Do you think of yourself as being brave?

I know that for me, I am always seeing myself as not brave enough. And yet, I have done some pretty courageous things in my life.

In my Brave Life & Leadership Coaching, this is a common discussion.

Just how brave should we be?

Just how far can we push ourselves to leave our comfort zone?

Just how much courage do we have to be fully ourselves in this world?

And, as we can learn in this latest podcast episode, sometimes the Brave Yes™ we must take in our lives has nothing to do with pushing ourselves or changing our careers — and everything to do with just the deepest desire of being more whole and being more fully ourselves.

In this episode of The Brave Yes Show, I’m talking with my friend Mindy Tsonas Choi whose brave yes voices story is just that — the journey of an already brave woman continuing her quest to be more whole.

And to do so Mindy, an adopted Korean American, recently decided to change her name.

The funny thing is that when I decided to record the Brave Yes Voices series — a series of Brave Yes stories by women who have a beautiful courageous story to share — I knew Mindy would be at the top of my list. She has been an outspoken, courageous leader for a long time and has been inspiring me so much over the years.

And yet, what I learned in this interview is that even courageous women struggle to feel whole. — and that feeling complete with ourselves and who we are is a journey — a very, very long journey that we must begin sooner rather than later.

The courage to be ourselves — without apology — has many, many layers of discomfort and our Brave Yes skills are so needed. So much of the coaching work I do with women is unlearning and unbecoming much of what we have tried on over our lifetimes that was really the shoulds and expectations of other people such as our parents and siblings and colleagues.

In fact, much of my Brave Life & Leadership Coaching is about creating who you want to become now that you are on this journey of wanting to be whole and live fully in your values.

Mindy’s story shows that when you are ready to step more fully into your authentic, whole self, you still have to do the hard work of traveling through the messy middle to find that place of liberation.

And even when you arrive, there is more work to do — work that is absolutely worth feeling whole.

Please listen to her beautiful, courageous story.

Mindy is an artist, activist, bridge builder, and the founder of the Be Seen Project — an arts initiative resourcing and centering BIPOC creatives working to amplify marginalized voices and truths. She believes in using our unique superpowers for collective good and aim to bring more liberation and love to the world. Mindy is a Korean American adoptee, queer intersectional feminist and modern day bohemian and a life-long devotee to the underdog.