When I launched my podcast The Brave Yes Show, I knew that at its heart and soul, the show would be about women finding wholeness, alignment and living our values and in our integrity.

I knew because it’s what I am ready for in my own life — and it’s what I am here to help women do in their lives.

One of the first episodes — and one of the most popular to date — has been Permission to Journey Toward Wholeness.

How and what WHOLENESS leads to for a tentative, hesitant woman who has felt trapped in her life and hiding herself for years is truly wide open.

  • It may show up in finally doing what you’ve always wanted to do and letting go of a past identity.
  • It may show up in going for a promotion and finally owning who you are in your industry and being ready to demonstrate and perform at your peak.
  • It may show up in starting a side hustle or business that engages your creativity and passions that bring you more alive.
  • It may show up in pivoting your business or upleveling your business to bring more ease or more power because you know you deserve it.
  • It may show up in finally choosing yourself and investing in who you are and who you want to be to make a bigger impact in your family or community.
  • It may show up in choosing a new way of living and leading in your life that brings all your too muchness and sensitivities into the light so you can take up more space in your life.

But the end goal is always, always your wholeness — where all the many parts of you are flowing smoothly and on display to everyone around you.

Your wholeness isn’t tied up in what society dictates or pressures you to be.

Your wholeness isn’t doing what others think is best for you.

Your wholeness isn’t about keeping up with the elite crowd or the neighbors down the street.

Your wholeness can only be reached through your own personal journey — a journey that I call your Brave Yes Journey.


As a coach, my role in a coaching relationship is to keep a focus on your wholistic life — and our work together is about bringing all of your many fragmented parts into alignment. We weave wholeness into everything including your own self-worth through my coaching tool called Activating Your Audacious Authenticity. Once you know yourself so well that you can see how you have been showing up in the world out of alignment, it’s so much easier to lead and create more boldly.

The key to being the change we want to see in the world beings within. It begins with no longer self-sabotaging. It begins with no longer letting energy leaks take over. It begins with trusting yourself.

On this week’s Brave Yes show, I am breaking down what you must be willing to do to journey toward your own wholeness.

I had so much fun with this episode by bringing in the Brave Yes Voices interviews I’ve done this year so far. Using my guests’ stories, I am offering you some powerful wisdom to use as you begin, continue or uplevel your own path toward wholeness. Please share with a friend who you know needs to know she’s valuable and worthy.

Listen Now to this episode now as I share more about the following:

  • You must be willing to stand up for yourself.
  • You must be willing to claim or reclaim some lost part of yourself.
  • You must be willing to take a risk.
  • You must be willing to be different.
  • You must be willing to advocate for yourself and your needs.


Hello. I’m Shawn. I am a creative soul and Gen Xer who is creeping up on 50. I’m an instigator and changemaker that started out as a free spirit in my early years as a latchkey kid. I’m a starter and a doer.

If you want to find your energy and your motivation we’ll start by unearthing your inner worth and your inner fire for life. The results and goals you set will be all yours and unique to you and your inner longings. Work with me here.