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Ready to Build a Stand Out Business with Ease at the Center? Let’s build out your Brave YES Advantage™

I inspire, mentor and empower female business owners, consultants and C-Suite Execs to create values-led, brave systems and strategies to enjoy a more profitable, stand-out, vibrant organization that leaves a deeper impact through genuine relationships and powerful solutions. Scroll down to learn more.

Stop. The. Hustle.

I see female founders and consultants hustling for their worth — and adding unnecessary expenses to their bottom line — every single day through behaviors like over-producing, over-pleasing, over-perfecting, over-functioning, over-planning and over-thinking.

Today’s business environment with scalable tactics being flooded into our consciousness all day long creates so much extra busywork and costs to your bottom line.


Business success isn’t found by doing more or by implementing the latest marketing trend. It’s built by creating a resilient business around your strengths and unfair advantages — and you already have access to all the elements of both.

What would it feel like to bring it all together in a way that will easily attract your most aligned “unicorn” clients — effortlessly.

That’s what I’m here to help you do!

YOU Must become Your Best Performing Lead Magnet

Digital marketing has changed. That means the way you do business needs to change as well.

When you build your business systems and strategy around your unique zone of brilliance — not to mention your special brand of energy and capacity — you can drop the hustle and focus on ease, scaling your joy and making an extraordinary impact in this lifetime.

My business strategy and philosophy centers YOU as the expert, the leading authority and the ONLY clear choice in your industry.

Lead with a Brave YES Business Advantage™ –> Not Costly Tactics & Busywork




You know why you’re work is pure genius.

It changes lives.

Or, it influences broken systems.

But do your potential clients get it?

My Brave YES Advantage™ Business Design Strategy Program helps you create a solid foundation to build a business that has built-in momentum by working with you on designing the business you want.

In this private business design strategy program I will help you design a business centered around your Brave YES Edge — giving you an advantage over others in your industry.

>>>> Here is the Brave YES Advantage Framework Checklist we will work on together >>>>


Natural momentum in a business begins with a strong connection to your clients through a powerful mission, vision and brand. Transactional business moves are out. Heart and relationships are in. Let’s bring power to the work you do — no matter what industry you are in.


A clear Brave YES Edge™ that defines YOUR differentiation and positioning & helps you step into Mastery Mode as well as a thought leader in your industry.


Anyone can offer a service like consulting or coaching. Set yourself apart and become a magnet for your aligned clients by doing brave work in your industry. Set yourself apart with a powerful Methodology & Messaging designed for transformation and impact and can be packaged into clear offers/services/contracts.


Leading — even without followers — requires you to have confidence, take risks and practice Radical Self-Trust so you can stay visible and in your clients’ circle of influence. We begin with your capacity and wellbeing to raise your influence.


There’s a plan — and there’s an values-led yet courageous strategy & sales process that builds consistent revenue and feels joyful & aligned so you have momentum moving you toward new clients all the time.

Making More Money in Business Requires Taking More Intentional, Creative Risks

>>> If you’re trapped in learning mode or languishing in what used to work, you’re not in leading mode.

The most common struggle I see with female founders?

>> Thinking everyone else is doing better than you.

Trying to keep up with the Influencers selling scalable products and offers actually creates more work for you — which leads to more busyness and more hustle.

I call this the Beginner’s Mindset Trap in business and I witness it — and have experienced it myself — a lot in the past decade.

As long as you’re thinking others are doing better than you, you’ll keep striving to learn more, which leads to signing up for more courses and programs and getting caught up in always learning — not leading.

To become your business’s greatest lead magnet, you have to have the courage to LEAD. To start, you have to design YOUR authentic path to success — not follow someone else’s.

“Shawn supported me in my role as the visionary and CEO to help empower my team.”

“My business is in a growth stage and Shawn has supported me in my role as the visionary and CEO to help empower my team. She’s provided the guidance and resources I need and brought a new perspective to the challenges of our industry that have helped us innovate and adapt to the changes of these times. I’ve really enjoyed working with Shawn and highly recommend that everyone have a “Shawn in their corner” to guide self-care, innovation, and growth

Alice Dommert

CEO Prasada: Wholebeing@Work



Investing in your business — and ideas — should help bring a return of some sort. In Brave Strategy Sessions, you’ll see an immediate return on transformation — you’ll have more clarity, more confidence to sell, more ease to enjoy your life, and you’ll more abundance so you can sleep better at night.

In my own experience, to reach your goals … 





Here’s the three focus areas in my Brave Business Coaching Program:




Your business is an ecosystem with a lot of moving parts. I don’t sell scalable tactics. We’ll diagnose what’s strong in your business and design a bold and brave strategy that brings more ease, joy and sales toward you.

What’s possible in terms of brave strategy?

  • Customer Journey & Offer Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Copywriting Strategy & Sales Page Language
  • Visibility Strategy to Grow Awareness
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Sales & Pricing Strategy

Strategy is one of those key elements of building a business that needs perspective and introspection. I’ll ask you essential questions and give powerful homework to help you get to the heart of what your most aligned clients’ need and want so your brave strategy doesn’t miss the mark.


Scale Your Joy — Not Your Workload

When you are doing work you love — that lights you up — sales leads flow naturally to you. The problem is too many founders are focused on shoulds and what appears to be working for everyone else, but isn’t working for you — yet. There’s a reason for that … and the reason is you’re not leading with your strengths and your Unique Zone of Brilliance. Comparison is not the way to build a business that feels good. Instead, build a one-of-a-kind business designed for your own thriving and flourishing.

How does soul alignment work into our sessions?

  • Design offers that light you and your team up.
  • Create Structure & Systems that Operationalize Joy & Ease
  • Let Go of What's Not Working
  • Permission to Set Fierce Boundaries
  • Lead with Your Strengths & Unique Zone of Brilliance

In the first few years of business, you’re adding in a lot of layers and trying to do whatever you can to grow. Then you move into the next stage where you are ready to call the shots and have more space and sovereignty to live your life and lead your way. When it’s time to edit things down, we’ll be ruthless and gentle. This work is hard to do on your own, which is why I’m here to be bossy and supportive.





Entrepreneurialism requires a set of skillsets and leadership is definitely one of them. You need to lead yourself. You need to lead clients. You need to lead the business. You need to lead your team — big or small.

I’m passionate about brave leadership that translates to visibility for you and your business, more sales leads from taking right action and growing your authority in your industry.

How will you work on brave leadership work in our coaching?

  • Become Your Business's Greatest Lead Magnet
  • Dare to Lead Without Followers
  • Cultivate More Leads through Braver Awareness Strategies
  • Gain Practice in Taking Up Space & Visibility
  • Demonstrate Brave Leadership with Daily Practices
  • Increase Capacity and Cultivate Powerful Wellbeing and Energy Practices

So much of business is hard and scary. You’re put in uncomfortable situations all the time. When you have the capacity and skills to take risks and lead in a resilient and brave way, you’ll see your business grow and your team flow.


First we schedule a Zoom Coaching Exploratory Call where I’ll walk you through some initial coaching questions to get a feel for your business concept, goals and dreams.

If we decide we’re a good fit, you’ll register and start filling out your Business & Coaching Goals Intake Form — filled with about an hour of pre-coaching questions to get you warmed up for your coaching experience. You’ll take a myriad of personal and business assessments for us to help pull out your business edge. And you’ll sign a coaching agreement.

We’ll schedule your first session on our Zoom Call so we don’t waste a minute of your time. Because … When you’re ready, you’re ready.

Schedule a Brave Business Strategy Exploratory Call now by clicking the yellow button below.



Shawn is the unicorn of business coaches.”

“Shawn is the unicorn of business coaches. She’s able to talk about systems and marketing, while also diving deep into emotional blockers and tailoring her guidance and support to your individual needs. She is the business coach I’ve been searching for for years. She’s the real deal.”

Michelle Fifis

CEO, Pattern Observer & Founder of The Textile Design Lab

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Shawn (she/her) …

I am a business strategist and brave leadership coach and facilitator.

I’ve been a full-time coach and consultant with clients around the world for more than 10 years. As a result, I have a toolbox overflowing with creative and unconventional perspectives and a wealth of strategic insight.

As your partner in brave, strategic action for your business AND your mindset, I blend soulful, intuitive strategy with practical, actionable tactics. Whether you’re gearing up to scale or pivoting towards greater alignment, my unconventional approach aligns seamlessly with your mission-driven mission.

Let’s do things differently, ok?



Have a question?

Investing in business strategy & Coaching is a big decision and most of your questions will be answered during your FREE exploratory session. However, there are a few basics I can answer for you here … 

I am in the beginning stages of a new start up. Is this a good fit for me?

I do not work with start-up businesses at this point. I recommend you work with your local SCORE, Chamber of Commerce or another nonprofit organization designed to help new businesses. 

I am a burned out Founder and wondering my next steps ... can you help me?

YES! If you have been operating an existing business and aren’t sure how to get your passion or energy back, we will work on finding the right path forward for you. This could be a pivot but it could also be some inner renovations of your current business — or yourself.

I want to earn $50K a month within the year, is this program going to help me with that?

Probably not but it will depend on your business model and numbers. If you have a high powered brand with a lot of followers we can definitely develop a model and strategy to exponentially increase revenue. But, if you are a start-up with big dreams and no followers yet, you’ll need to find someone else to help you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, in fact I encourage payment plans for a few reasons, including the fact that I always want my clients to feel safe and secure when investing in coaching.

What does coaching with you look like?

Best question! 

It looks like what you need. My coaching — strategy and courage work — is based on what you need, and want. We’ll set three kinds of goals:

1. Your big picture goal — longterm and ambitious

2. Your coaching timeframe goal (usually 6 months)

3. Your in-between session goals and homework — usually set by you but often a little bonus from me 🙂

“She has inspired me to step up into my leadership role and to expand beyond what I thought was even possible to do.”

“Shawn helps you dream bigger and think smarter in achieving your scariest (and hairiest) goals.  She has inspired me to step up into my leadership role and to expand beyond what I thought was even possible to do. I appreciate her candid and honest assessment, and I find her feedback is always on target. Everyone needs a champion in their corner who can get you to the next level.”

Lisa Leander

Founder & CEO, Women in BizEd

If you want to play bigger, I’m here for it.

You can play small on your own. You don’t need me for that. But, if you want to play bigger … take risks … and push yourself to live to see your wild, impossble creative or business dreams to fruition — I’m here for that. If you are feeling time ticking on your life and you are ready to uplevel and play bigger and make a deeper impact, you’re going to want support, accountability and guidance. Invest in this kind of coaching if you are ready to take yourself and your dreams more seriously.