3 Months of Coaching (6 Sessions)


REMEMBER THIS …  You don’t have to do it all alone. I’m ready to join your team to see you through your journey to shine brightly and BE who you want to be. This package of 1:1 coaching sessions is a serious investment in your own self-worth, confidence and abundance. Together we’ll make sure you aren’t just going through the motions but making substantial, powerful impact in the areas of your life where you need light and new energy. You’ll never regret investing in yourself like this. Sign up now.



Ready to Shine Like A Warrior?

You need self-care systems. You need wellness practices that work for you not against you. You need real support. You need space to dig deep and focus on what matters — but what?

You are not broken. You do not need fixed.

You just need to polish a few areas of your life so you can shine brightly.

That’s where my Shine Coaching method comes in.

You get to be your warrior self.

I am just going to use my energy and light to help you SHINE. Period.

My SHINE 1:1 coaching method is centered around helping you glow and radiate light in all that you do so you can keep being a warrior in your crazy busy life.

First, we’ll get you unstuck so you have some clarity around what you need to do — and why.

Then, we’ll develop — together — a clear path of shine-inducing actions that will help you make the transformative changes you want to make in your life.

Finally, we’ll deep dive on what’s working and what’s not so you actually see real, vibrant change in your life.

  • We BEGIN with your path forward that we discovered during our initial coffee date.
  • Once we form our coaching partnership, I’ll send you my SoulShine Coaching Workbook to fill out before we begin our first session so we can hit a magic stride of warrior action instantly.
  • We’ll meet every two weeks in a face-to-face online chatroom where we’ll also plan out the Shine actions you’ll be taking in between our sessions. (Or, we’ll meet at whatever pace works for you … )
  • You will have clear, soulful, powerful action steps to take in between our sessions.
  • You’ll be encouraged to send me weekly accountability emails with your progress — and to get a big high five for your wins. (Or, some Big Sis pick-me-up encouragement to keep going … )
  • At the end of our time together, we’ll do a deep dive reflection to track your progress, and chart out your powerful next steps.
  • 4 sessions for 60 minute each.
  • I’ll mail you a digital care package to honor any milestones you achieve during our work together (4 session package only).

For each session you will receive the following:

  • a single coaching session (60 minutes)
  • a follow up email with a recording of our session for your convenience to replay
  • a set of action steps to get you unstuck or to make clear, intentional progress on your goal or dream.

Your 6 sessions can be used weekly as well. It’s entirely up to your needs and intentions to shine.