Old Me: Loved to plan. Loved to take a whole day to create complicated sales plans for the year. Loved to create elaborate digital marketing campaigns and do all the fun, snazzy things to try and get sales.

New Me: Waking up and realizing all that extra busyness — the detailed digital marketing planning, the elaborate campaigns, the busyness for the sake of being busy … All that? It’s. Not. For. My. Kind. Of. Business. or my Mission-Led Clients.

Unlike most business coaches these days, I’m in the trenches of running a business.

I am doing the work, too.

I am doing what I say. Practicing what I preach.

I write my own emails. I make my own pitches. I develop my own offers. I am the marketing department, the sales department and the bookkeeper.

And, so that means I’m living firsthand what’s working and what’s not.

What’s working? YOU. You are what’s working.

Not funnels or “scaling systems” before you are even close to scaling and certainly NOT digital strategies for your high-end, high-touch services.

So, what does that leave?

The essence.

The essentials.

The stuff that matters.

>>> Making an impact on your right people at the right moment with the just right offer and message.

TADA! You can work way less hours and bring in the same amount of revenue (and likely more!) with the right power moves that create sustainable momentum for your business.

It’s common for new and growing business owners to get caught up in all the easy-to-scale tactics created by other business owners.

But, at some point, you have to let go of the tight rope and trust yourself to know that you can do the hard work of forging your own success based on your own unique business expertise.

When you choose a strategy that works for YOUR kind of business, YOU win.

When you choose to LEAD with your power and strengths, YOUR clients win (and so does your bank account!).

But, YOU have to have the courage to do things differently. You have to have the courage to reject what you can’t prove is working.

You have to have the courage to reject the easy-to-scale tactics being sold to you because those hard-to-master tactics create more work, more busyness that may not lead to sustainable, targeted momentum in this tricky market.

In fact, here’s some homework — > Create a time log for the next two weeks of how you are spending your time. At the end of each day, highlight only the tasks/projects you spent time on that created provable momentum toward potential sales and revenue.

This should be eye opening or validating.

Don’t get caught up in the allure of more and the distractions of easy-to-scale but hard-to-master tactics … focus on the most vital asset in your business — YOU.

YOU are the magic.

YOU are the lead magnet your business has been needing. (Listen now to a podcast interview where I talk all about this!)

​It’s time to create the space in your business to go deep and do the vital inner work that ensures YOU create the WHOLE package that will help you and your business shine and easily attract clients this year.

When you have a Brave YES Advantage built into every nook and cranny of your business, you can easily sit back and focus on the essence of what matters.

Hey — I help visionary founders do just this … book a call to discuss private coaching with me. Spaces available now.
This kind of deep, reflective work in business is simple but not overnight magic. You have to be willing to slow down and be patient and mindful. And, to do things based on what works for you and your most aligned clients.

How would focusing on just the absolute essentials this year feel? Seriously. I want to know! Hit reply and share.