Permission to Thrive in Place

Permission to Thrive in Place

There seem to be two schools of thought right now.

The camp that says that right now during this pandemic is when you should be PUSHING yourself to be amazing and doing amazing things.

Or, there’s the camp that says this time is hard, give yourself a break and sit on the couch and forgive yourself for doing absolutely nothing with yourself.

Well, I am in the third camp … Camp Middle Ground.

In this episode of The Brave Yes, I’m sharing a bit about finding balance between being an over-achiever and a total slacker.

This is about finding that place between over-performing and under-performing.

AND, what it means for me when I say Rise UP Stronger than before … and to thrive in place right now.

Thriving in place — and being stronger than before — isn’t just pandemic self-care.

I work with clients all the time where our work together is all about helping them thrive in place.

You can rise up and be stronger right now.

  1. You can choose to focus on your strengths not your weaknesses.
  2. You can choose to focus on mindful positivity (not toxic positivity — there’s a HUGE difference) and ground into gratitude.
  3. You can choose to reach up and reach out for help, support, accountability and motivation.
  4. You can choose to open your mind to new perspectives and ideas.
  5. You can choose to nurture yourself – and your changing emotions! — fiercely.
  6. You can choose to grow forward or stay in place.

Ready to be Stronger Than Before? You are invited to join me and several other beautiful humans to focus on resilience and the good life at my upcoming Soulfully Aligned Virtual Retreat where we will focus on being and doing for the upcoming winter months.

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Permission to Breathe Then Push

Permission to Breathe Then Push

We simply aren’t meant to run full steam 24/7. Not even 12 of the 24 hours. So why are women thinking they need to? Today we’re going to explore one of my favorite coaching concepts … honoring the time to push and the time to breathe.

I have a lot of clients who struggle with over-doing, well, everything.

And, I have a lot of clients who struggle with under-doing, well, everything.

I thought with the upcoming holiday season — and a raging pandemic — this is a great time to explore this Brave Yes of breathing and pushing. My hope is that by the end you will have found a way to see how you can embrace both being controlling AND carefree without apology.

Learning the art of breathing then pushing — straight from Valarie Kaur’s TedTalk and book — is one of my favorite coaching concepts to explore with the women I coach who want more from their life but also need to know when to rest.

Kaur gave used a mother’s birthing strategy as a metaphor to how we need to approach hard things.

First we must breathe. Then we must push.

But this metaphor is great for all things in our lives that are hard. Not just social justice.

In this latest episode of The Brave Yes Podcast I am talking about how we need to use this metaphor literally in our lives.

We are simply more productive and make more impact in our lives when we know when it’s time to rest and be and when it’s time to push and do. This is the secret ingredient to greater momentum and progress in our lives.

When we don’t learn how to do this, we spend far too much time over-performing or under-performing — both of which zaps us of our energy.

During my upcoming Soulfully Aligned Virtual Retreat we will be doing a lot of breathing AND pushing. I want to set you up to feel replenished and uplifted SO that you have the energy and motivation to keep going, to keep pushing.

The retreat begins with a 20+ page workbook to use before, during and after our time together — encouraging you with the reminders you need to breathe and to push through your beautiful life.

During the retreat I will give you an excuse to put your life on pause to breathe and I will give you the inspiration and wisdom to dig deep for the push you need to keep going and keep showing up for yourself. Learn more about the retreat here. 

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Permission to Align with Your Soul

Permission to Align with Your Soul

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If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that nothing is a given. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is here to stay.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and we cannot waste a single moment.

One of my life teachers is Mary Oliver. I cried for days over her death. Her poetry changed me and how I saw the world.

In her poem The Summer Day — probably her most famous and not even her best, if you ask me, she shows us how to pay attention and be astonished by it and then she asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

This is me showing up here to talk to you one woman to another woman.

We’ve been in the thick of raising a family and children for years. We’ve been doing all the right things.

We’ve been the good girls. The doing everything right girls.

And now, 2020 is here to give us a wake up call.

Life is short.

  • It’s too short to put off your own dreams.
  • It’s too short to put off your own longings.
  • It’s too short to keep putting your own needs last.

I want to offer you permission to align with your soul — to start to listen within and take notice of what astonishes you. I want you to end this year knowing absolutely what matters most to you and how to make it happen.

And I know that that is a big permission slip for an unprecedented year.

We’ve been through a lot this year. The trauma that YOU have experienced from so much loss is likely not even registering in your own mind and heart.

You are rocking this year, for sure. You are handling all the things and making it all work. You have your to-do lists and your streaming services. You have your comforts of choice.

And by all means, you are TENDING without a doubt to everyone else in your life. Your family. Your work. Your community. Your neighbors. Your dirty floors.

But can you remain in this place of survival mode for another 5 to 6 months with ease at this pace of stress and overwhelm?

Or, are you like my coaching clients and now waking up to the reality that this is no joke, that more than half a year just past and everything has been on hold. That YOU have been on hold.

Are you shocked at how you are seeing just how short life really feels right now?

Are you realizing that you long for more LIVING in your life?

  • You want MORE.
  • More SPACE to explore what you really want in your life.
  • You want more impact.
  • More real connection that inspires you and uplifts you.
  • More sacredness and meaning.
  • More purpose.
  • More rituals and routines that empower you.

Beautiful YOU— This is unprecedented year that calls for unprecedented soul care.

Not self-care. Not more body work. Not more striving to look prettier and thinner.

Soul care.

Soul care is all about aligning yourself so that what you want, what you need and what you are DOING in your life all match up and create a sense of energy and flow toward the life you want to be living.

Soul care and soul alignment is my jam. It’s my superpower.

I want to invite YOU to join me for the ultimate dose of soul care at my upcoming Soulfully Aligned Retreat. The retreat is virtual and open to women all over the world. Link to learn more and register will be in the show notes.

It’s an excuse to grab a pot of tea, shut the door and tell everyone in your life you are unavailable for nearly three hours of quietly tending to YOURSELF. Learn more here.