We simply aren’t meant to run full steam 24/7. Not even 12 of the 24 hours. So why are women thinking they need to? Today we’re going to explore one of my favorite coaching concepts … honoring the time to push and the time to breathe.

I have a lot of clients who struggle with over-doing, well, everything.

And, I have a lot of clients who struggle with under-doing, well, everything.

I thought with the upcoming holiday season — and a raging pandemic — this is a great time to explore this Brave Yes of breathing and pushing. My hope is that by the end you will have found a way to see how you can embrace both being controlling AND carefree without apology.

Learning the art of breathing then pushing — straight from Valarie Kaur’s TedTalk and book — is one of my favorite coaching concepts to explore with the women I coach who want more from their life but also need to know when to rest.

Kaur gave used a mother’s birthing strategy as a metaphor to how we need to approach hard things.

First we must breathe. Then we must push.

But this metaphor is great for all things in our lives that are hard. Not just social justice.

In this latest episode of The Brave Yes Podcast I am talking about how we need to use this metaphor literally in our lives.

We are simply more productive and make more impact in our lives when we know when it’s time to rest and be and when it’s time to push and do. This is the secret ingredient to greater momentum and progress in our lives.

When we don’t learn how to do this, we spend far too much time over-performing or under-performing — both of which zaps us of our energy.

During my upcoming Soulfully Aligned Virtual Retreat we will be doing a lot of breathing AND pushing. I want to set you up to feel replenished and uplifted SO that you have the energy and motivation to keep going, to keep pushing.

The retreat begins with a 20+ page workbook to use before, during and after our time together — encouraging you with the reminders you need to breathe and to push through your beautiful life.

During the retreat I will give you an excuse to put your life on pause to breathe and I will give you the inspiration and wisdom to dig deep for the push you need to keep going and keep showing up for yourself. Learn more about the retreat here. 

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