Courage. Conversation. Community.

Women creatives and business owners need spaces where we can be honest, share our dreams and discuss our fears. Introducing … Brave Yes Circle Ups.

I have spent the last decade building a thriving community of sisterhood filled with authenticity and empowerment.

Women need each other.

And we need spaces where we can be ourselves and speak freely and openly about our struggles.

That is why I am now offering Brave Yes Circle Ups to create a brave space container for you to learn, connect, grow and speak your mind freely — without apology.

And, I’ll kick off the conversations, guide you and offer you journal prompts, wisdom around abundance mindset and positive energy habits you can use to get your brave on at work and in your life.

You don’t get to your next Brave Yes on your own — so stop trying.

I’ve been interviewing women and coaching clients through their Brave Yes moments and one thing is clear.

We don’t get to Brave on our own. 

Women need each other. We need to brainstorm and learn to trust ourselves. We need safe spaces to explore and dream. And we need perspectives from others that take us out of our small little lives and opens new doors of opportunities. 

When I set out to leave my 9-5 job in 2013 to start my own business there was no way I could do that on my own. I found a safe space of other women who were doing the same. 

And when I decided to travel across the country to the West Coach on my own for professional development … I made sure that I did that with a group of women who challenged me and made me feel safe to do so. 

My Brave Yes Circles are meant to help you gain a new perspective on what is possible for you and to give you a brave space to explore, dream and plan a life of greater fulfillment. 

What to expect during a Brave Yes Circle

A clear structure and wise insight for the topic.

I am not leading any Brave Yes Circle Up that I have not personally experienced myself. And, on top of that, I have also helped clients through these experiences as well. You are in good hands. Each Circle will start with a Wisdom Cafe on the topic to spark journaling and conversations. 

Time to Process & Reflect and Talk with Each Other

Each Brave Yes Circle Up will include 3 journaling prompts — and time to journal — so that you have a greater sense of perspective and possibility for the topic of the gathering. Once you have deeper thoughts … we’ll make space for you to connect with each other and the larger group.

Walk away with focused homework and intention.

My mission for these Circle Ups is to encourage you and motivate you to make a Brave Yes move in your life — big or small. To help you do that you will always walk away from these Circle Ups with a source of inspiration to implement and try in your life. 

Oh, yes. I am ready to join a Brave Yes Circle Up!

How do I register?

Each Brave Yes Circle Up requires a new registration. Early Bird registrations will always be $99. After that, Brave Yes Circle Up attendance fees will be $149. Each Circle Up is limited to 15 women.

Introduce yourself

Hello. I’m Shawn. I work with women who are ready to dig out of the rubble of burnout, shoulds and expectations and design a life and career for more meaning, purpose and impact. 

My passion for spiritual well-being shows up in falling deeply in love with each season and the possibilities they bring. I am a mom. A writer. A poet. A spiritual leader.

A few of my favorite things include: resilience well-being practices, journaling, coffee, chai, long hikes, standing in awe of any body of water, putting my feet in the sand, and creating my own authentic path of being me in this world.

The 2021 Brave Yes Circle Schedule

all circles are held virtually on zoom.

Share your Brave Yes Business Story. Walk away being able to speak eloquently and bravely about who you are and what you do in your work. (March)

How to Make a Daring Business Pivot (April)

6 Brave Yes Prctices to Staying in Creative Flow.  (May)

Rebellious Self-Care for the Busy Creative and Entrepreneur (June) 

Design Your Ideal Day for a More Fulfilling Life and Business. (August) 

6 Brave Yes Self-Mastery Tips for doing what you say you want to do. (September)

Feeling Lost? 6 Brave Yes Practices to navigate the messy middle of keeping your business working and mental health in check. (October)

The Courage to Speak Up and Stand Out and make a Difference in your business. (November)

Praise and GRATITUDE

“A delightful way to take some time for myself.”

“Shawn’s retreat was a delightful way to take some time for myself and spend time with other like-minded women from around the world doing some of my favorite things: being silent, reflecting, planning, laughing, and sharing our stories. I feel prepared to take myself into the new year with confidence on my own, knowing the support of these ladies is always available.

— Rani P.


What You Can Expect to Experience during a Brave Yes Circle

The Brave Yes Circle mission is to create a Brave Yes space for passionate women like you who want more out of your life and who craves time to dream BIGGER for yourself.

JOURNALING — The Circle Up will kick off with an introduction to our topic by me — and offer you 3 journaling prompts to get some clarity and thoughts stirring. 

SPACE TO BE BRAVE — We’ll open up for discussion and questions where you will have the chance to practice holding space for others and taking up space to share your current struggle. Amazing things happen when women with shared interests come together and be in community.

WISDOM & HOMEWORK—  As the discussion evolves, I will offer tips on the Brave Yes mindset and actionable practices and habits you can work on to help you move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions


Circle Ups are held on Zoom for 90 minutes.


No. This is it. We want this to be deep connection time for you to consider the Brave Yes happening in your creativity or business.


Each circle is held for 90 minutes and while you will receive many tips and ideas to put into practice in your creative life or business you will not have any homework to do before or afterward.


My greatest hope is that you will walk away feeling connected to others and feeling inspired and ready to take Brave Yes actions in your creativity or business.


Ready to join a Circle?

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