It's time to get known for your brilliance.


You’re the expert few have heard of despite years of experience.

You’re the one with the passion AND know-how.

You’re ready to stand up and finally be known for your expertise and vision.

There’s just one problem … 

You are hiding.

Hiding under a mountain of daily tasks.

Hiding out of fear and lack of confidence.

Hiding because you aren’t sure which direction to head in and so you just stay where you are.

But, you want a highly successful business that allows you to be fully yourself AND gives you the kind of income you need to thrive.

This is your moment.

To get where you want to go, you’re going to have to do things you’ve never done before.

And that’s fucking hard.

But, you know you need to put yourself out there in a whole new way — and you aren’t sure where to begin.

Or, how.

You’ve been hiding for far too long.

But you are more than ready.

Ready to step up, stand out and take up space in your industry and prove yourself and get known for your brilliance.

Let’s make that happen for you!

That’s why I’ve designed The Brave Yes Power Squad, a unique group coaching program to support you in designing your visibility and authority boosting path — and cultivating the skillsets, practices and mindset that YOU need to put yourself out there at a whole new level.

Because leading more boldly is scary AND liberating — and you should never feel alone. 

And, you should never think that being brave is the same thing as being fearless. 

You’re going to have fears. And we’re going to work through those fears. And you’re going to rise above those fears.

You are so tired of playing it safe and being the good girl. Isn’t it time for you to thrive and soar?

I’ve been interviewing women and coaching clients about their most courageous, life changing moments and one thing is clear: You don’t get to transformation and wholeness on your own.

Women need each other.

We need to brainstorm and learn to trust ourselves. We need safe spaces to explore and dream. And we need perspectives from others that take us out of our small little lives and opens new doors of opportunities.

The Brave Yes Power Squad is not mindset work.

This is soul-stirring life fulfillment coaching mixed with group support and accountability.

When I set out to leave my 9-5 job in 2013 to start my own business there was no way I could do it on my own. I found a safe space of other women who were doing the same and the knowing I wasn’t alone was a huge part of what kept me going.

The 2021 Brave Yes Power Squad is designed to help you gain a new perspective on what is possible for you and to give you a brave space to explore, dream and design a life that brings you immense joy.

What to expect being part of The Brave Yes Power Squad

Powerful Coaching + Trainings

Every month, you will be invited to explore a new theme  — and with that, a training to help you deepen your own perspective and ideas. And, additionally, you will have the chance to get direct coaching from myself and the group during our monthly spotlight sessions where everyone gets a turn to tell your story and ask for help on reaching your Brave Yes goals.

A Brave Space + Community

When you are going through change and transformation you need a brave and safe space to show up, be real and share your Brave Yes stories — stories you may not be willing or able to share with others just yet. You’ll have a 24/7 access to your Power Squad and our community rules will ensure that ALL women feel like our Squad is a safe place to be true to yourself.

Clarity + Direction for Your Goals

This isn’t a fluffy mastermind. The whole time you’re encouraged to work toward being a braver woman — and your Brave Yes goals. Your Squad will open with setting goals and we’ll use our Coffee, Connect and Co-Work sessions every other week to touch base on those goals and work on them as well. These sessions are your time to work on anything such as writing curriculum, a resume, a book, a speech, an offering, a new product or reach out for clients.



The 2021 Brave Yes Power Squad begins Sept. 13th and continues through the end of December 15. Every group coaching session will be recorded. You will be invited to join a Voxer group to keep up with each other in between sessions where you can share photos, links, conversations on-the-go — and ask questions or get support.

2021 Investment: $200/month for 4 months (early bird rate until Sept. 1)

In early September, you will receive access to all of your Power Squad resources and start to get organized.


Hello. I’m Shawn. I am a creative soul and Gen Xer who is creeping up on 50. I’m an instigator and changemaker who started out as a free spirit in my early years as a latchkey kid. I’m a starter and a doer.

I make things happen. I am soulful and strategic. I am equally introverted and extroverted. I am an anti-racist and a feminist. I am a fiction lover and a nature lover. I am a twin mother. I am passionate about offering spiritual well-being and direction for brave leadership and living.

In 2013, I left my 9-5 job to start my beautiful group coaching business and membership community with The Abundant Mama Project — and did so successfully for eight years.

Over the years, I have coached thousands of women around the world to live a more fulfilled, resilient life. I’ve also written books, created programs, led retreats, given keynotes and corporate trainings and much more.

Being BRAVE has to be a way of life if we’re going to make the changes in our lives and our community that we want to see. The Brave Yes Power Squad is designed to support you and encourage you in being the brave change you want to see in your own life.

The Brave Yes Power Squad Format

This 4-Month journey will follow these themes:

September: Designing Your Brave Yes Business Blueprint — We’ll cover the 3 basics here — your offers, your marketing and your customer service.

 October: Unearthing Your Superpowers and Gemstones — Learn to BE YOU & Choose YES projects that are in your wheelhouse — and make them happen with ease.

November: Do the hard stuff! We’ll spend the whole month working through your fears. Commit to Slaying Your Fear Dragons


December: We’ll PLAY with taking Up Space & Being More Visible + Final Celebration



What to Expect inside the 2021  Brave Yes Power Squad

The Brave Yes Power Squad mission is help you get to your next level by creating a playground for passionate women like you who want more out of your life and who craves time to dream BIGGER for yourself and make a bigger impact.

GROUP COACHING — Every month, there will be a group coaching session that is more training and learning — as well as a second collaborative coaching session where you given the chance to get feedback or help from Shawn and the rest of the group on reaching your own personal Brave Yes goals. 

SPACE TO BE BRAVE — We’ll open up twice a month coffee, connect and co-working sessions where you will have the chance to gather and work quietly together — and then discuss you progress. This will include a practice of holding space for others and taking up space to share your current working projects and goals. Amazing things happen when women with shared interests come together and be in community.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY — We’ll stay in touch with each other between our zoom gatherings by using the app Voxer — a walkie-talkie app. You’ll be invited to share struggles and celebrations with each other and help each other along on the Brave Yes Power Squad Journey. This app is FREE and is easy to use while going about the rest of your life. 

BRAVE YES RETREATS —  Each quarter during the six months, you will be invited to participate in our Brave Yes Retreats that will go deeper into topics related to the Brave Yes mindset and life. June: Emerging You // September: Wholehearted Living // December: 2022 Adventures

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please reach out by email to


All coaching sessions are held on Zoom. You will be invited to participate in a group Voxer chat for communication and sharing in between your weekly sessions. Voxer allows you to walkie-talkie back and forth as well as text, share photos and files. Finally, all sessions will be recorded and uploaded as an audio file in a private playlist just for your Power Squad.


Whatever Brave Yes Goal you set — and it can be more than one — should be exciting enough for you to need support, motivation and inspiration to make it happen. Any goals that meet that criteria will serve you well during this 6 months experience. You can choose something as powerful as a mindset change or something as pivotal as a business pivot or career change. 


We will meet weekly for 60 to 90 minutes for six months. All sessions are recorded. You are encouraged to make time to attend all sessions but life does happen and so, for that, we will make sure you can partipate on the go as well as catch up if you miss a session. The real work on your Brave Yes will happen in between sessions as well so consider how much time you want to put toward reaching your goals and factor that in as well. Partipate as much as you feel you can each week. 


I am SO glad you asked this! This is my favorite part of the Power Squad experience. First of all, I will be giving you access to a special program to help you do just this. But to answer your question … anything goes. Perhaps you want to just learn to show up in your life and take up more space. Or you want to speak up more in meetings. Maybe you want to write a book.  Or change your career. Whatever you decide to do just know that it will be powerful when you put the energy into it during these six months. 

It’s your time. 

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