Making time for your dreams and inner longings sometimes feels like an overwhelming, impossible feat. Life just seems to take over and the urgent matters grow exponentially.

This past year — despite not being as busy out in the world as we have been in the past — has been no less a struggle. The difference this year is that we’re juggling so much more without support.

And yet, our dreams and inner longings do not disappear in times like these.

My clients have no less desires — only less energy.

They want to become authors and writers — but they are zapped by anxiety and obligations.

They want to take their businesses to the next level — but they are depleted by the daily responsibilities of home, family and keeping the business going.

They want to go for a promotion or a new job but they are just barely able to get through the day let alone do job hunts and deal with the stress of change.

And I get it.

This past weekend, I was walking my dog and I had this feeling wash over me — a feeling of being at the end of a very long marathon and just barely able to cross the finish line. In fact, the vision was that I may not ever reach the finish line.

LIke most of my clients, I have been multitasking for a year — making sure my teenagers are both staying healthy in mind, body and spirit, keeping up with their academic loads and smoothing over rough patches of sibling and friendship conflicts. I’ve cooked all of the meals, washed many dishes and cleaned the kitchen after dinner AND lunch. And I have had very little solitude and time for myself.

Oh, and I’ve kept my coaching business up and running.

It’s a struggle and the juggle isn’t over, yet.

Choosing yourself is one of my Brave Yes Tips and it’s during these times that we MUST take a step back and remember that no matter what is happening — we are still human beings with desires and needs. (Subscribe to my Brave Yes Newsletter and download my 10 Brave Yes Living Tips.

So what do we do?

How do we make time for our dreams in the midst of life and chaos and uncertainty?

That’s what this week’s episode of The Brave Yes is all about. I share my 3 best tips on what you need to do as well as give you an overview of the Brave Yes Journey itself so you can see where you might be on the spectrum.

Listen now.