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Tend YOUR spirit on mar. 14 at 1:30 p.m. EST

When was the last time you looked up from your to-do list? When was the last time you reconnected with your WHY for the life you are living?

As you prepare to emerge out of your quiet winter cave of solitude, restlessness and cozy comforts, you might be wondering …

What’s next?

Where do I want my energy to go?

Spring is the time to plant seeds.

It’s the time to loosen the ground of your life so your roots can spread and your wings can soar.

It’s time to tend to your spirit … and take time for a reset to boost your own vision of what’s possible for you, for your life, for your future.

We gather together in sisterhood to tend to our collective spirits, too.

So … bring your worries, ideas, dreams and all the parts of you that are feeling stuck and your fears, and I’ll feed your spirit with stirring prompts, soulful wisdom and empowering inspiration to create a stronger YOU. 

We’ll journal together. Breathe together. Go quiet together. Sow possibilities together. And dream together in this soul aligned circle of calm.

Join the next Soulfully Aligned Online Retreat —  3 hours of  S P A C E for yourself — to get clear on your own inner longings and to replenish yourself so you are fired up and ready for this next season of your life.

Are you ready to plant seeds for your own creativity and personal growth?

Who do want to be … how do you want to live – and what do you want to make happen?

Perhaps you are seeing new possibilities for what living in true balance and alignment means for you, your creative dreams or your business.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented well-being.

You don’t have to go back to the way things were exactly.

You can design your life your way and by YOUR own standards of operating.

On this retreat, I will offer you the time and space to tune in and turn on JOY and LOVE in your life so that you can see more clearly to make decisions that align with your soul.

This Retreat is designed to help YOU pause and tend to your spirit — emotionally, spiritually and physically — while also planning out your most extraordinary next season of life. 

Anyone can rush through their life.

But you’re not just anyone.

You want more: More fulfillment. More sacred moments. More meaning.

Your attendance in the Soulfully Aligned Retreat is a choice — a choice to choose you and what matters most to you.

You’ll leave this retreat feeling grateful for yourself and your life experiences — and ready to make a bigger impact in your life and family.

Register now for the Soulfully Aligned Retreat.

What to expect during the Retreat … 

Creative Inspiration & Goal Digging

Get ready to step into your LIGHT. I’m going to lead you through soul-stirring questions to fill yourself up and stay devoted to planting seeds of joy and love and hope.

Quiet Contemplation & Wholistic Life Planning

This retreat helps you create S P A C E to zoom out and see the big picture of your life. I’ll ask you deep, life alignment questions to help you see the possibilities in all areas of your life in the upcoming season.

Connection with women who seek life fulfillment

Resilience unfolds when we reach out & reach up to find people who we can travel with in mind, body & spirit. Connect with other women who are ready to become soulfully aligned like you.

Oh, yes. I am ready to love my life more deeply.

How do I sign up?

The Soulfully Aligned {Spring} Retreat is Sunday, March. 14th from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST A beautiful workbook to use before, during and after the retreat AND a Zoom link will be emailed out to you prior to the event. You must attend the whole live event in order to participate. Spaces are limited.

Introduce yourself

Hello. I’m Shawn. I help you be more you by helping you dig out from the rubble of shoulds and burnout to become more resilient and authentic.

My passion for spiritual well-being shows up in falling deeply in love with each season and the possibilities they bring. I am a mom. A writer. A poet. A spiritual leader. 

A few of my favorite things include: resilience well-being practices, journaling, coffee, chai, long hikes, standing in awe of any body of water, putting my feet in the sand, and creating my own authentic path of being me in this world.

Ready to feel more aligned?

this retreat is ideal for you if … 

  • You are ready to start showing up for yourself and taking your dreams more seriously.
  • You want to create more meaningful goals for yourself and live a more fulfilled life.
  • You want to slow down AND have more impact in your creative work or business.
  • You struggle to choose between a nap or changing the world.
  • You are overwhelmed and need to get clear on your priorities in your work, business or life. 
  • You are tired of putting everyone else first and yourself last. 
  • You want to be filled up with inspiration and sisterhood to feel more inspired.
  • You long to live a more balanced life that has space for your passions and creativity.
  • You are tired of feeling like you are just dialing it all in and not truly living your life to the fullest.

Praise and GRATITUDE

“A delightful way to take some time for myself.”

“Shawn’s retreat was a delightful way to take some time for myself and spend time with other like-minded women from around the world doing some of my favorite things: being silent, reflecting, planning, laughing, and sharing our stories. I feel prepared to take myself into the new year with confidence on my own, knowing the support of these ladies is always available.

— Rani P.


What You Can Expect to Experience on Your Soulfully Aligned Virtual Retreat Day

The retreat’s mission is to create a Brave Yes space for passionate women like you who want more out of your life and who craves time to dream BIG while also nourishing and uplifting your spirits to make a bigger impact at home and in the world.

SPACE TO DREAM — The retreat will offer you space for deep contemplation and reflection to help you get clear and find clarity around what has been working well for you — and what is not. We’ll do this through life alignment journaling AND life editing exercises.

SPACE TO ALIGN — You will be asked a lot of powerful questions to set yourself ablaze with momentum and desires of what you want to invite into your life over the next season. You will have a chance to reflect and plan out in all areas of your wholistic life.  Prepare to be amazed by your own possibilities. 

SPACE TO RELEASE —  During the last portion, we’ll use a hands-on trusting and letting go ritual to use to transition to return back to your life and put your vision into action. During this sacred space of time you will be preparing to put everything into action from the full retreat. You’ll want to bring markers and different colored pens to this portion. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Soulfully Aligned Retreats with Shawn Fink are held on Zoom for 3 hours of integrated wholistic life alignment and life design coaching with a few nourishing and bio breaks mixed in for integration and embodied self-care. A week prior to the event, you will receive a beautiful, seasonally inspired 20+ page workbook to use before, during and after our retreat together.


No. This is it. You may want to mark your calendars and prepare to sign up for the other retreats in the coming year. 


Everything you need will be provided during the retreat itself. There is no pre-work or homework — unless you want to fill out the workbook ahead of time (totally optional, my dear). Just grab a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and space in your home or office and bring your planner and a journal. The rest will be called forth from within YOU. Our retreat will last for 3 hours and will include mini breaks for you to rest, wiggle and close your eyes.


My greatest hope is that you will walk away feeling inspired and ready for the next season of your life. But more specifically, you will walk away with the following:


  • A very clear understanding of what you want to unfold in your life in the upcoming season — both at work and at home.
  • A list of projects you want to feel flow and energy around for greater life impact.
  • A plan for sustainable REST in your life.
  • A dream list of ways you plan to add meaning and joy to all areas of your life.
  • A clear understanding of who you want to be and how you want to live.
  • And, a network of supportive women to stay in touch with and keep accountable to your progress.

Ready to feel more aligned in mind, body and spirit?

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