Hello. I’m shawn fink

I help highly spirited women, spiritual misfits and heart-centered entrepreneurs build movements and revolutions of the heart.

It’s your time to create tangible transformation

What's YOUR revolution going to be?

We all have something to birth into this world to make an impact — big or small. What is YOUR revolution going to be? I am your cheerleader and dream digger. I help you figure out exactly what you want to create in your life and support you in your desire to go after it and make it happen. I help creative, heart-centered women take an idea from seed to fruit. It is not your time to fade out … it’s your time to light up.

My Rising Revolution Roadmap

Underneath all of the rubble of daily life, deadlines, shoulds and expecations, there is a spark of fire within you. That is where your longings live. Some longings are mere whispers. Others are raging screams. Some are hidden deep within you. Others are shimmering on the surface of your skin like stardust. I am here to help you uncover those longings and lean in to them and transform them into your own personal revolution. My Rising Revolution Roadmap takes you on a journey home to yourself and gives you the path to set your trail ablaze with joy so you have the courage and stamina to the be the change you want to see in this world. 

Don’t fade out … STAND out.

Are you living up to your fullest possible potential?

For a long time, I played it safe. I stayed in my comfort zone. I didn’t have big dreams because I couldn’t even imagine them, let alone achieve them. Then I learned it’s not just about the dream … it’s about the vision of making your creative dream happen. Our work begins with the seed of an idea … and we won’t stop until you have discovered your inner gemstones that show you how to live and breathe a wholehearted enoughness life. 

Find Clarity & Design Your Revolution

Get Support on saying YES and forming new rituals that will lead you to your best life.

Start taking REAL, intentional action toward your goals and to step into your full potential and own your truth.

Discover the obstacles that get in your way and hold you back and how to release them once and for all.

Find your voice AND your power along the way

Unearth Your Longings

Not only will we uncover your deepest desire, we will also design your ideal day and flow state to support you in achieving it. This is not goal setting. This is life designing. My visionary coaching skills and spiritual direction will help you tap into your longings and stay close to them along the way.

Life Coaching & Spiritual Direction

It’s one thing to know your longings. It’s another to see them through.  Together we’ll work through every single obstacle you encounter along the way and make sure you release them once and for all. I include spiritual direction for holding space for yourself and your connection to your own longings — the secret to making sure you follow through on seeing tangible transformation in your life.

Be FEARLESS with action

Stress is going to happen. Life is going to kick your ass at times. Our work together will give you the tools you need to be stronger and move through any and all stress that comes your way so you can power through to the other side so you can live your best life.

Career Direction

Reinventing yourself or just switching from one career to another takes presence, perseverance and patience. I’ll work with you on wellness and resilience practices that hold space for your during your messy middle while giving you the tools you need to stretch out of your comfort zone and into a space of real growth and development.

What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

As a Life Design Coach for Highly Spirited Women I am on a mission to help women create revolutions.

As your private coach, I work with you personally to set a vision and dream to create your best life while also being your best self.

Together, through self-leadership, spiritual development and forward-focused action, you will have everything you need to live out your ideal life.

Unlike therapy, life coaching is about taking action toward the bold, fierce woman you are becoming. We are not focused on who you used to be and all the mistakes you made in the past. We aim toward your divine future.

My unique style of coaching is for highly spirited women, spiritual misfits and heart-centered entrepreneurs who are interested in creating a movement — but aren’t sure what that looks like … yet.

If you are ready to dig out of the rubble of shoulds and expectations to create your dream life or career my coaching is for you.

Together, we will help you leave your comfort zone and start taking more creative risks and living bigger than ever.

What is involved in a typical session?

A tpyical life coaching session happens on the phone or through an online meeting room. We will get grounded together and catch up on where you’ve been and discuss where you are right now and where you want to be. Throughout our session, I will ask you deep, soulful questions to consider. During most sessions, we will walk through a formal coaching exercise as well. 

What issues can be addressed during sessions?

Coaching sessions are best when you meet an obstacle — either in life, in your thinking or in your mindset — that prevents you from moving forward in living out your dreams and goals. Our coaching work on these calls will be to remove those obstacles or figure out a way around them. Everything boulder in your path can be removed or worked around … with some patience and effort.

What can I expect after signing up?

As soon as you sign on as my coaching client, the fun begins! You will instantly receive a Welcome Packet filled with what you need to know, FAQs and a set of life coaching questions that will set the tone for our first session together. You will also be asked to sign a coaching agreement. Usually, we have already booked your first session during your FREE coaching discovery call. But, if not, we’ll make sure that gets scheduled ASAP.

How do I know if Coaching is what I need?

I offer a FREE coaching discovery call for anyone for this reason. You won’t know if it’s for you until we have a mini-session to get into what you need and how I can serve that need. This mini-coaching session gives you a chance to ask me questions but it’s also a chance to see if we click well enough to have deep, meaningful conversations. Above all, you should always feel safe and at home with your life coach.

About Me

Hello! I am a Life Design Coach for Highly Spirited Women. I love to work with women who KNOW that they have a higher purpose but need a boost to find it and make it happen. I love to work with passionate but creatively stuck and want to find a sense of renewed hope and positive energy.

My superpower in coaching is showing you not only that you can dream big, but you can also achieve those dreams. I am a strategic thinker with a strong creative spirit who will be radically honest with you but gentle enough to help you find self-compassion when you miss the mark.

My work is rooted in science-based wellness practices, mindfulness and life design and wellness practices.

I am married to Dan and a mother of twin teenage girls. I love to read, to write, to forest bathe and spend time at the ocean. Oh, and I love mornings and a good spiritual ritual.


I certainly feel calmer and I am learning to slow life down and mindfully enjoy the precious moments I have with each of my children. I am having more time to recharge and be myself too. I feel like we, as a family, have turned a corner and, together, are calmer, more relaxed and have found the fun and happiness in our family again. ”

— Angie

Coaching with Shawn is like coming home to yourself. She works with a strong, authentic energy and lots of compassion which has helped me to reconnect with myself. The tools she uses have given me the confidence to make a bold career change which will enable me to combine caring for others with being present with, and caring for, my family. ” 
— Beccy

“I no longer believe that I have to self-sacrifice to help others. And, I now believe that it’s important to make time for myself, to reflect and know what to prioritize in my life. I am now planning my days and focusing on intentionally paying attention to my own needs.”

— Rucheeta

Ready to get unstuck and remove some energy blocks from your life? Let’s do this.

Life and the creative process is not linear. But both require extreme resiliency, bravery and self-reflection.

Life coaching provides you with all the tools you need to make the progress you want to make. I can’t DO the work for you but I can help you find the energy, the motivation and the courage to making it all happen.

Let’s connect and see if our energy aligns.