It took a personal tragedy to wake Michelle Currie up enough to realize that she longed to do more with her own abilities and passions in life.

It all started when her partner had a stroke and they needed to make serious life changes — including a move out into the country from the city.

But that wake up call was just the beginning and she was able to begin to turn her challenge into an opportunity.

“I started to take the reigns of my life,” she said.

Until that point she had been a busy, successful business woman but she had been hiding.

But the tragedy gave her new energy.

“You only have this one life to live,” she thought.

From there, she was all about following little breadcrumbs to her soul’s purpose.

Her story is powerful and soul-stirring — and is the perfect Brave Yes Journey story in that she found wholeness for herself in the end.

We discuss the inner and outer resources she needed to get through those hard times and to dig herself out of the rubble of that tragedy to find clarity and insight into her own longings that has led to helping others work with spirit guides.

Listen now.

Michelle Currie M.Ed is the Founder of Rebel Soul Circle. As an Intuition Mentor and healing arts practitioner since 2006, she has been helping women within corporate and private settings align with their intuition, courage, and voice.