For nearly 10 years, I have woken up by 5 a.m. each day.

Even on the weekends.

Even on vacations.

If you wake up tired every day — even before you’ve gotten out of bed — there are 3 simple shifts you can make starting today.

How you wake up each day is vital to how your day is going to go.

If you wake up late and running behind … that is often the frantic state you will remain in all day long or at least until you can slow down and catch your breath.

As a highly creative woman who loves to work with highly creative, ambitious women on getting things done, I find a lot of my clients don’t just need time management and self-leadership skills.

They need energy management.

And since we now live in a time when doomscrolling is real and the fear of the other shoe dropping any moment … maintaining our energy is vital.

Especially if you are trying to show up and make an impact in your work, community or family.

I am a master of my own energy after years of struggling as a highly sensitive mom. Noise, clutter and conflict were my main sources of energy leaking.

I’m preparing to run my next session of The Energy Boost Coaching Circle. In the last session, the group of women were almost all on the same page … they were tired of being tired.

Often their tiredness began before their day even got started, before their feet hit the floor. And so they wanted to stay in bed and not get up. They dreaded getting up, in fact. They wanted to stay in the warm bed. Life, on the other side of that warm bed, was too exhausting, too draining, too demanding.

Something had to change.

My goal as their coach for 8 weeks was to change their energy story and that’s exactly what we did. By the end, they were waking up with SO much more energy — and they were maintaining throughout their day. And, not just that, their positive energy and mood increased as well. During the 8 weeks, we identify your energy leaks and help you learn how to manage them — as well as how to cultivate and be more proactive with your own positive energy management.

Being tired isn’t going to help you shine at work.

Being low energy isn’t going to help you get things done.

Being exhausted doesn’t give you the stamina you need to do the fun, important things you want to do for yourself or with your family.

So, if you want to have enough energy to do what you must do — and to do what you WANT to do, you have to learn how to be your own Chief Energy Officer (CEO).

That is the exact goal of the Energy Boost Coaching Circle — to help you create a whole new energy story that gives you the stamina to make a bigger impact at home and in your work.

With weekly coaching, we were able to make a lot of seriously cool shifts in their energy management — 3 of which I am sharing here in this post with you. And if you are interested in a total overhaul of how you are managing your energy, you can sign up for the next Energy Boost session now.

Here are 3 Shifts to Make if You Wake Up Tired Every Day


All day long, you are experiencing energy leaks and zappers. These are actions and experiences that take away your energy and truly reduce it down to a reactionary method of managing your day. When we live in reactionary mode, we live in survival mode — which is where we end up in fight, flight, freeze or fawn states. The goal of managing your energy really needs to move into a place of being more proactive and so knowing what’s causing your energy leaks is a key shift to make. Start a list of your energy leaks. In my Energy Boost Coaching Circle, we’ll work together to identify your toughest energy leaks and zappers AND we’ll help you manage them better so they don’t consume you.


It’s not enough to want to live a life without conflict, struggle and negative experiences — such as those energy leaks and zappers you already thought about above. In order to wake up with more energy and vibrancy, you will need to infuse your whole day with positive energy actions. Once you master the ability to increase your ability to FEEL more positive, your energy rises up as well and this will benefit you at work, in your creative work and with your family. And, this will bring more joy to your day — making mornings a bit more fun and less dreadful. I absolutely LOVE helping women establish new rituals, routines and habits that cultivate positive energy and emotions. It’s a huge part of the Energy Boost System I designed just for super busy women who want MORE time for MORE living.


Let’s face it, 20 minutes at the end of your day is not enough time to care for yourself in the way you need to feel your best. And yet … the more you are thriving in mind, body and spirit, the more energy you will have for living your best life — and the more motivation you will have to start and live out your ideal day. This means for many women changing how you do your life. It may mean setting new boundaries and new ways of communicating your needs. But it ultimately puts your well-being at the forefront of your life — not last. This is a huge shift many women need to make but don’t even know where to begin. When you truly commit to doing this — especially with a group of women who are doing the same — you set yourself up to be strong enough to really make this a lifelong change.

Once you start feeling more fit in mind, body and spirit and know what your energy leaks are — and how to manage them — you will start to have more freedom to do what you really want to do in your life. You’ll have the energy to play with your kiddos or work on that creative project that you’ve been meaning to get to for years.

And it all begins with you.

Nothing changes unless you do.