In the Brave Yes Journey there’s one thing I’ve noticed the most: That one Brave Yes leads to another and another and another.

Such is absolutely the case for this latest episode of The Brave Yes Show.

We become more brave — and more ourselves — one tiny and sometimes huge step at a time.

As long as we keep suppressing our desires and longings to make a change in our lives, we aren’t creating the momentum we need to move forward.

As long as we choose comfort over courage, we prevent our Brave Yes Journey from even beginning.

This stagnant living means we aren’t living our purpose, we aren’t designing a more fulfilling life and career.

Things only begin when we begin — when we finally choose ourselves.

As I tell my coaching clients all the time … nothing changes unless we change.

In this episode of The Brave Yes Show, my guest is Suzette Mullen and her journey to wholeness and authenticity – and her Brave Yes — began with one Brave Yes to start a career in writing. And that Brave Yes led her to something much, much bigger in how she shows up in this world and how she lives her life now.

You’ll have to listen to her amazing and powerful story to find out just how her life changed one Brave Yes at a time.

In this episode, we explore …

  • Divorce
  • Finding your voice
  • Writing
  • Changing careers
  • Sexuality
  • Coming home to yourself

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Suzette Mullen is a book coach who helps womxn peel back the layers so they can find the deeper story they were meant to write and share with the world. Her book coaching practice focuses on getting to clarity first so her clients can write forward and get memoirs and other nonfiction books into the hands of the readers who need them.