You’ve been a good girl.

You’ve followed all the rules.

You did everything right.

You’ve met everyone’s expectations.

But now you are looking around at your life wondering … now what?

Life has been OK.

But it’s also been status quo.

You are ready to reclaim the hidden parts of yourself and step up and make a bigger impact on the world.

Now, you are ready to Unearth YOU. 

Your dreams.

Your worth.

Your desires.

Your enoughness.

Your truth.

Your needs.

Your power.

Unearthing You is a group coaching program designed to help you create an INNER YOU revolution while also surrounding you with a powerful sisterhood of women who are on the same self-discovery path as you are.

Unearthing You is open to a diverse group of women who are on a personal and spiritual quest to uncover your true self and what makes you valuable in this world so you can shine brighter, speak up louder and follow your heart to make an impact in this world.

This Unearthing You quest is all about helping you dig deeper to uncover what makes you a unique, captivating human being in this world so you can walk with more confidence and power.

Who is Unearthing You for?

This small group coaching program is for the working mom who wants more freedom to be with her children and live her values but doesn’t know how to make that happen.

It is for the stay-at-home mom who longs to have more financial freedom and independence and needs to figure out a plan for when the kids are in school — or out of the house.

It is for any woman who has been so busy raising children that she’s neglected her own passions in life and she is ready to get back home to herself.


Nearly 10 years ago, I was working a high-profile job for a local politician.

My job was to help him shine and to stay hidden in the shadows.

My job was to show up and put on a smile doing work I didn’t truly love.

My role was administrative and professional even though I was a highly creative spirit and non-conformist.

And slowly over the course of two years, I saw myself become less confident, less creative and less motivated in my life.

I lost my own feelings of enoughness. I questioned everything about myself.

I longed to feel confident again. I longed to be creative. I longed to find my purpose.

That is when I began my own journey of Unearthing Myself.

I went to the local coffeeshop every day for one year and I wrote hundreds of pages of notes. I researched. I took online classes. I read blog posts.

From the digging deep, I had enough wisdom and knowledge of myself to start to write and I started a blog.

That is how my first website The Abundant Mama Project was born, where I truly found my purpose and mission in life of helping other women uncover their own joy and passions for their life.

My Unearthing You spiritual process is all about helping you fill that giant hole inside of you that feels like something is missing in your life, that feels like you have something MORE to give to this world but aren’t sure what.

How Does Unearthing You Work?

Unearthing You is a -6month progam with weekly audio offerings from me that walk you through the Unearthing You excavation process.

The program offers you one weekly audio offering filled with lessons, resources, coaching and actions to take. These offerings are one pebble to step on in your journey to help you peel back the layers to truly get to know yourself better and tap into your power.

Each week also includes a set of worksheets to walk you through the Unearthing You work.

This group coaching program will also include weekly office hours with me on Zoom on Thursdays at 4 p.m. EST to join as needed to ask questions and get support. Additionally, your group will have its own private forum for deep discussions and conversations about the work.

Unearthing You includes:

  • Plentiful Self-Discovery Prompts to help you get to know yourself better.
  • Take Intentional Action to understand your own strengths and self-worth.
  • Learn and Understand what drives you and how to tap into your own power.
  • Grow your own joy and pleasure tolerance so you lean into a positive upward spiral.
  • Develop your personal values system and foundation that guide your every move.
  • Uncover your sweet spot of what you have to offer this world.
  • Address fears and self-doubt that prevent you from taking bigger, bolder risks.



PRE-WORK — EXCAVATION —  This pre-work module will be all about helping you peel back the layers of who you are and what you want in your life. This will also include setting you up for success for this coaching program so that you are ready to make time and space for big changes in your life. And, finally, this module will inspire you to dig deeper into yourself for greater clarity and understanding.

MODULE ONE — Unearth and Dig Deep —  This is the module when we’re going to dive deep into making sure you understand your strengths and excavate your self-worth so that you know it well and believe in it. We’ll also help you define who you want to become and take specific actions to help you get there.

MODULE TWO — Become and Embody YOU  — We’re going all in this module on who we are, what brings us alive and what lights us up. This week will undoubtedly have you smiling and walking with a skip in your step. This module is all about helping you boldly define and build your tolerance for joy, pleasure and happiness.

MODULE THREE — Emerge & Bloom — In this module, you will create a clear pathway to living a life with more integrity and impact by creating a system of values and structures that will guide your every decision and action. Over these two weeks of this module, you will learn how to stand firm in your authenticity.

MODULE FOUR — Rewild & Find Your Light — This module will guide you through the process to truly tap into your unique gifts and talents so you can find your sweet spot of showing up in this world and among those you love and admire. This work is all about helping you see your self-worth and how to apply it on a daily basis.

MODULE FIVE — Shine & Be Seen — You will use the power of FOCUS to take what we learned in all the modules to build an actionable plan for yourself. This module will also walk you through how to manage your fears and negative mindset around wanting to make a big change in your life. You will finish this module with a clear set of resilience tools to use when self-doubt appears.

MODULE SIX — Be You & Be Brave — You will step into your power of authenticity and courage and start to see how the many pieces of you that you have gathered during these last six months fit into the greater puzzle that makes you amazing and unique in this world. You will have a plan of action to take forward and use in the greater world — at work and at home.

What’s Included in Unearthing You?

I’m so glad you asked! This is my favorite part. 

This self-worth discovery program runs for three months and begins officially on the New Moon of October with a Kick-Off Unearthing You retreat held on Zoom. After that, all new content and elements of the program will be released at each of the other phases of the moon. This makes this program not only super unique and different but also super powerful.

Among the elements being released during the phases of the moon include:

  • Pre-Program Workbook and Homework
  • Unearthing You Lessons via Monthly reTREATS on Zoom (New Moon Mondays at 7 p.m.)
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Take Action Virtual Meetups & Social Time
  • Full Moon Dance Parties based on the work of the month
  • Access to me on Voxer M to F (except holidays) during my office hours.
  • A forum for your Unearthing You sisters
  • A final Virtual graduation party from the program and certificate for finishing.

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