For Teams: Unlock the Power of Purposeful Business Planning! ✨


Hey Visionary Leader,

Ever felt like your team is brimming with potential, but there’s just something missing in aligning everyone’s energy towards a common purpose? Well, I’ve got a transformative solution just for you!

Introducing our Brave YES Strategic Planning Mapping Session – where soul meets strategy and purpose intertwines with performance.

Why should you invest in purposeful planning? 

  1. Divine Clarity: Dive deep into your team’s mission and purpose, and uncover the spiritual anchors that will drive your year’s vision.
  2. Holistic Goal Setting: Design holistic, heart-centered goals that resonate with every team member’s energy, spirit and skill.
  3. Blueprint of Success: Not just lofty words, but a tangible roadmap to turn your vision into reality.

This isn’t just another brainstorm session; it’s a soulful communion of minds, designed to empower your team to rise above challenges, stay grounded in your collective purpose, and make every moment count.

Unique Deliverables:

  • A powerfully crafted Mission & Purpose Statement that resonates with your team’s core focus.
  • A Customized Annual Brave YES Goal Map that blends aspiration with action to achieve your outcomes in the 8 business wellbeing areas.
  • A Step-by-Step Quarterly Action Plan that’s practical, aligned, and achievable for your whole team’s energy that maps out 3 strategies to implement during the year to achieve your Brave YES Business Goals.

Ready to ignite your team’s potential and infuse your year with purpose-driven momentum? Let’s chat. Because when spirituality meets strategy, miracles happen.

Book a conversation with Shawn (she/her) today. Let’s co-create magic together!


P.S. Every team has its unique spiritual DNA. Discover yours and let it guide your path to unparalleled success. 🌟