Put your hands on your heart and close your eyes,

and let the soft gaze toward your own soul

guide you to putting one foot out in front of you.

Then take a deep breath and allow your heart to

lead you toward who you are becoming and what

you know to be true for you right now as you are.

Imagine the path ahead of you is bright and clear

and there are no obstacles or challenges, and you

have everything you need for this journey home to yourself.

Give yourself the courage to begin, the compassion to

stay the course through discomfort and hard things and

keep the vision of yourself on the other side close.

And when you want to stop yourself from even starting,

remind yourself that you have done hard things before,

because you always have your own power to guide you along.

— Shawn Fink

Hello! I’m Shawn. Welcome to The Brave Yes Community.

I am the founder and host of The Brave Yes Show and a life and career/business coach for women who are ready to make a life, business, career or creative shift that feels scary/exciting (like a Brave Yes™!)

I am also a writer, mom and spiritual guide.

Every Sunday I write a meditation poem/prayer to help guide YOU on The Brave Yes Journey and send out an email to our community. Join the community here.