Imagine waking up each day to go to work and rather than dressing to feel confident and beautiful, you dressed to hide your beauty and your radiance.

Now, imagine changing that story so that you can finally own who you are and shine more brightly in the world.

That’s exactly what today’s show is all about, which is such a thrill for me since my SoulShine Coaching for rising women leaders and business owners who are burned out is really meant to help you start to light up not or fade out.

My guest today is Victoria Kageni-Woodard, a fashion designer and multi-passionate entrepreneur, who immigrated to the United States and ended up working in the white male dominated construction industry where she spent her days downplaying her beauty and radiance.

Her Brave Yes was leaving that industry to start her own business.

But really it was returning home to herself.

Victoria grew up in Kenya and is a wife, mother of 4 and fashion designer. When she moved to the US she began working in the construction business where she was able to cultivate a spirit of unity and maintain her integrity in a white male dominated industry. She is now the creative force behind Gusa by Victoria, a women’s clothing line that infuses her African heritage into working women clothing. She is also the mother of a child on the autism spectrum which has propelled her in all that she does in her life. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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