Part of The Brave Yes Journey, I have learned, is to unwrite some of the stories that are etched into our minds and bodies from childhood.

As little girls, we grow up doing what our family tells us to do. As modern mothers, we see the flaw in this pattern and many women are trying to change this narrative.

Going to church, following a set of religious beliefs and doing what is expected of you is just one of the many ingrained narratives that women live into.

But my guest today, Mara Irvin Clements, broke that story for herself and she’s sharing her Brave Yes Journey of having the courage to leave her church.

Maybe you are feeling something similar these days.

During this brave conversation, we talk about what it feels like to be abandoned, what resources Mara needed to use to leave that oppressive church and the inner resources she has developed as a result of that Brave Yes — and much, much more.

Listen to her story now.

Mara is a community leader, partner, mother, and entrepreneur who is passionate about uncovering people’s value and worth (including her own). She practices this in her business, MoreSPACE, her business community, Women Connect, and in her family (the biggest challenge).