Brave Yes.

What is this podcast all about?

Today’s permission slip is going to take you on a deep dive into the why behind this podcast and the hope I have for YOU and it’s purpose in this world.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results …

So why then … are we such creatures of habit?

In this podcast episode, I’m exploring a struggle that many of my clients who want to make a bigger impact in their lives have around starting new habits and breaking old ones.

And, I’m talking about the impact we can make in our lives when we shake things up and do things differently.

I’m also sharing my own story of shaking things up and why I felt I needed to do something pretty crazy in 2020 like changing my coaching business name.

This story is personal AND explains the concept behind The Brave Yes name as well.

In my upcoming Soulfully Aligned Virtual Retreat coming up this week you will have the opportunity to learn powerful new ways to shake things up in your life for the winter — and 2021.

Your retreat registration begins with a 20+ page workbook to use before, during and after our time together — encouraging you with the reminders you need to breathe and to push through your beautiful life.

During the retreat I will give you an excuse to put your life on pause to breathe and I will give you the inspiration and wisdom to dig deep for the push you need to keep going and keep showing up for yourself. Learn more here.

Listen to the podcast now: