I spend a lot of time talking to my clients — and my teenage daughters — about how to avoid making mistakes.

But the truth is that we learn so much better from our mistakes than we do from our successes.

No one really wants to fail at things. Not me.

But in order to live more authentically we have to be more vulnerable and show up in a new way with those we love and the world.

Today’s permission slip is all about encouraging you to take imperfect action and celebrate your mistakes.

I hope this latest episode of The Brave Yes Podcast gives you the permission you need to see your mistakes as something that isn’t inherently wrong with you but just a part of the human experience.

In this imperfect year of 2020 I thought it would be fun to lead you through a few questions and my share my own stories of MY mistakes in 2020 and the celebrations behind each and every one of them.

Oh, and a, bonus … I’ll throw in a prompt at the end to help you celebrate your wins as well. Because we’re all about honoring it ALL around here.

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