I read a lot. I collect information. I hoard powerful ideas and offer them to my coaching clients and that brings me so much joy. Today, I am starting a new monthly series called My Tiny List of Favorite Things so that I can start sharing SOME of the beautiful things I see and experience in the world that may bring you some joy, too. Please note that each of my favorite things will always lead back to resilience, authenticity and courage because that is what I am all about. Also, please note this is not some exhaustive list filled with time wasters. I am a minimalist on how we should spend our times — choosing to read the best books, consume the best news. During my upcoming retreat, I’ll be sharing a curated set of resilience tools, planning strategies and soul-nourishing poetry, quotes and music. The right resources can make our lives fill up with so much joy. But the internet is a busy, busy place and for most of the women I work with overwhelm is a struggle. That means we don’t need TOO MUCH. We need quality over quantity. I promise to share only the best of the best in my month here in this monthly series.

Here’s this Month’s Tiny List of Favorites! (December 2020)

This post contains Amazon affiliate links for a few products — which means that I get a tiny, tiny payment from Amazon for telling you about the products. Your purchases help my book addiction. So thank you very much. 

What I Read & Loved

This book stole my heart for the whole year. Honestly.  (amazon)

What I Watched & Loved

Ted Lasso has inspired my husband to be a better human. Seriously. Watch it.

What I Listened to & Loved

Bren√© Brown’s interview with badass Dolly Parton was literally the best thing on the Internet this past month. Listen here.

What I Tried & Loved

This apple pie was everything. Definitely a new family tradition.

What I Bought & Loved

My planner, of course! I have been buying and loving The Law of Attraction Planners for a few years and I am eagerly anticipating it’s arrival soon. I dabble in LOA but mostly I use this planner for everything in my life — especially for personal development and project management. Using this planner is like self-care for me in and of itself. But like any planner — it only works if YOU do. (Amazon)

What Made Me Think & Loved

This article about America’s Working Daughters was so much truth and really hits home on what so many women are dealing with right now as caregivers in the sandwich generation. If this is you, please take time for yourself.

What Fired Me Up that I Loved

Solitude, quiet, and time to think and be in sacred space IS huge for me. It’s the primary reason I am bringing a nourishing retreat to YOU on December 13. We need time to be alone, to get clear and to connect with ourselves. Connection to self and nature are a big part of my own spiritual practices. So, naturally this whole article and lifestyle had me sharing with my husband.