchkey kid. I’m a starter and a doer.

I make things happen. I am highly soulful and strategic. I am equally introverted and extroverted. I am an anti-racist and a feminist. I am a fiction lover and a nature lover. I am a twin mother. I am passionate about offering spiritual well-being and direction for brave leadership and living.

In 2013, I built a 6-figure business that helped me build a village of women around the world.

In 2020, I did a Brave Yes and moved into helping other women build businesses to do the same.

The only reason I am still here, still in business is because of my resilience and spirtual practices. That’s why I believe strongly in firming up your spiritual wellbeing to run your business.

What to expect when you sign up for Brave Business Coaching


  • — Walk away with a stronger sense of self and identity so you can be more confident and authentic.

  • — Energized with a toolkit that cultivates Unshakeable Resilience and Radical Well-Being so you have the stamina to do the hard things.

  • — A total release of the hustle and grind to leave space in your margins.

  • — Unlocking your courage pathways and slaying all your fear dragons along the way.

  • — Minimizing your self-sabotage patterns so you can get out of your own way and do what you want to do, finally.

Find Your Identity Beyond Your Career

Brave Business Coaching Core Foundations


You don’t have to know where you want to be in 10 years but you do need to know where you want to be in 3 years.

I help you find true clarity on where you want to be and what it’s going to take to get you there.

Once you have your strategy in place, we’ll work on brave business practices that will help you grow your visibility and income.


Your ability to stay balanced and calm through uncertainty, frustration, downturns and upswings is absolutely essential.

Imagine no longer having huge swells of productivity only to follow with weeks of inaction. 

We’ll work on unique-to-you spiritual practices to encourage trust, consistent positivity, deep gratitude and feeling safe.


Ethical and moral business practices are essential in this modern world. The good old boys way of doing business doesn’t work for wholehearted entrepreneurs.

In Brave Business Coaching, you will commit to how you want your business to contribute to the greater good and make a difference. 

This work will support you in being accessible, ethical marketing and sales as well as helping you design social good policies.


How to begin … 

First we schedule you for a Zoom Coaching Discovery Call where I’ll walk you through some initial coaching questions to get a feel for your goals and dreams.

If we both decide we’re a good fit, you’ll register and start filling out your Brave Coaching Intake Form — filled with about an hour of pre-coaching questions to get you warmed up for your coaching experience. And you’ll sign a coaching agreement.

We’ll schedule your first session on our Discovery Call so we don’t waste a minute of your time. Because … When you’re ready, you’re ready.

Schedule a Brave Business Coaching Discovery Call now.

Brave Yes Coaching is Ideal for you if …

🧭 You are ready to make a business or business mindset shift to show up more boldly and go after more sales.

🧭 You are ready to make a business change or pivot and you are terrified.

🧭 You think you might want to start a brand new business.

🧭 As the CEO of your business, you need help making decisions and keeping to a plan.

🧭 You are interested in showing up in your industry with more courage and confidence.

🧭 You want to step up your creativity and create more authentically.

🧭 You simply want to be more you and start to play bigger in your industry.

🧭 You want to create more bodly without self-doubt or fear.


I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life.

“I started working with Shawn when I felt a lack of inspiration and creativity to pursue my dreams. I wanted to get to the bottom of what is causing it and recover my sense of purpose to pursue my work. While working with Brave Yes Coaching, I uncovered layers of limiting beliefs, identified my energy zappers and put together an action plan that is aligned with my lifestyle. I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life.”

Aliz, Founder of a Nature Playschool

Shawn is the unicorn of business coaches.

“Shawn is the unicorn of business coaches. She’s able to talk about systems and marketing, while also diving deep into emotional blockers and tailoring her guidance and support to your individual needs.”

— Michelle Fifis

Shawn has supported me in my role as the visionary and CEO to help empower my team

“My business is in a growth stage and Shawn has supported me in my role as the visionary and CEO to help empower my team. She’s provided the guidance and resources I need and brought a new perspective to the challenges of our industry that have helped us innovate and adapt to the changes of these times. I’ve really enjoyed working with Shawn and highly recommend that everyone have a “Shawn in their corner” to guide self-care, innovation, and growth

Alice, owner of a wellbeing firm


Coaching with me happens on Zoom (or by phone if you prefer) about every two weeks. We meet for 55 minutes. You will also have an online dashboard where I keep notes about your sessions, your homework and focus areas in between calls. I am also available to you during my work week on Voxer.

You can expect to finally start to peel back the layers behind why you aren’t doing the things you want to do for yourself. You can expect to learn a lot about yourself and what makes you happy and what brings you energy for your life. You can expect to have a clear sense of priorities and expectations of yourself and those around you. You can also expect to improve your communication and be a better leader over all. Coaching is ideal for you if … 

  • You know you aren’t living up to your fullest capabilities and you want to be more productive and efficient at work or at home.
  • You have a fear of fading out rather than lighting up and you are ready to map out your future self plan.
  • You have dreams and goals but never seem to act on them and you want to change this about yourself.
  • You are addicted to your to-do list, which rarely includes anything for yourself and you want to be more playful and present for those you love.
  • You are afraid you’ll have to burn down your whole life/career/marriage to find happiness again and you are looking for a middle ground option.

Coaching is where you will always see the highest return on your investment into yourself or your professional career.

There are no refunds for coaching packages and for this reason it is not to be taken lightly. To invest in coaching requires a full commitment in time, money and energy. The hope is that by putting your investment on the line you will take yourself — and your dreams — more seriously. 

The results will be immediate — unlike a DIY program or course — and you will walk away with more positive energy, more vibrant energy to a clear vision for who you need to be and what you need to be doing to live your best life.

Now, ask yourself this: How would you benefit from those changes in your life? How would your family benefit? Your co-workers or clients? Listen for your answers and ask yourself if the investment will be worth it to YOU.


I work with any woman — or anyone who identifies as a female — who is ready to be business brave.



My coaching philosophy is to empower you to your own greatness.

I infuse spiritual practice, wellbeing tips and mindfulness strategies on top of business tools and strategy.

You can expect things like journaling, mindfulness, life design, resilience and well-being coaching as well as self-leadership coaching.

It’s best you are to open-minded spiritual direction. Exercises in letting go, trusting and surrender will often be used during your times of discomfort and change.