Are you ready for the New Year?

What is the New Year calling from you?

For me, it’s to focus on being stronger and stronger so I have the energy and the inner and outer resources to live into my Brave Yes Journey.

Yes, live INTO it … not just dream about it or plan it.

I’m a girl of action.

But until last year, I was often a girl of more inaction than action —even though the common thing I hear from people who follow me on social media is this: You’re doing amazing things.

And yet I always kind of laugh at that.

I’m not doing enough!

I should have done more!

I had bigger plans!

My coaching work is about helping you make a bigger impact — in your own well-being, in your relationships, in your work and creativity and in your community.

I am passionate about helping you feel more fulfilled and to find more meaning in this one precious life you get.

And so that means we have to get you spinning into an upward spiral — not falling into the downward spiral of survival mode.

Goals. Resolutions. Intentions. Wishes. Promises.

That all sounds good this time of the year when we are desperate for a fresh start, especially a fresh start after the most ridiculous, challenging year any of us can remember.

But here’s the thing. Unless you address the underlying foundation of your own wellness, goals are going to feel like just one more thing to do. So, this episode is dedicated to the permission slip to focus on just being strong enough to handle anything.

The Brave Yes Show is here to motivate you and inspire you to live a more authentic life —- one that is in full alignment with your soul’s longings and desires.

And we start not with the big brave yeses … but with the simple act of being more resilient – something we all need right now.

My own story begins with this. I spent years setting big goals — goals I wasn’t ready for in my life because I was too busy living in survival mode.

First we must get out of survival mode.

Then we can fly.

To get out survival mode, we must learn how to Rise Stronger.

In this week’s episode of The Brave Yes, I’m focused on the permission slip you need to rise stronger in 2021. 

Listen to this Brave Yes episode now.


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