Stop Hustling: 6 Ways to Experience Creative Flow

Stop Hustling: 6 Ways to Experience Creative Flow

When I work with highly creative visionaries and thought leaders on being more visible and taking up more space in their industry, I stress the importance of embodying creative flow vs. forcing and striving to reach big goals.

Here’s what I mean + 6 Ways to Experience Creative Flow

Forcing and Striving is all about a mindset that says don’t quit, don’t rest or other people will win and you will lose.

Striving feeds and breeds on fear of missing out.

Striving feeds on hustle.

The idea of striving — without stopping — is common advice for new creators and those in startups — as if it’s the only way to be successful.

But, there are many beautiful ways to getting things done, achieving your dreams and being who you want to be.

I am proof you can have a successful, creative online business without hustle.

I’ve worked hard. I’ve put in the time.

But I’ve also put family, self and rest first — by focusing on creative flow over forcing and striving.

Striving is a constant state of being on alert, scanning the world for more opportunities, more pushing, more inserting yourself into the plot of your life.

And it’s exhausting and relentless.

Striving is all about self-optimization. You aren’t enough, you aren’t doing enough, you must improve, constantly.

It’s a “Can’t stop, won’t stop” mentality that is not built for humans.

Flow, however, feeds on mindfulness, just-right intentions and Divine timing.

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke

Flow says this is my best moment to shine, this is my time to get things done, this is my time to create.

When we choose to work in Flow, we allow moments of rest, time to recover and heal and practice self-acceptance of being human not superhuman.

Flow means being fully immersed in an activity that brings you immense pleasure and interest — > you lose yourself and all sense of time disappears.

Flow happens in the sweet spot between the ideal conditions of satisfaction, effort and energy.

Choosing flow over forcing and striving requires what I call Sovereign Self-Trust.

You must be able to draw on your own inner wisdom of what is necessary and true for you and what’s possible with your life circumstances.

When we trust ourselves to access flow states, we give ourselves permission to just be, to rest, to enjoy life.

So, how can you experience more creative flow in your days?

6 Ways to Experience More Creative Flow:

Accept that you can’t hack it

While you can train yourself to experience creative flow more often, it can’t be forced.

You can’t just say, OK, “Going into creative flow state right now.”

Prioritize YES projects, not shoulds.

A Yes project is challenging enough to keep your attention — and brings you delight.

When I’m working on a YES Project, I access creative flow quickly and easily, always.

The work gets done effortlessly.

NEED A YES PROJECT? –> I offer a hybrid audio + coaching program to help you find your YES project here:

Be all in.

It’s nearly impossible to enter a creative flow state if you are multitasking.

Hide your phone, shut down all the tabs on your computer — and in your brain — and go all in on your YES project of the moment.

Diversify your flow states.

It’s beautiful to get into flow in non-work activities. Gardening. Cooking. Baking. Organizing.

These give you energy for your work projects.

What’s a non-work YES you’d like to make time for today?

“Flow can be found in so many things: Teaching, carving, exploring. Healing, writing, making right. Unearthing, interpreting, speaking truth. What is common between them is an exhilaration in the engagement, the challenge, and no guarantee of success.”

― Heather E. Heying

Address your Energy and Emotions

Creative flow will not show up if you are feeling zapped emotionally or energetically.

This is the biggest obstacle I see with my clients who struggle with accessing creative flow consistently.

Stop letting life zap your creativity by …

:: Cultivating strong wellbeing practices.
:: Develop resilience for life’s circumstances
:: Learn to bounce forward in hard times

Be honest about what you need to do to balance your mind, body and spirit better.

Slow Down.

Creative flow thrives with S P A C E … give yourself plenty of time without conditions or expectations.

In other words, put away the striving goals and to-do lists.

And just flow. 🙂

Does flowing vs. hacking, striving and forcing resonate with you? Follow me @Shawn_BraveYes for more anti-hustle approaches to making dreams happen in your life and business.

For Those Who are Growing Through The Gap

For Those Who are Growing Through The Gap

I don’t care how long you’ve been in business, you’re in the gap.

Sometimes that gap is feels like an ocean.

Sometimes that gap is more like a little creek.

Either way, you have to go through the mess to get to the other side.

That’s what I’m talking about this week on The Brave Yes CEO Show.

Listen to this episode now or keep reading below …

What is the gap?

The gap is that learning space of where you are and where you want to be. You are standing on the cusp of a field of change and you have no idea how to get to the other side. That is the gap.

There’s a problem in your business, and you need to solve it.

What is the messy middle?

The messy middle is where you try and test and experiment to get narrow the gap, to get closer and closer to the other side.

Are you in the Messy Middle?

How to know if you are in the messy middle

What is the Sacred Middle?

First, let me share a few lines from a poem by Jeff Foster:

Don’t hold on. Don’t let go. Stay right in the middle.

When sorrow visits. When melancholy erupts. When loneliness and disappointment burn.

Stay right in the middle. Don’t hold on. Don’t let go.

The middle is the place where alchemy happens.

How do Growing Pains Show Up in a Business?

As we are moving through the gap, that’s when we encounter all of our growing pains.

Growing pains are necessary evils that are required of us when we are in expansion mode.

What are some of the growing pains — aka messy middles — of a business?

— overwhelm

— bored

— burn out

The thing about the messy middle is this: it often takes a Breakdown to make a change big enough to get through it.

Often, the breakdown leads to a breakthrough.

That happens to me over and over again. I hit the messy middle. I breakdown. The breakthrough happens. I keep going.

The part of this that I am most passionate about is helping you through the messy middle of change. Any change.

  • Simplifying your business is a change that can be just as overwhelming because editing out what needs to go is hard, hard work.
  • Changing your business model is change and hard to do because you’re afraid of leaving people behind — or things not working out.
  • Building something new while keeping something going is challenging terrain that is best done with support, motivation and inspiration rather than doing it yourself. I’ve been there. The discomfort of investing in support is better than the discomfort of ending up down the wrong path and having to reroute.

I know, I’ve been there. I’ve crawled through the trenches and traveled through the weedy terrain of the messy middle of change many times.

How to get through the messy middle to the other side?

When I had reached burn out with my first business, I had a few levels of messy middle to travel through.

First there was the messy middle of knowing a change was needed but not sure how to go about it.

Then there was the messy middle of making that change.

And then, finally, there was the messy middle of moving into my next thing and feeling strong in it. In this case, I’m talking about my Brave Yes Coaching program.

Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about growing the gap that I share with my clients who are doing the same thing.

For example, Let’s say you have a business model that isn’t working for you and you want to make some big changes.

3 Tips for Growing through the Gap:

  1. Make sure you know where you are going. Having a blueprint — not just for your business – but for your life is essential. Even if you don’t know where you want to be in retirement, know how you want to be living a year from now before you step out on your path. This helps you find the best path to the change you want to make. Taking any path will take you to anyone’s dream. Your goal should be to do what feels right for you.
  2. Know what it’s going to take to get to the desired change. Not just the steps but the inner work that you need to do to get you through the challenging moments. The steps need to be clear and precise but also offer room for flexibility.
  3. Connect with your Brave Yes Mindset. A big part of the work I do with my clients is on being steady with a growth mindset. The gap is large but not impossible. The gap is uncertain but not out of reach. The gap is scary but not a horror movie.

Are you growing through the gap right now? Let’s talk about your Brave Yes Life & Business Goals. I love to hop on clarity calls with potential clients and walk you through a series of questions to help understand where you are and where you want to grow and go. Learn more and sign up here.

The Power of Knowing Your Worth

The Power of Knowing Your Worth

This month, I’ve been focusing on the importance of investing in your capacity as a CEO and entrepreneur — because in order to be braver, be bolder and do braver work in this world, we must have the capacity for it all.

Without capacity we are left exhausted and floundering. We never set our best intentions forward when we are burned out an exhausted.

Capacity ebbs and flows but at the end of the day, the number ONE capacity stealer that I see over and over in my work with entrepreneurs is this → a lack of self-worth.

There is no bigger drain on our creativity, our energy, our wellbeing than not believing we are good enough.

It just so happens that I have been coaching, studying and building a body of work around enoughness for years and it’s a huge part of my coaching program.

Listen to this SOULCAST episode now.

22 Ways to Boost Your Capacity and Do Braver Work in 2022

22 Ways to Boost Your Capacity and Do Braver Work in 2022

I’m a believer in Radical Wellbeing for CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs who are doing Brave Work.

First, What is Radical Wellbeing?

When I was coaching moms around the world to find more peace and ease in their lives, I often said this — > the harder the day you had with your most challenging kiddo, the more self-care you need.

Radical wellbeing is radical because it’s literally about putting yourself extremely first. Extremely. Because you need it. You’re holding up a lot.

Most of my clients are not just business owners.

They have families and homes and health issues.

They don’t have a ton of support for themselves.

And they have big dreams. Dreams that are often too big for them to take on because of their capacity.

Next, What is Brave work?

Brave Work is what Brave Yes CEOs put into the world.

It goes against the everyday norms of our society, the culture we were born into, the culture that we’re being swallowed up by right now.

It sets out to create a new culture.

A new identity.

A new way of being.

Upleveling or changing how we do our work, how we show up.

And much, much more …

Brave Work is often your soul’s work. It’s what you were meant to do.

And, it can also be doing the work you do — just very differently.

Whatever your Brave Work is— maybe it’s just being more visible and taking up more space — or putting yourself at the center of the work youv’e been hiding behind for so long … you have to have the clarity, the capacity and the courage to do it.

That’s the foundation of brave Yes coaching.

But today I want to focus on the capacity piece of my coaching work because so many of you reached out to say YES, CAPACITY. THAT’S WHERE I NEED TO INVEST RIGHT NOW.

Listen to this podcast episode now.

22 Ways to Boost Your Capacity and do Braver Work in 2022

  1. Focus on your favorite strength
  2. Steer your mind toward positive thoughts
  3. Reach up to someone who can hold space for all of your fears and worries.
  4. Open up to new possibilities
  5. Take yourself on what I all inner goddess date — a date that lights up your creative soul and inspires you.
  6. Challenge yourself to get better at something you suck at
  7. Edit out what’s causing you stress
  8. Take a gratitude walk
  9. Reach out to a business bestie to connect with on Zoom or in person
  10. Read or watch something spiritually uplifting
  11. Regularly make time for things you love
  12. Start your week with a money date to get your financial house in order
  13. Do something kind for others
  14. Learn something new
  15. Focus on actions that boost your energy
  16. Release overpowering energy zappers
  17. Go ahead and stop listening to your inner taskmaster
  18. Start listening for your soul’s goals
  19. Create rituals in your day and week that you look forward to
  20. Surround yourself with people who believe in your brave work
  21. Set a brave yes intention around being more clear on what you want – clarity is an energy booster
  22. Start actively tending to yourself in mind, body and spirit
22 Everyday Leaps to Take In Your Business in 2022

22 Everyday Leaps to Take In Your Business in 2022

I think out of everything I talk to my clients about in private coaching, taking everyday courageous leaps is where my heart lights up the most.

As a Brave Yes Coach for creative CEOs and Entrepreneurs, my clients are all on a mission to play bigger, expand and reach their next level of growth or professional development. They also recognize they need a little push themselves out of their comfort zones this year and so I see my role as a gentle. persistent nudger.

But let’s be honest: None of us are ready to jump out of an airplane without some everyday leaps that lead us to that moment.

In order to be bolder, braver and more courageous as business owners and leaders of our changemaking movements, we need to practice little steps to get us where we want to be.

Last year, I began a list of 100 Brave Yeses anyone could take.

That soon became 200.

And now I”m working toward 365.

There’s are so many ways we can be more courageous in our creative work — and in our lives.

And since your business is a part of both — you can practice everyday courage in life and creativity and it all counts.

One of my favorite homework assignments to give my clients is journaling on a sticky issue. So I encourage you to create your own list of 22 leaps YOU can make this year in your business.

So without dragging this out, let’s just get into it.

This is a part of my 22 in 22 Project, where I am sharing a Brave Yes List of various topics that feel good to me — because I happen to love list making and February is my birthday month and this is my blog and I can do what I want. You can read through all of the lists here. I have no idea how many of these lists I’ll create … so stick around and just see what’s up.

22 Everyday Leaps to Take In Your Business in 2022

  1. Promise yourself to make everyday leaps a practice (I help you get started here!)
  2. Let yourself shine bright and be more visible
  3. Speak up for your needs — and let people know about it.
  4. Identify the ways you self-sabotage yourself and your dreams
  5. Reclaim your courage
  6. Call yourself a writer/painter/poet/artist/leader/
  7. Release something or someone you’ve outgrown
  8. Try something very different from your usual way of doing things
  9. Trust and take a creative risk — like a 22 in 22 project.
  10. Wear the sexiest outfit you feel comfortable in — on camera.
  11. Embrace and celebrate your “otherness” (what makes you different)
  12. Choose not to respond
  13. Let go of a should
  14. Be all in on ONE mission.
  15. Do something that makes you light up.
  16. Write your business a love letter.
  17. Reach out to make a friend not a sale
  18. Stop apologizing and being the good girl
  19. Throw a celebration for yourself!
  20. Lead like an untamed, free spirit CEO
  21. Undecorate Yourself — Go natural
  22. Stop doing something you always do.

WANT TO TAKE BOLDER, BRAVER LEAPS IN YOUR BUSINESS? Let’s chat about your business, life goals and how the two can fit together. Let’s definitely chat on Zoom and assess where you are ready for a life or professional EXPANSION. Learn more and schedule here.

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in 2022

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in 2022

Showing up for yourself is something I know a lot of my clients want to do this year and so I wanted to really help them — and you — consider what this means.

As Brave Yes CEOs, showing up, being visible and taking up space is important.

Our bottom line depends on it.

But often, what we need to do the big stuff we need to do, we must show up for ourselves.

Showing up for ourselves is how we begin to boost our own capacity and energy.

The more FILLED UP you feel, the more you can give to others.

What does it mean to show up for yourself?

What would need to change for you to show up for yourself?

I’m sharing 22 ways you can show up for yourself this year …

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in 2022

  1. — Devote time and energy to your own expansion
  2. — Invest in boosting your own capacity so you have more energy
  3. — Discover what self-trust means to you
  4. — Adopt a “No Wasted Action” mindset
  5. — Pay yourself more — or at least treat yourself more
  6. — Take time off to think, to dream, to be
  7. — Ask yourself what you want — and listen to yourself
  8. — Write yourself into your to-do list
  9. Test your own edges of courage
  10. Choose your Brave Yes and go for it
  11. — Do the inner work you need to find clarity
  12. — Surround yourself with people rooting for you
  13. — Keep your own promises
  14. — Set Bolder Business Boundaries
  15. — Tune in and ALIGN your business with your needs and values
  16. Let scarcity and not enoughness go for once
  17. — Go ahead and Stop being so perfect and start being more untamed
  18. — Set clear Brave Yes Intentions
  19. — Create with abandon
  20. — Run your Business through your own brand of authenticity
  21. — Invest in your next chapter, season, stage or courageous change
  22. Start taking inspired action toward being who you really want to be.