When I first started my Abundant Mama business years ago, I had one mission.

Get the work done.

But over time this meant that I was not really taking great care of myself.

Eventually, with lots of practice and time, I learned to combine work with self-care.

That’s when I began to work in three delicious morning rituals that transformed my mornings to help me create the most abundant lifestyle — and business life.

3 Delicious Morning Rituals for A Woman CEO

Take a CEO Walk

This is a walk where you simply ask yourself three things.

What message do I want to send out to my tribe today?

What tiny miracle should I create today?

How will I take my business further along today?

Journal Your Day

This is by far my favorite. I get out all of my favorite colorful pens, the calendar and the day’s must-dos and I doodle the day away. This is part serious business and part creative brainstorming. And it’s all fun and productive, too. By painting a great image of what you want your day to feel like you are taking a big leap into achieving your dreams rather than sitting back and thinking … now what?

Read Inspiring Material

Nothing jump starts a day better than reading something that moves you in mind, body and soul. Whatever that is … you can easily turn it into your energy boost for the day. Gather up four to five quotes that sets your creative energy on fire and be sure to read them every morning over your coffee or tea — or hot lemon water.