So many entrepreneurs come to me feeling like there is more for them that they have more to give, but their capacity is maxed out and they can’t figure out what their next step is, what their Brave Yes is going to be or what that next bold move is going to be.

They want to shake up their business model or shake up their income or their sales, but often as part of the capacity building that we need to do in order to make big moves, or even to make decisions about big moves, we need to help them find their joy again.

Business can be a joy zapper.

Joy stealers are all abound in entrepreneurial life.

Some of the common complaints I hear from my clients who are in this place is they say,

  • I’m bored with my business
  • I’m burned out
  • I don’t get excited about anything anymore.
  • I don’t have time for joy in my life or my business.
  • I’m too busy slogging through the daily grind.
  • My business takes every ounce of my energy.
  • There is nothing is left for me creatively.
  • I’ve outgrown my business. And I don’t know what to do next. But I’m too trapped in the day to day to figure it out.

Even if what you’re doing is something you’re not passionate about — and this speaks to the passion paradigm right now, right because Everybody wants to start a business and thinks they will be happier.

Should you follow your passion, or should you do something more practical?

And maybe maybe you’re doing something that you’re passionate about maybe or not, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter doesn’t matter.

Joy is still available to you to everyone.

And it must be included and baked in for people like us.

For people like us, it is very important to prioritize and operationalize joy. 

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  • Doing business as usual is where boring and unhappiness reigns.
  • Life is short and we went into business not just for flexibility and independence but for creative freedom. To do business our way. To make our own rules. And I’m all about helping my clients make their own rules.
  • I’m calling in soul led creators and entrepreneurs who want their cake AND eat it, too.
  • everything I know about being a creative a creator, and an entrepreneur, which I’ve been doing for 15 years, is that when my passion is 100%, my joy follows. And when my joy leads, business thrives. 
  • Tiny Changes to Make Your Business Feel 10 Times More Joyful
  • When when you’re trapped in the land of bitter and sour or when you are slogging through doing the boring things that you are not interested in doing. Expansion doesn’t happen in safe zones. And so yes, choosing joy in your business is a brave Yes.
  • Here’s three changes to make. So that you feel 10 times more joyful in your business …
  • ONE: the first way, first change that you can make in your business to feel more joyful, one, release the heavy stuff that isn’t working for you. And in this case, I would recommend doing a business cleanse, this is where you stop doing everything that doesn’t feel like joy, everything. And if you can’t let it go, and that is a sign that there is something that needs to change. If there’s still stuff that you have to slog through and do, it feels heavy and hard, and you’re very resistant to doing it, but you have to do it, there’s a sign, there is a red flag there that there needs to be a change in your business and your business model. 
  • TWO: reassess your priorities and recommit to the projects and aligned clients that bring you the most joy or contentment. When you focus on impact and joy, everything that doesn’t meet that criteria has to go and so when you are adding back into your business and you’re deciding what projects you want to do, what clients you want to serve what’s offers you want to put out into the world.
  • THREE: Focus on your next brave Yes, as the founder of your business, focusing on your possibilities is a great way to boost your energy and your joy. And you know, truthfully, like, if you can prioritize your next brave, yes, either discovering it or following through on it. You’re gonna feel more joy. You’re gonna feel more joy. You just start. And again, brave. Yes, is about the Yes. There’s lots of things we need to do in business that are brave. But they’re not all brave, yeses. Some of them are just brave. Some of those are brave sucks, right? Like, you’ve got to suck it up and do it. But a lot of things can also be a brave Yes, where we’re just feeling good, joyful. Energy is stretching us in a good way. And we are excited about it.