RISE – LEAD – FLOURISH 6 Monthly Payments

$800.00 / month for 6 months

The parties agree to engage in 1 — 90 minute Rise Lead Flourish Sessions per month for six months — through Zoom sessions. Coach will be available to the Client by email in between scheduled meetings during the set coach’s set working hours. Coach may also be available for additional time, per Client’s request on a prorated basis rate of $300/hour for additional coaching matters.

A recurring fee of $800.00 will be automatically billed each month on the 1st of the month beginning May 1, 2022 – October 1, 2022.



Welcome to RISE-LEAD-FLOURISH Coaching Registration. This coaching package includes one (1) 90-minute session a month with Shawn with brief email or voxer coaching in between sessions as needed. After registration, you will receive a coaching agreement to sign as well as access to your personal client dashboard with a link to your monthly zoom sessions.

Brave Yes Coaching focuses on YOUR personal and professional goals so you can show up and lead more boldly in your life or work. Brave Yes Coaching is a soulful yet strategic coaching philosophy that is all about helping you have the courage, the capacity and the clarity to lead yourself and your business or team. It's all about helping you cultivate your Inner CEO or Inner Leader so your work will shine more brightly in this world.

This is a recurring monthly payment for SoulShine Coaching with Shawn Fink. Upon registration, you will receive a coaching workbook to fill out and a coaching disclosure form to sign before your first session.