“The aim of divine rage is not vengeance but to reorder the world.”

Valerie Kaur

What if we began to collectively as women use different language to define our anger?

And right now there is plenty of anger sparking flames within us.

Kaur’s quote above taps into that anger by calling it “divine rage.”

As it turns out, this divine rage comes directly from the Goddess Kali, the Dark Mother. She embodies rage to wipe out anything and everything that needs a fresh slate. We can embody Kali — or our inner rage — when we are ready to create light out of darkness.

I can think of no better time than right now to turn up the volume on our divine rage and let it rise up and begin to burn away the ropes and chains of oppression, of capitalism, of greed, of polarization.

What we would be left with then … is love.

Divine love.

It’s time to let your inner rage turn and toss into the darkness.

Create a revolution of love in its place.